Will the fetus in the abdomen of the expectant mother, urinate?The answer is very heavy, but very interesting

Everyone has to go to the toilet, which makes many expectant mothers doubt whether the babies in their stomachs need to go to the toilet.In fact, yes.

Moms will think, where is the infant’s excrement?Although there are some heavy taste, after reading it, I will marvel at how amazing it is!

When the fetus grows in the stomach of the expectant mother, the nutrition is provided by the expectant mother because the fetus cannot eat.When pregnant women are pregnant three months, the fetal urinary system starts to formally develop, so the fetus will begin to pee.

The fetus will directly discharge urine into amniotic fluid, so in fact, many amniotic fluid is fetal urine ~

When the pregnant woman is pregnant for four and a half months, the fetus will learn to breathe amniotic fluid, so … yes, the fetus is swallowing its own urination. This really tastes heavy, and his urine will swallow it yourself!

But in fact, expectant mothers don’t have to worry, because the urine excreted in the stomach is different from the urine we know.Fetal urine is sterile, which means that it is very healthy and will not let the fetus get sick, so expectant mothers need not worry.

Whether pregnant women know that even if the fetus discharges urine into amniotic fluid, pregnant women will take away some waste impurities produced by the fetus through blood circulation, so the fetus is always in a very clean environment.

When the expectant mother was pregnant early, the baby’s chrysanthemum (anus), that is, she could not control herself, so some stools would be discharged into amniotic fluid.

But in fact, the smell of the fetus is not what we think.The smell of the fetus is mainly due to the fixed ingredients and shed cells in the fetus, fetal hair, and fetal fat, and then digested by the fetal intestine, producing green, sticky, and odorous stool.

Similarly, the fetus’s stool is as sterilized as urine, and the number is very small.

After the fetus’s stool is discharged into the amniotic fluid, some will be swallowed by the fetus (this is a beautiful picture), and some will be treated by expectant mothers ~

When the expectant mother is pregnant for four and a half to five months, the fetus can control the chrysanthemum at this time, and gradually it rarely smells in amniotic fluid.

~ The stool staying in the stomach of the pregnant woman will be discharged after birth ~

· Avoid eating heavy foods

Pregnant women eat too much food during pregnancy, such as spicy and greasy foods, will not only affect the health of the baby, but also cause complications during pregnancy, but also make the quality of amniotic fluid worse.

Because pregnant women eat too much, they will produce toxins in their bodies to form fetal toxins.

Therefore, in order to avoid amniotic fluid turbid, pregnant women should maintain a light diet during pregnancy and replenish vegetables and fruits in time, which will help pregnant women detoxify and clean amniotic fluid.

· Stick to drink water

The main ingredients in amniotic fluid are actually water, so expectant mothers should also remember drinking boiled water every day, which not only helps the body to excrete toxins, but also make the amniotic fluid cleaner.

In fact, some pregnant women, especially those who are still working, do not have enough water every day.They need at least 1500 ml of boiled water every day.

However, expectant mothers should pay attention not to drink too much, which will increase the burden on the bladder and easily lead to frequent urination.

· Perform production inspection in time

Pregnant women cannot be dropped during prenatal examinations. Do not take risks.Expectant mothers should know that the amniotic fluid will become turbid, and expectant mothers can’t feel it at all.

Therefore, only timely inspection can effectively prevent amniotic fluid from turbidity. Even if the amniotic fluid becomes turbid, it can be found and adjusted accordingly.

· Guarantee schedule

If the expectant mother especially likes staying up late, it is easy to cause amniotic fluid to turbid, because staying up late will make the expectant mother’s qi and blood deficiency, so that the fetus cannot get enough nutrition and oxygen through the expectant mother, and natural amniotic fluid can easily become turbid.

Therefore, expectant mothers must ensure their timetable and not stay up late.

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