Will the man be sentenced to pregnancy before his girlfriend gets pregnant?

There is a girl who is pregnant before she is pregnant. In order to protect her daughter, the girl’s mother asked the man to buy a house. The real estate certificate only wrote the girl’s name, otherwise she would go to the hospital for abortion.

The boy begged hard and said that he could not get the down payment for the time being, and if he bought a house, he could not raise the child, so you could buy a house in two years and give birth to the child first.

In the end, the boy’s parents were willing to pay the down payment, but they could not register the house in the girl’s name. They could only be regarded as the son’s pre -marital property.

The girl disagreed, going to the hospital for abortion, the boy refused to sign, and the two were so stiff.

Seeing that the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the girls who will only go to the legal marriage age will be helpless and frightened next year. They ask me uneasily on WeChat, Lawyer Yongqiang, what should I do?

As a professional lawyer, sometimes I have to have a few positions. I am both a lawyer and an emotional consultant or even a psychological counselor.

From the perspective of professional lawyers.

Girls do not reach the age of marriage stipulated in the law, so this relationship is not protected by law. Of course, the child is born like a child who is married and enjoys the same rights.

And after the child is born, it is more troublesome to go to the hukou, and they need to pay a certain social support fee.

Besides the problem of buying a house.

The house must be registered under the name, this can only be negotiated by two people. If there is no way to negotiate, no one can go to the other party’s request, including the child in the belly as a threat. This is illegal.

If the man pays for buying a house and registered in the woman’s name. If the two are not married in the end, this is a gift for marriage.In your name, the house must be yours.

Finally, talk about the issue of induction of labor. According to the law, men and women have fertility, but they do n’t have birth. When did they give birth?

Therefore, girls want to have a miscarriage, even if the man does not sign, it is possible.

However, I still want to say a few words, love is here, no one can stop it, it is normal to be difficult to control in the depths, but the premise is that it must protect themselves and abortion to the body. Many girls do not haveI deeply realize that I am not a professional doctor. You can go online to search for yourself, because the abortion can no longer have birth, I don’t know how much.

A man loves a woman, and should not hurt her, whether it is physical or psychological, should not.

Love this thing, on the surface, looks very powerful, can destroy the heavens and the earth, and the mountains have no ribbon to dare to be with the king, but the inside is actually very fragile. In a few words, one action can be destroyed.

May you and me cherish the person who appears in life.

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