Will the pregnant woman bend over to the baby?Pregnant women must not bend like this!

What kind of gesture should I treat myself after pregnancy?Do you become soft and weak, or as spicy as before?Actually not!

On the one hand, women after pregnancy do need to pay more attention to avoid accidents. On the other hand, they cannot be excessive coquettish. If you are exercising, you still need to exercise. If you can, please continue to work.In short, Zhang Chi is the correct posture of pregnant mothers.


Will pregnant women bend the fetus?

Pregnant women do not hurt the fetus slightly and slowly, but if they suddenly bend over, they may cause physical discomfort and fetal health.If you don’t pay attention to it, you may strain the back muscles, cause lower back pain, and this will also compress the stomach.In addition, suddenly bending down and picking things up immediately, there may be a brief dizziness.


3 actions that pregnant women cannot do

● Walking on the wind and fire

Some pregnant mothers feel that they are still flexible even if they are pregnant. They are still walking up, especially when they are almost late at work, they run all the way, ignoring themselves as a pregnant woman.The danger of doing so is too great. It is recommended that pregnant mothers slow down and be a quiet pregnant woman.

● Sit for a long time

After pregnancy, the lower limb circulation of the pregnant mother will slow down, and it is easy to occur in the problem of lower limb edema and varicose veins.Pregnant mothers who need to sit in work for a long time, try to get up for 30 ~ 60 minutes to walk away or pour cups to boil water, and do some leg stretching movements in a timely manner.

● Qiao Erlang legs

Many people are used to sitting up when they sit down, and their legs have a long time. In addition to affecting the blood circulation of the lower limbs, it will also affect the body sitting position. For pregnant women who are prone to lower limbs and back pain, they canThe impact will be more serious.


Three housework that pregnant women cannot do

● Washing dishes

If the pregnant mother insists on standing at the same gesture in the same gesture 15 minutes before the washing basin, it will be very tired, especially the needs of the third trimester of pregnancy pay more attention. Standing for a long time due to the impact of gravity, the vein of the body can expand and blood in the lower part of the body.The capacity is added, and more venous hemorrhain is formed in the lower limbs, forming lower limb edema.

● Raise or climb high

If you climb the high, don’t try the mums during pregnancy. If you accidentally fall, there will be a risk of premature birth; and excessive expansion movements, the needs of the belly with a lot of energy, and long -term doing this may also cause abortion.

● Clean bathroom

Unless there are anti -skid equipment in the bathroom, pregnant mothers should not do the cleaning of bathhouses and toilets, it is really easy to slide, and it also needs to be bent over when cleaning. It is not convenient for pregnant mothers.Cleaning, the mother can be cleaned at most, and the others can be handed over to the prospective father!

Now the pregnant mother knows it. As long as the pregnant woman bending down is slight and slow, they will not affect themselves and the fetus, but they are inconvenient to move in the third trimester. They should be given to the prospective dad to do it.Do n’t walk on the wind, do n’t sit for a long time, do n’t stir up the legs of Erlang, do n’t do dishwashing, climbing high, and cleaning the bathroom!

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