Will there be "women turning men" and "men turning women"?In these two cases, it will really happen

After the husband and wife get married, the first task is to have children. If you are not pregnant, you may be "spawned" by his parents.

After pregnancy, the whole family will be particularly happy, and at the same time, everyone will pay attention to a problem, that is, the baby’s gender.

Legally, the sex of the fetus is not approved. Some elders will judge the gender of the fetus through their own experience.

However, "oolong" often happened. The pregnant mother thought that she was pregnant with a boy, but she found that she was a girl. Sometimes she looked like a girl, but she eventually gave birth to a son. Why is this?

I have a friend named Xiu Xiu, a post -90s, and just gave birth to a baby not long ago.

When pregnant, the family was particularly interested in the baby in her belly and began to guess whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

Xiu Xiu particularly likes sour food. Her mother -in -law said that she must be pregnant with a boy, because the folks say that "sour girls" will not be wrong.

But Xiu Xiu’s belly was very round. She felt that she was a girl, because listening to others said that only when she was pregnant with a female treasure, she would become such a belly.

Xiu Xiu is idle, and starts to learn how to look at the B -ultrasound online. I hope to see the baby’s gender from the inspection.

When doing the four -dimensional ultrasound, Xiuxiu was lying on the bed and carefully observed the screen in front of her. She did not find that there was something between the fetus’s legs, so she concluded that she was pregnant with a girl.

When she told her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law was a little unhappy, because her mother -in -law was more or less, and she always hoped that Xiu Xiu could have a boy.

In the next days, Xiu Xiu began to prepare the baby’s supplies. Most of them were pink, but on the day of the due date, Xiu Xiu gave birth to a boy, and everyone was surprised.

At the moment of fertilized eggs, the gender of the fetus has been formed. Some people say that the gender of the fetus can be "turned". In fact, this is superstition and does not exist at all.

When pregnant mothers are about 24 weeks pregnant, they can observe the fetal genitals through B -ultrasound or color Doppler ultrasound to judge the gender of the fetus.

But this is not completely accurate. Checking the quality and fetal position of the instrument will affect the results we observe.

The "women turning men" and "men turning women" that we often say are because they have not observed carefully when they do inspection, or the baby "does not cooperate", so that the wrong cognition we produce.

1. The baby is too fanatical

Some babies are naughty, and the fetal movement is particularly obvious. When the pregnant mother is doing inspection, the baby moves in the mother’s belly, and the umbilical cord may be used as their own "toy".In the middle, the picture displayed on the screen is the characteristics of boys, so it will be considered a boy.

2. The baby does not cooperate

Some babies are more "lazy" and do not like to move. They always like to keep a posture. When checking, the baby’s legs are close together. It looks particularly smooth and there is no protruding place. It looks like a girl.In fact, if a boy does not cooperate with his legs, it will also show the characteristics of the girl.

In general, it is not 100%accurate to judge whether a boy or a girl is pregnant through the inspection. Moreover, the pregnant mother is not a professional doctor, and it will cause errors when judging.The moment the baby is born can be determined.

Many people will judge the gender of the fetus based on some of the performance of the pregnant mother during pregnancy. In fact, there is no scientific basis.

1. Sour spicy girl

Some people say that those who like to eat sour can have sons, and they can have spicy daughter who likes spicy food. This statement is not reliable.Everyone’s taste is different. After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the taste may change due to changes in hormone levels, but this has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

2. Virgin vomiting is serious girl

Most pregnant women will have a pregnancy reaction. This is a normal phenomenon, but there are also some pregnant women who do not have this.Whether there is a pregnancy vomiting reaction is determined by the physical fitness of the pregnant mother. It is not a girl if it is serious, and it may not be a boy if you don’t vomit.

3. Judging men and women based on the type of belly

Some people say that the belly is big and round, and the pointed boy is the boy. This statement is also incorrect. The shape of the pregnant woman’s belly is determined by the position of the fertilized egg.The amount of fat on the top has a certain relationship, which has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

In the end, I want to say that whether it is a boy or a girl, it is the crystallization of the love of husband and wife. Don’t care too much about this matter, let alone the idea of emphasizing men and women. As long as the baby can be born smoothly and grow up healthy, the whole family is the most.One thing to be happy.

I am Xia Orange Mommy, a full -time mother, I often share with you the easy -to -understand parenting knowledge. If you have a parenting problem, you can communicate with me.

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