Will women’s "upper ring" affect health?Reminder: Do 4 things well after Shanghuan, you can suffer less in your body

Speaking of Shanghuan, many married and rated women are no stranger. This is a method that places a birthpool in the uterus to contraception.

The birthplace can effectively resist the sperm outside the reproductive tract, avoid the "encounter" of sperm and eggs, prevent the fertilized eggs from entering the uterus, and achieve the purpose of contraception.

According to data, women adopted in the palace condemnation ring contraception are about 40%, and the contraceptive rate of the birth ring is as high as 99%. If women still want to get pregnant again, they can take out the birth ring.Pregnant.

Some women will be scared. After all, foreign bodies are placed in the uterus, and they always feel that they will affect their bodies, so they are unwilling to go on a birthplace.What are the specific impacts of the educational ring on the body?

First of all, after the beginning of the ring, the abdomen and waist may have a soreness and falling feeling due to the pulling of the cervix. However, this pain is generally tolerated.It makes people nervous sensitivity pain.

Secondly, after the upper ring, a large number of leucorrhea will be secreted by women’s cervix. If the symptoms of body fever and small abdominal pain should be treated in the hospital in time.

Some women will have a small amount of bleeding after three or four days on the Sheung Wan.There is no need to treat it if there is less. Generally, it can be recovered in about seven days. The amount of bleeding is also checked.

The first three months of the loop will also affect the normal ovulation of women. Therefore, some women will have a period of extension and shortening menstrual cycle. Usually, they may not pay attention to personal hygiene and may cause inflammation.

Female can do 4 things after going on the ring, or can help the body reduce the affected!

1. Take more rest

After the lane, women’s bodies are weak. During this period, try to rest as much as possible. Do not exercise vigorously and work hard, and do not have sexual life. You should also pay attention to eating more foods rich in dietary fiber to prevent constipation.

Because at this time, the cervix’s neck is in a relatively loose state, and if it is excessive, it will cause the birth ring to fall off.

2. Reasonable diet

After women go to the ring, eat more foods rich in protein, iron, and calcium nutrients, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, so that the body’s nutrition is supplemented, which is conducive to physical recovery.

3. Pay attention to hygiene

After the lane, the cervix of women is relatively loose. During this period, we must do a good job of personal hygiene. Bathing and changing laundry pants can keep the local clean and prevent the breeding and infection of bacteria.Do not choose a basin bath during bathing. Bathing by showering as much as possible can effectively reduce the invasion of bacteria.

Fourth, relax your mood

Some women will also become extremely nervous after the ring is released, and feel that putting foreign bodies in the body will pose a threat to themselves.

At this time, women can pass the benefits of solving the loop, try to understand the birthplace from good aspects, and reduce their fear of the birthplace.When the body adapts, the symptoms of discomfort will improve.

All in all, women do the above four points after the widen, and most of them can adapt quickly. Only a few women will check the hospital because of physical discomfort.Methods to contraception.

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