Will you not be pregnant when your aunt comes?

One late night in the emergency department, a young female patient came. She squatted on the floor and covered her belly with her hands: "Doctor, I want to be hospitalized, my stomach is painful!"

After the body was checked, I found that the patient’s lower abdomen was obvious. Guess would it be ectopic pregnancy?So asked: "Is there any possibility of pregnancy?"

The patient had a bowed body, and said impatiently: "I have been here for three days, and now there are still!"

Because of the unknown cause, I first asked the patient to do a ct CT examination.Half an hour later, the CT tablets of the uterus were put in front of me. The female patient with abdominal pain was ectopic pregnancy and had broken bleeding.

The doctor of obstetrics and gynecology told me: This menstrual period is actually ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleeding, but she has less bleeding, and because the patient’s menstruation is irregular, she mistakenly believes that it is menstruation!"

Ectopic pregnancy, which is called "abnormal pregnancy" in textbooks, is a common clinical abdomen.

Popular science for ectopic pregnancy ~~

Due to the different parts of the fertilized eggs in the outer body cavity, ectopic pregnancy is divided into fallopian tube pregnancy, ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, and cervical pregnancy.Among them, the most common type is fallopian tube pregnancy, accounting for more than 95%.

The fertilized eggs are outside the uterus, and it is naturally impossible to develop and mature. The final ending is nothing more -aborted and stretch rupture.

In the early days of ectopic pregnancy, no abortion or rupture had occurred, and most pregnant women would discontinue menstruation.Belly pain will have since then, and then there will be vaginal hemorrhage symptoms.At the beginning, abdominal pain was mostly painful, hidden pain, or soreness. When vaginal bleeding, it would evolve into severe pain.

① In life, many women do not understand that this is the manifestation of ectopic pregnancy, and often suspects that it is irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and other issues.For those women who are in childcare, facing abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding after menopause, both patients or doctors should pay special attention to understand the possibility of menstrual history and understand the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.


A response to some folks and father responded to the question of "answering non -questioning".

Then I use "vernacular" to make a summary:

Will you not be pregnant when your aunt comes?

Answer: Not necessarily, menstruation may also be "successful" pregnant,

Abnormal conditions (reference above ①) need to note: the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, do not underestimate.

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