Wise choice or selfish decision: Is it worth or risk for giving birth?

In the bustling big cities, the rhythm of life is as fast as flying, and the cost of life is like an endless skyline, which seems out of reach.More and more husbands and wives are stubborn between whether they want children.When we hesitate to do one thing, it shows that the cost -effectiveness of this matter is not high, even negative.

Because the expenses of raising children are too huge.From pregnancy until he graduated from school to participate in his work, all stages of all stages will not be said in detail. In first -tier and second -tier cities, it is a huge expenditure for ordinary families.Nowadays, all aspects of society knows that parents do not hesitate to do everything for their children, so they recklessly push up the prices of various children’s supplies, from the aspects of children’s eating, wear, education to seeing a doctor … Through the child’s precisely grasped parents, they can be vigorously.

In the current social environment, the class has severely solidified.The children of ordinary people lost before they reached the starting line. They lost to their parents and lost on the parents’ class. They couldn’t get involved in children with rich people.Zhang Xuefeng is talking about such a real story.Your resources can not be rolled out. In the future, your children can only continue to work for their children to make money. This is the terrible solidification of the class. There is a sense of weakness that ancestors cannot turn over.Occasionally, I will give you a touch of light, so that you will not be desperate, but rest assured, it will never be more, just like a lottery, give you a little hope of winning the award. In the end, the ultimate purpose is to make people have a little hope and continue to be cut off.EssenceTherefore, when the children of ordinary people grow up, they are still the same as they have worked hard as their parents, and they are squeezed in all aspects.In the final analysis, most people raise children just to raise one more workers for society. From a higher level, this is human resources, a number.

In this case, should we think about it: people have been for decades in a lifetime, and why not spend limited resources on ourselves, they live abundant and have no pressure?Why reduce your own living standards, and to raise a common worker for the society?Are they all squeezed? Do you keep his children continued to be squeezed?As a worker, it is just a person who lifted the sedan. More ones are grabbed by the sedan seeds. Of course, the more people who want to lift the sedan are better.

Some people say that children are the way to continue our lives, but this is just a very inexplicable statement, which is a spiritual understanding.In fact, a person is dead when you die, you will not have any consciousness, and cut off everything in this world, including your own children, at most three generations of people, and no one remembers you in the future.Except for the famous family, except for family genealogy.To put it plainly, all creatures, including humans, are just genetic verses. The bottom logic of the behavior of fertility is the continuation needs of genes, which is geneticized, but human beings are the highest -level animals.The instinct of gene control, such as fertility.

Affected by culture and genes, many people have naturally given birth to children at a certain stage. It is estimated that there is no one to have children at all?What are the benefits and disadvantages?Is cost -effective?Just because everyone said that when they were married, they should have a child, and they gave birth to a child.If in the countryside, one more person means an extra labor force, and it will have an advantage in the village.But in cities, without physical strength, it is just to cultivate labor for others.If there is no economic pressure, it does not matter, otherwise you need to consider it. After all, raising children is at a price.

Once, our elders were convinced of the concept of "raising children to prevent the elderly", but modern society has undergone profound changes.When children grow up, they rarely choose to live with their parents, and they cannot support any problems.There is also a gratitude of the children who can not be old, and some have to prepare for them. In case they are not educated, they may also take the road.

Of course, there are many benefits to raising children, such as emotional satisfaction, rich affection, the warmth of the family atmosphere, and the sense of accomplishment as a parent.Just look at how to choose, and personally pay more attention to the income.

Each of us is pursuing our own happiness. It is a part of giving birth to children, but we cannot see the hardship behind this choice.Before making this biggest choice in life, we should consider and weigh the advantages and disadvantages.Is the child a gift or a trip?This is a question worthy of our thoughts.

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