With thyroid nodules, you can’t eat radish?Doctor: Those who really should avoid these foods

The thyroid nodule is a relatively high incidence of disease in recent years.Generally speaking, this disease is more common in young women.It is understood that the reason why female friends are easily stared at by thyroid nodules are mainly related to some bad habits often.For example: staying up late for a long time, often sulking, and often overworing, are common factors that cause women to easily cause thyroid nodules.

In addition to the above factors, diet is also an important factor that causes thyroid nodules.According to cyber rumors: radish or nodule hair products, patients with thyroid nodules cannot eat, often eating may promote the hyperplasia of the knot. Is this true?In addition to radishes, which foods do patients with thyroid nodules do?Doctors said: For patients with thyroid nodules, these foods should be taboo.

1. Can patients with thyroid nodules really ca n’t eat radish?

The reason why people think on the Internet thinks that radish is a hairdressing of thyroid nodules, mainly because radishes contain a substance called thiosiocyanate.Many people believe that patients with thyroids cannot eat radish.

But in fact, this cognition is relatively one -sided. For people with normal thyroid function, the contained thiocyanic acid content contained in radish can hardly have any impact on the human body, let alone accelerate the growth of nodules to grow.It’s right.Therefore, patients with thyroid nodules do not need to taboo radish.

2. Patients with thyroid nodules need to avoid these foods

1. Animal viscera

Many people believe that the internal organs of animals are a kind of high -purine food, so people with high uric acid in the body need to be taboo.But in fact, for patients with thyroid nodules, they also need to taboo internal organs of animals.Because there are more toxins and hormones contained in such foods, if patients with thyroid nodules often eat such foods, they may stimulate the growth of nodules in the body, which is not conducive to the stability of the condition.

2. kelp

For patients with thyroid nodules, foods that really need to be taboo include kelp.Because the iodine elements contained in kelp are very rich, and the intake of a large amount of iodine may continue to stimulate the growth of thyroid nodules. Therefore, patients with high iodine foods such as kelp, seaweed, and seaweedTaboos.

3. Spicy stimulus and greasy food

Of course, in addition to the above two foods, patients with thyroid nodules also need to eat as little spicy and irritating foods as much as possible and food with particularly high oil content as much as possible.Because of the intake of these foods, it also stimulates the growth of nodules in the body, which is not conducive to the stability of the disease.

Although the thyroid nodule is a benign condition, if the diet control is not paid to the diet for a long time, the nodules will inevitably change the nodules under the repeated stimulation of a variety of factors.Therefore, for patients with thyroid nodules, they must be taboo as much as possible for foods that need to be taboo, so as not to greedy, so as not to bring some adverse effects to the body.

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