Women always stare at men on walking, indicating that they are bad women?Men and women’s moral standards should not be dual standard

When I walk on the road, I will look around. When you see the beautiful scenery and some novel things, you ca n’t help but look at it for a while. In fact, it ’s the same.Take a look at it.

I often see such scenes in videos or life. Couples or couples walk on the road. A man or woman walking on the opposite side will sometimes stare at each other. At this time, the other half will feel angry, feel thatIf you have any ideas, you can’t help hit you, or teach you.

So, women always stare at men on walking, does she mean that she is a bad woman?

I have to tell the truth, that is, many people are really dual standards in the moral standards of men and women. When men walk on the road, they will also stare at them because they see some women.

Why do women come here, they will be identified as bad women. The two are the same as when they are staring at each other, and they are normal physiological performance.

What’s more, women are staring at a man, which is likely to attract women, or some behaviors in one aspect, which makes women interested.

In fact, women should not have a burden, thinking that their actions are abnormal performance, thereby increasing psychological burdens. This expression is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Men should also correct their ideas. In summary, regardless of men and women, they should reflect fairness in the moral standards of men and women, and should not be dual -standard.

Regardless of men and women, what kind of frequency should husband and wife life maintain?

In fact, there is no too standard answer. After all, the age is different, and the physical condition will be different. These factors will affect the frequency. Therefore, it should be different from person to person.

However, people who need to be reminded should still be moderate, and consider their own situation. If it is overly, it is easy to cause damage to the body.

In fact, a long time ago, the United States had done research and gave the formula for converts, which was the first one of the age to 9, such as 40 -year -old people, and then used 4 to 9. The result was 36.It means that at the age of 40, the number of times within 30 days, it will be reasonable in about 6 times.

This calculation method is mainly based on the research of Americans. As for whether it is applicable to the Chinese, or if it is not suitable for everyone, it depends on the situation. After all, the crowd of research is limited and can be customized to refer to it.

As long as it does not hurt health, it is reasonable and can be inspected from the physical condition. If the physical condition is good, there is no need to worry about it without fatigue and physical discomfort.

No matter how old, there are 4 precautions that need to be understood as soon as possible.

1. Pay attention to hygiene

For the health of both parties, it is recommended to wear a condom to reduce the infection of bacteria and viruses, which can reduce the occurrence of disease.In addition, it is necessary to take a timely bath. It is recommended not to be lazy, avoid breeding too many bacteria, and cause trouble for yourself.

Especially women should pay more attention to hygiene. Once infected with bacteria or viruses, the possibility of gynecological diseases will increase, and it may even provoke cancer or AIDS.

2. Make contraceptive measures to be done well

In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, contraceptive measures should be taken, and there are many contraceptive measures. It can be a condom, a feminine, or a male ligation, or taking short -term contraceptives.

You must know that women’s unexpected pregnancy is large, which means that the number of miscarriage has become more or produced. No matter what the situation, the damage to the female uterus will be relatively large. Therefore, the number of pregnancy should be reduced as much as possible.

3. This period is not suitable

For example, the first three months and three months of women’s pregnancy will increase the physical damage of women, and it will also adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus, and it is likely to cause miscarriage.

There are also women’s menstrual periods that have not been rushed after menstruation. Women of women in menstrual periods are opened. If you ca n’t pay attention to good hygiene, you may increase the risk of infection, thereby increasing the risk of gynecological diseases.

It is not recommended to do it when you are tired or drinking. It is likely to cause physical damage, especially accidents that are prone to accidents, especially those who have basic diseases themselves. They should pay more attention to avoid more serious damage.

4. Ensure that the environment is good

Women’s physiological structure is more special. If the environment is not guaranteed, once you come into contact with bacteria or viruses, it will have a serious impact on women’s health, especially the damage of cervix and ovarian will be greater.

It may even increase the risk of cervical cancer and uterine cancer. Whether it is at home or out, it is necessary to ensure that the items used closely need to be clean and tidy, and to avoid contact with bacteria or viruses as much as possible.

Some moral judgment standards for men and women should still look at it fairly. Do not have the situation of dual standards. It is necessary to face up to some normal physiological phenomena and needs.produce.

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