Women are always worried about abortion after pregnancy?Avoid these 7 things, say goodbye to abortion

Natural abortion refers to non -artificial abortion. Natural abortion is more common in early pregnancy. Many women are very prone to natural abortion after pregnancy. There are many reasons for natural abortion.The problem, so this happens.

The pregnancy time is less than 28 weeks, and the fetus is less than two pounds and the termination of pregnancy is called abortion. Among them, natural miscarriage refers to abortion caused by non -human purpose, which is a miscarriage caused by some natural factors.31%of the possibility of embryo will occur naturally after bed, of which more than 80%are early abortion.

1. Embryo factors.The embryo factor is that the embryo chromosomes are abnormal. In the early abortion test, 50%to 60%of the chromosomal abnormalities were found in the early abortion examination.Either chromosomal abnormalities may be inherited to their offspring by either chromosomal abnormalities, and then cause abortion. The chromosomal abnormalities include abnormal chromosomal structure abnormalities in chromosomes.In addition to genetic factors, infection or drugs cannot wait for a role, and it may also cause sub -chromosomal abnormalities.

2. Infection factors.This is because high fever can promote abortion when high fever can promote uterine contraction.For example, infections such as syphilis spiral, influenza virus, giant cell virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, simple herpes virus and other infections may cause natural miscarriage.

3. Diseases.If expectant mothers suffer from heart failure or severe anemia, hypertension, chronic nephritis, and severe malnutrition and other ischemia and hypoxic diseases, it may also lead to an increase in the chance of natural miscarriage.

4. Endocrine abnormalities.This is because the lack of luteal function can lead to early abortion, low thyroid dysfunction or severe diabetes patients may also cause natural abortion.

5. Pregnant women’s immune function abnormalities.In this case, most of them are due to different blood types of mothers, or excessive producers of pregnant women’s anti -phospholipid antibodies, and the presence of couple antibody antibodies. They may be embryos or fetuses to cause natural abortion.

6. Environmental factors.If pregnant women live under a poor environment, then the chance of natural abortion will be relatively high. For example, the air in the family is not good, and some harmful substances such as formaldehyde or vulcoli will cause natural abortion of pregnant women.

7, tobacco and alcohol.If pregnant women have the habit of alcoholism and smoking, they may also cause natural abortion. These habits are very harmful to the fetus, so if pregnant women want to bring a healthy baby, they should quit smoking and drinking.

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