Women are in their 20s, have not come for two months, and they are not pregnant. What’s wrong?

As a woman, the menstrual cycle of each month is the most important part of our physiological cycle, but sometimes this cycle becomes irregular or periodic problems.A common problem is that women in their 20s may not have menstruation for two months at some point, and without pregnancy, what is going on?

First, let’s find out what the normal menstrual cycle is.Usually, the one -month cycle starts from the first day of one month, until the first day of the next month.A normal menstrual cycle is usually about 28 days, but the range can be between 21 days and 35 days.This means that if your menstrual cycle is 35 days old, or the cycle is irregular, then this may be one of the reasons why menstruation has not come for two months.

So, what are the possible reasons for women’s menstruation for two months and no pregnancy?Ovarian dysfunction

Menstruation is regulated by hormones produced by follicles in the ovaries, and ovarian dysfunction can cause irregular menstrual cycles or cycles with longer interval.This kind of disorders may be caused by cysts and ovarian inflammation in the ovaries. They need to be treated in time.Thyroid function abnormalities

The thyroid gland is an important organs for our body’s secretion regulation, and it will produce hormones regulating metabolism.If the thyroid dysfunction is abnormal, it will cause insufficient secretion of hormones in the body, which will affect the menstrual cycle.The abnormal thyroid function can be determined by blood test, and the treatment method is performed according to the specific situation.Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise may cause changes in hormone levels in the body, and this may affect the menstrual cycle.If you have increased exercise in recent months or participated in more severe exercise, this may be one of the reasons why the menstrual cycle is unstable.Excessive stress

When we face stress or anxiety, the level of hormone in the body may change, which may also cause irregular menstruation or not in menstruation for two months.If you have encountered relatively large pressure in work or life recently, this may be the cause of this situation.Malnutrition

Our body needs a variety of nutrients to maintain normal functions. If we lack necessary nutrition, it will cause various problems in the body, including irregular menstrual cycle or two months of menstruation.If your diet is unhealthy and lacks important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and protein, this may be one of the causes of abnormal menstrual cycle.

6. Drug impact

Some drugs may affect women’s menstrual cycles, such as antidepressants, antibiotics, contraceptives, etc.If you have taken these drugs recently, this may also be one of the reasons for the unstable menstrual cycle.

Summary: The cause of women’s menstruation two months may be diverse, which may be caused by factors such as ovarian dysfunction, abnormal ovarian dysfunction, abnormal thyroid function, excessive exercise, excessive stress, malnutrition, or drug impact.If you encounter this situation, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, find specific reasons and treat accordingly.At the same time, maintaining healthy living habits, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, and avoiding excessive tension will also help maintain a normal menstrual cycle.

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