Women are infertile for a long time, painful abdominal pain, irregular menstruation!Beware of heart ovarian cysts to come to the door

The ovarian cyst Chinese medicine is called "symptom (zhēng) 瘕 (jiǎ)".

This is the name of the disease in the gynecological abdomen. For example, the ovarian cysts that everyone often hear now belong to the category of symptoms.

Hardness does not move, and the pain is "symptom";It covers various gynecological benign tumors, and there are many diseases. They are common diseases and difficult diseases in gynecology.

Ovarian cysts will affect the fertility function of female friends after worsening or lesions, especially chocolate cysts. Because it can destroy normal ovarian tissue, affect follicular development and ovulation, cause changes in pelvic anatomy, which will affect women’s pregnancy.

In addition, cysts are easier to relapse.

Many people still recur after surgical resection.This is related to physical fitness, and it shows that your constitution is prone to long cysts from the side.Therefore, even if you have surgery and remove the lesion, your physique cannot be changed.As long as the ovaries can also produce estrogen, there is a possibility of cysts.Moreover, surgery can cause some normal ovarian tissue damage, which will cause the ovarian reserve function to be reduced.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ovarian cysts are mostly caused by dysfunction, qi and blood blockage, and blood stasis, blood stasis, qi gathered, blood stasis as the symptoms, and it is more common for qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm dampness and heat poison.Therefore, during the treatment, it can be considered based on Chinese medicine promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and qi and pain.

Patient Wang, female, 32 years old, has a small menstrual flow, 4-5 days, there are a little blood clot, black color, and hidden pain in the right lower abdomen.Undeveillary echo, uneven echo of the uterine muscle wall, the right ovary exploration and 8.4cm*5.4cm*6.0cm cysts, the fully cyst fluid is well transparent.The doctor of the hospital suggested surgical treatment, and he did not agree because he had not had birth and recurred after surgery.

On July 4, 2020, I found that I hope to treat Chinese medicine.Patients are still tone in urine, can eat food, pain in small abdominal pain, breast pain, dull complexion, lack of skin, sleeping, red tongue, white moss and ecchymosis, pulse strings.

[Symptom analysis] The diseased machine is mainly qi stagnation and blood stasis.

[Diagnosis] Symptoms (qi stagnation blood stasis syndrome)

[Governance method] Treatment of blood promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, softness, and softening and softening to relieve qi and pain and relieve pain.

Amber Sanjian is from the effect of "Medical Zong Jin Jian" as a dispersion of elimination, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

The original prescriptions include amber, angelica, cooked ground yellow, red peony, Danpi, Curcuma, Liu Jiannu, cinnamon, Yanhu Mo, Wuyao, and trilateral.

Amber, red peony, Danpi, Curdia, Liu Jiannu, triangular blood circulation blood stasis; Angelica, cooked ground yellow nourishing blood and blood circulation;Wuyao, cinnamon, Xin Wen scattered cold and qi.

In conjunction with Tian Sanqi, artillery, pangolin, and peony soft and strong knot.

【Treatment Passing】

One clinic 丨 Posted 10 payments for half a month, three times a day, 200 ml each time;

Two weeks after taking the medicine, the pain of the small abdomen disappeared, and went to the hospital to check B -ultrasound on July 18, 2020: the right ovarian probe and 6.7cm*4.5cm*5.6cm cystic block, the fully capsule liquid transparencyGood sound, tension is slightly worse.The tongue was slightly red, the moss was downgraded, and the pulse was sinking.Pay the upper plus party ginseng, fry malt;

The third consultation 丨 September 27, 2020 shows that the right ovarian probe is about 4.4cm*2.9cm cystic mass on the right.Although the B -ultrasound prompts the right ovarian block considering it is physiological, the tongue is light and white, and the pulse is thin.Pat.

Fourth Diagnosis 丨 October 23, 2020 B -ultrasound: The cystic mass is reduced to 3.1*2.6cm.Keep up to the upper service for a month;

Five Clinics 丨 November 20, 2020 B -ultrasound display: There is no abnormality in the annex of the uterus.

"Jingyue Quanshu · Women’s Rules · Blood Diameter" blood stasis and stagnation, but women have it.The evidence is or from the menstrual period, or after delivery, the internal injury is cold, or the external wind is cold, or it is irritable and hurts the liver.No, when the blood is moved.The remaining blood is not exhausted.

Modern Chinese medicine believes that the formation of symptoms accumulates mainly: first, blood stasis, mostly due to menstruation and postpartum, blood chamber is open, the veins are empty, the wind and cold are deficient, and the cold coagulation is stagnant;Unexpectedly, yin and yang, evil and blood, stasis in the cells, accumulate and become disordered.The second is qi stagnation, which is mostly injured by seven emotions, liver qi stagnation, qi and blood running poorly, stagnant in the abdomen, and gathered.The third is sputum dampness, which is mostly weak in the body, or the diet is not diverse. It hurts the spleen and stomach.

1. Light diet, stimulating foods such as spicy and cold, so do not make too much daily life;

2. Avoid high tension and mental stimulation, maintain optimism and sufficient sleep;

3. Life must be regular, and good living habits should be developed, keeping warm;

4, need to strengthen physical exercise and strengthen physical fitness in daily life.

5. Regularly go to the hospital for review, and observe whether the cysts have grown up through B -ultrasound.

The ovarian cyst therapy plan should be determined according to the specific situation of the patient, combined with the age of the patient and the patient’s fertility requirements, and the patient’s condition should be given to the patient’s condition.Symptoms are mild or without symptoms, and mild lesions can be used for replacement treatment.Mild patients with fertility requirements are treated after comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation.

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