Women are not suitable for extraction for three periods?What are the precautions after tooth extraction

Tooth is an important tool for our chewing food. If the teeth occur, most people will choose to see the dentist. If there is no treatment, this tooth is generally removed. Many people think that extraction is a trivial matter.Details, what everyone must go through when extraction is extracted, so in what time of women cannot extraction? When is the best time for women to get teeth?

It is best not to extract teeth during menstrual periods during menstruation

During the menstrual period, the body’s stress and immune capacity decreased, the fibrin lysic lysome activation substances in the body and saliva increased, and the blood was not easily solidified to form a blood clot.After the tooth extraction, the wound contacts with saliva causes the wound to heal slowly, and it is prone to bacterial infection and bleeding.

According to clinical data analysis, the 14th day of the menstrual cycle is the best time for women to extract.At this time, the wound healing is fast and good, it is not easy to occur in bacterial infections, and the pain is relatively mild.Therefore, it is best to choose a 10 -day after menstruation.

It is best not to extracted during taking contraceptives

Contraceptives can increase the decomposition of fibrin in the body. After the tooth extraction, a good blood clot cannot be formed at the wound, and the germs will take advantage of the deficiency to cause wound infection and affect the wound healing.

It is best not to extract teeth 3 months and 6 months before pregnancy

After the first 3 and 6 months of pregnancy, it is a period of susceptibility to abortion and premature birth, so do not extraction during this period.Those with habitual abortion and premature birth history are best not to extract teeth during pregnancy.When you must extraction, it is best to choose between 3-6 months of pregnancy, and 1-2 days before and after the tooth extraction, 10 mg of muscle injection of progesterone per day to eliminate the fear of tooth extraction to avoid abortion and premature birth.

If you allow tooth extraction, what should you pay attention to after extraction?

One: It is recommended to use the special effects of pure natural mouthwash on the day of regular teeth -rinsing tea. The five milliliters of raw liquid is contained in the mouth for five minutes, and then spit out.From the second day, you can continue to use to rinse your mouth, which can reduce the postoperative response.

Two: After extraction, you should pay attention to the creation situation. If there are a lot of bleeding, you should seek medical examination in time.After the tooth extraction, the gauze or cotton balls on the mouth need to be bite for about half an hour to spit. Don’t bite too tightly or for too long.There is a small amount of blood in saliva within 24 hours.

Three: Except for the third molar and multiple teeth, general adults need to be installed with dentures after extraction.

Four: After the tooth extraction, you can take a half -bedroom position. Do not lie flat or take a hot bath immediately to avoid bleeding.

How to eat after extraction?

Head dishes: cold milk, ice cream, juice.

Eating time: 2-4 hours after extraction.

Explanation: At this time, tooth extraction can eat a cold -free cold diet.Cold food can shrink blood vessels to stop bleeding, and reduce edema and pain, while liquid soft food can minimize the impact of wounds as much as possible.

Avoid mouth: Do not eat too hot or hard food, do not drink martyr’s wine, do not smoke, do not eat spicy food.

Second dishes: custard, soft steamed buns, rice porridge, rotten noodles, vegetable mud or soup, etc.

Eating time: 4 hours to the next day after extraction.

Note: At this time, tooth extractioners can eat semi -liquid diet and soft food.The diet should be light, and the vegetables should be delicate, cooking into rotten, soft, and finely, and can be made into foods such as sauce, foam, juice.In addition, it should be noted that this method of diet should be persisted until one week after extraction.

Avoid: It is not advisable to eat fried foods, do not eat rough foods, such as leek, celery, hard rice, etc., so as not to stimulate the wound of rough particles, which is not conducive to healing.Pay attention to the temperature of the meal, and do not overheat, so as not to cause the vascular dilation to cause wound bleeding.Do not smoke or drink.

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