Women are pregnant again after natural abortion, prepare several aspects, wait for the best period

Abortion after pregnancy is a very bad thing, which will seriously affect women’s mental health and family harmony. However, after this situation, it will face it frankly, scientifically do inspections, and understand the final reason. This is the most critical.Instead of accusing each other, they increase their troubles.

产 Why do you have a miscarriage after pregnancy?

The so -called abortion is the pregnancy situation that is less than 28 weeks of pregnancy and the fetal weight is less than 1kg.Different causes of occurrence are divided into natural abortion and artificial abortion.Artificial abortion is also a fetus.

★ Abnormal embryonic development (chromosome, genetic abnormalities);

★ Pregnant mothers have severe diseases that hinder pregnancy;

★ Women often smoke, drink coffee (caffeine> 200 mg / day),;

★ Long -term radioactive and severe pollution environment;

★ Insufficient endocrine function of the mother placenta;

In addition, there are some unknown natural miscarriage. Most of these occurred in the early stages of pregnancy. Since many women do not know that they are pregnant, negligence has miscarriage.About 20 to 10%of pregnancy may occur.

好 What tests should I do?

Women who have a natural abortion more than 2 times, before preparing for babies, it is best to do blood tests, chromosomal examinations, and ultrasound examinations. The necessary pre -pregnancy examination cannot be dropped. It is recommended to explain the situation with the doctor before the examination, so that it is convenient for their targeted understandingEssence

According to statistics, about 60% to 70% of women who have unknown causes have a habitual miscarriage, and they eventually conceive their babies and have a healthy birth.Therefore, don’t bear too much psychological pressure.

It is worth noting that after women are over 40 years old, the risk of abortion will increase by about 30%.It can be seen that fertility is still necessary.

什么 After the natural miscarriage, when can I have a baby?

Although natural abortion is different from artificial abortion, it also needs to regulate the body, especially psychologically.A mother had spoiled that she had a natural miscarriage of her 3 times.A year later, he was pregnant with twins and successfully produced.She said that thanks to her will and her husband’s will not be destroyed, God’s care gave her "Gift".This also shows to a certain extent that negative emotions will affect the possibility of women’s pregnancy again, and relax and naturally ” ‘good pregnancy’ ‘.However, after natural pregnancy, you must also adjust your body, and choose the best time to prepare for pregnancy according to different situations:

1. Single abortion: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that it is best to consider pregnancy again after 6 weeks of abortion.

2. Two or multiple abortion: Before preparing to ask the baby again, consult the doctor and explain the reason clearly, and the doctor gives a professional treatment plan and suggestions.

3. Portuguese tires: It is recommended to wait for more than 1 year before trying to get pregnant next time.

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