Women go to the toilet abdominal pain, and the stomach is full of blood during surgery!Gynecological diseases that may be broken by sneezing

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One night, when Ms. Zhang squatted at home, because of constipation, she squatted for more than ten minutes, and her feet were almost squatting, and she hadn’t pulled it out yet, so she was ready to hold up and rushed hard.

But when Girls Zhang had a fist to sprint hard, there was a dramatic pain in the abdomen. The sudden pain was unbearable. For a while, she had a blood flow under her blood and the pain was unbearable.

In desperation, Ms. Zhang had to quickly end the squatting toilet. After wearing pants, she thought that she might be because of gastroenteritis, so she walked out of the toilet, went to the living room to find the medicine box, and took a few Huoxiang Zhengqi pills.However, the medicine did not play much, and the girl Zhang died painful.

Sitting hard, sweating on her forehead, and no one who could rely on her. She felt that it was wrong to go on like this, so Ms. Zhang quickly hit 120.

When Dr. 120 was brought to Ms. Zhang by the uncle from the community, she found that she was dying on the ground, and her lips were white and her complexion was white.Because Ms. Zhang lived in the old community and did not install an elevator, the doctor and his party climbed on the seventh floor.

When the doctor saw this state of Ms. Zhang, she had to measure her blood pressure immediately and found that only 80/40mmHg. I realized that the bad doctor quickly transferred people to the ambulance.The rescue delayed some time.

When she arrived at the ambulance, the doctor immediately asked Ms. Zhang’s basic situation, so she immediately supplemented her veins to supplement her liquid, because the blood pressure was too low, it was already a shock!

So what causes Ms. Zhang to shock?By her description just now, the doctor’s preliminary judgment was internal bleeding.

The ambulance rushed along the way with the sound of the whistle. After arriving at the hospital, he quickly pushed Ms. Zhang to rescue the emergency room., Re -measure the blood pressure, the blood pressure is still the original value, 80/40mmHg.

When Lao Xing ordered, the nurse quickly took blood to Ms. Zhang, sent a routine test, and quickly supplemented the 2 bottles of 500 physiological saline.

In the emergency, Lao Xing asked the nurse to open a dual channel for her, and supplemented Ms. Zhang at the maximum speed.Lao Xing said to the nurses: "According to my experience, the possibility of bleeding in the patient is very high, and the internal organs and blood vessels can be ruptured.Infusion is the key immediately. "

In order to learn more, Lao Xing asked Ms. Zhang, is your menstruation normal?Are there any sexual life in the past two days?There are no answers.

Ms. Zhang responded to the doctor with a weak voice. She was a young girl, where she was single.The usual menstruation is normal. Based on the past time, it should be about a week.

Because it is not possible to determine the cause of Ms. Zhang at present, Lao Xing had to arrange for the B -ultrasound, gynecological B -ultrasound, and urine pregnancy test.

Due to the ultrasound on the other floor, the nurse of Lao Xing and the nurse quickly pushed the patient and rushed to the ultrasound room. At this time, he had to quickly find out the cause.Will it be a luteum rupture?

With these speculations, Lao Xing and the doctor of the ultrasound did the situation that the patient was suspected of being a gynecological issue. For example, the luteal rupture and ectopic pregnancy need to be checked immediately.

During the process of waiting outside the door, the nurse who accompanied him asked Lao Xing. Will the patient’s situation be dysmenorrhea? Is it possible that the menstrual period is early and make her painful face white.

However, Lao Xing quickly explained that although it may be dysmenorrhea, few people have dysmenorrhea to shock, and the blood pressure is not normal. If we are not in time, the situation is very dangerous.Even if it is considered dysmenorrhea, there is the risk of luteal rupture, so B -ultrasound must be done.

In the ultrasonic room, Ms. Zhang had an abdominal B -ultrasound, but no obvious abnormalities were found after finishing.So I then did the B -ultrasound of the gynecology department. Originally, the doctor wanted to do it according to the routine, because it could be seen more accurately, but because Ms. Zhang was too painful to be so severe, there was no way to achieve this.In the end, you can only do it through the abdomen. At this time, the doctor found a problem.

There were group blocks found in the attachment area on the right side of Ms. Zhang’s abdomen. The worse thing is that there are a lot of effusion in the pelvic cavity.

Knowing this situation, Lao Xing had to ask the nurse to ask a professional gynecologist. This surgery relied on Lao Xing to be a first -aid doctor.

After the inspection, Ms. Zhang was immediately pushed back to the emergency rescue room, and continued a large amount of replenishment. After re -measurement of blood pressure, the value was 86/42mmHg. In such a low situation, it was still shock.It’s right.

When I first arrived at the hospital, the nurse took Ms. Zhang to test it. Now the results have come out. The blood cellulin is only 72g/L (normal 120-150).At this time, you need to find the blood transfusion department to distribute blood and need blood.The pregnancy test results of urine have also come out, which is negative.

Combined with the above inspection, Ms. Zhang did not speak. This is not a problem of pregnancy, but it must be a gynecological problem.

After a while, the gynecologist came, and Lao Xing told her all the situation of the patient and signaled to perform surgery immediately.

Ms. Zhang, can you contact your family members?You need to surgery immediately, and family members need to sign consent.

My parents are in the old home, just sign it myself.

Gynecologists and patients have explained before surgery. Before surgery, do a vaginal dome puncture to see if they can draw non -coagulation. If possible, they will immediately surgery.

What is the post -vaginal dome puncture?

In fact, in the deepest part of the vagina, use a needle to puncture from this place. After breaking through this back wall, you enter the vaginal nest. If there is a pelvic accumulation of blood, it means that the vagina’s uterine nest must have blood accumulation.If you are puncture, you can get blood, which means pelvic bleeding.

The gynecologist and several nurses moved quickly and professionally to conduct a pre -surgery examination. Several nurse first helped the patient take the stone interception position, peeled the vulva instrument, and pierced the vaginal back wall, and slowly pumped it back.

Although the syringe pumped the dark red blood, the fortunate is all the bloodless blood.

After confirming, the gynecologist issued the instructions of the surgery and informed the director and the anesthesiology department. Ms. Zhang was pushed into the operating room.

As the surgery knife opens the patient’s stomach, all he sees blood. Under the hard investigation, it was finally found that a small blood vessel was in the ovaries of the injured side of the ovaries.rupture.

Now that the problem is found, the doctor has quickly and stable sewing and hemostasis. The surgery is over, and Ms. Zhang has successfully separated from the difficulty.

1. What is lutein?

Simply put, luteal can produce progesterone, while progesterone can protect tires.Where did the luteal come from?From the ovarian, a follicles develop every month. After the eggs in the follicles are discharged, the remaining particulate cells will form luteum in the ovaries.

During pregnancy, the luteal will develop larger. The progesterone it secreted makes the uterine mucosa thicker. This can inhibit the shrinkage of the uterus and promote the development of the breast. People often judge whether they have successfully conceived through the changes in luteum.

Second, why is lutein rupture?

1. Active rupture: When the luteal function is not fully developed, the capillaries inside will be more bloody. When the blood volume is too much, the luteal will naturally rupture due to excessive pressure in the body.

2. Passive rupture: Under the influence of external forces, such as the rude sex life of the man, the violent run, the lower abdomen was suddenly hit violently, coughing hard, squatting to the toilet hard, and so on.

It is particularly related to the luteal rupture of more than 70 % of the luteum. This is because women’s reproductive organs are in a state of expansion and congestion in sexual life. If they add rude strong impact, yellowThe original high tension in the body will be easier to break.

What are the symptoms of tritenal rupture?

In gynecological diseases, the main symptoms of patients with luteal rupture are sudden abdominal pain, and sometimes it is accompanied by anal swelling.The luteal rupture is generally accompanied by bleeding, but there is no vaginal bleeding.People with less bleeding can show minor abdominal pain, rest more, and usually heal themselves.

People with more bleeding usually perform more painful, because patients usually experience severe abdominal pain, frequent urination, nausea, sweating, irritability and vomiting.People with severe bleeding will also have shock. At this time, they need to seek medical treatment quickly. They cannot take medicine alone and carry them hard.

Fourth, how to prevent luteum rupture?

1. In sexual life, men and women must be gentle, and inappropriate posture can also cause luteal rupture, so do not do reckless things.Especially one week before girls’ menstruation, pay more attention to such problems.

2. If you have a cough, or habitually constipation, and to defecate hard, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, because these two types of diseases can easily cause abdominal pressure to rise, which is still more dangerous.

3. Women’s friends should usually exercise proper physical exercise, pay attention to self -protection during menstruation, do not do severe sports, and do everything.

4. Male friends, care more about their opposite sex partners.When I see my lover’s stomach pain, don’t be stupid to ask her to drink more hot water, or learn about medical knowledge, so as to accompany it effectively.During the physiological period of girls, partners must take care of them carefully. Not only physical care, they must also be emotionally tolerant.

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