Women have raised 4 women and were unexpectedly pregnant and were asked to divorce: husband is abominable but innocent?

Introduction: As the saying goes, the husband and wife are the same forest birds. Difficulties are flying, and sometimes, not only the disaster let the couple fly each, but the different ideas will also let the husband and wife fly. In this era of high divorce rate,It is hoped that women should carefully examine the values and character of the man carefully before getting married.

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On November 12, a woman in Zhejiang posted a video saying that there were four videos that had four daughters now who were pregnant and pregnant.

The woman claimed that her husband suspected that the daughter was her daughter again, so she proposed the idea of divorce as soon as possible, and the two finally reached an agreement.

It is said that after the divorce, all the children with their mother, the man paid the support fee of 1,000 yuan per month, two hundred per child.No matter how much the cost, I can’t afford it. I plan to remarry in the future and want to have a son.Seeing her husband so decisive, the woman agreed without hesitation.

It is reported that women are from rural Guizhou. They are currently working in Zhejiang to support four daughters and usually take four children to work.Although there is a bitter life now, the woman believes that as long as she works hard, her life will definitely get better and better in the future.(From secondary video)

It is understood that the parties Ms. Hu has been pregnant for 8 months now. Her husband had a tendency to violence before and had been derailed twice.

The two will return to their hometown in Guizhou to go through the divorce procedures. Ms. Hu’s husband will pay Ms. Hu and their daughters a total of 1,000 yuan per month.

The local women’s federation stated that it would understand the specific situation of the matter.

Many netizens expressed their views on this.Some netizens felt that the man was so poor that he couldn’t get the support fee, and he was still struggling with having a boy.

Some netizens believe that leaving this violent derailment as soon as possible is a relief for Ms. Hu. Although it may be very hard at this stage, good days are behind.

More netizens believe that women are not tools for giving birth to children, nor is it a tool for having a boy. What age is this, and there is the idea of being a male light and girls. It is impossible for someone to marry him by remarry.

In fact, from the perspective of the entire news incident, the author believes that although this man’s thoughts to behavior are very good, Ms. Hu is not completely innocent.

Because Ms. Hu should make a choice when her husband’s first derailment and violence.

At first, the right to choose was still in Ms. Hu’s hands. Since the man has a tendency to violence and derailed twice in his marriage, why don’t Ms. Hu stop the loss as soon as possible?

I have lived for so long with this man, and I must know his man, why do you have to give him a child again and again?

Now 4 girls have a 8 -month -old child in the stomach. This section divorced from the man’s eyes, and it reached a settlement of 1,000 yuan per month. It is difficult to make people not doubt that Ms. Hu is not so clear.

Because although she is worthy of sympathy, she did not leave at the most suitable time, and she chose her most difficult time.

Imagine that the children in the stomach have been 8 months old and they are born immediately. At that time, confinement and lactation, who will take care of the other 4 daughters, this is irresponsible to her daughter.

And the man gives each child 200 yuan, it is too few, what can two hundred dollars be?Actually, Ms. Hu agreed, did I really do n’t know the hard work and cost of raising children?

Watching the video, there is also a child very small. Ms. Hu still carried on her back when she worked, so it can be imagined in the future. It would be difficult for a person to persist without the help of family members.

Therefore, Ms. Hu’s future is still very worrying. She hopes that through the intervention of the local women’s federation, her ex -husband can give some economic support to reduce her burden.I also hope that Ms. Hu’s life will live a better life.

Netizens, what do you think of Ms. Hu have given birth to 4 daughters, and they are asked to divorce by accident?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.


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