Women in Xi’an pay attention that the breasts are red hair and fever, beware of breast cancer

Women often have a comprehensive self -examination of breasts, so that they can capture early signs of breast cancer when unusual things (such as lumps) just appeared.In addition to the mass, there are some hidden signals in breast cancer, and the health column of the American MSN website has summarized it.

1. The nipples are dry and scales.If the skin of the nipple suddenly becomes dry, it is thin and scales, and spreads out to areola and breasts outward, which may be a signs of breast cancer.Many people’s skin on the nipples is dry, but if you notice that it is scaled and does not disappear, it will cause attention.

2. Breast red.Red skin redness usually means a certain infection, but when the area of the breast is affected, it is not painful. It feels fever and continues to expand rather than disappear. This is the warning signal of breast cancer.This red may change from light pink to hot red, but not as spots like rash.

3. Lymph nodes at the armpit.Some people notice that there are lumps in the armpit, but they do not feel that there are lumps on the breast, so they do not think this is cancer.Unfortunately, it may still be breast cancer.Non -cancer lymph node swelling has pain.In contrast, the cancerous nodule usually does not hurt, and it feels harder. It is not easy to move when you press it.

4. Nipple hemorrhage.It is abnormal for all spontaneous bleeding (bleeding by yourself without squeezing the nipples by yourself).If the patient sees the blood on the pajamas or bra, it is mostly on the side of the breast, and he should seek medical treatment immediately.

5. Breast skin is sunken.If the breast skin is sunken, it is recommended to do the following examination immediately: lifted your left arm over the top of your head to stretch the pectoral muscles. If you see the skin depression, this may be a sign of cancer.Women have almost no fiber to connect their breasts. If there is cancer there, the ligament will be pulled in, causing the skin to sag.

6. Nipple retraction.If there is a nipple trap (nipple inside instead of outward), this is not a problem.But if the nipples have been facing outward, they have noticed them recently, and they have to attract attention.Remember to say: Any changes in the appearance of the nipple must be paid attention.

7. Breast size changes.The swollen or contraction of the breasts, especially on one side, requires high vigilance.Although for some women, the phenomenon of asymmetric breasts is very common, and the size of the breast fluctuates with age, pregnancy, or taking certain types of birth measures.Check in time.

8. Men’s breasts have a mass.Breast lumps may attract women’s attention, but in many cases, they are not cancerous.However, if you are a man and notice that the breasts have a mass, the situation will be more serious.Most men think that they do not have breast cancer at all, so they feel that the lump is not important, but there is indeed such possibilities and needs to be vigilant.

Source: Life Times

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