Women must understand chest knowledge (boys must also understand version)

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Honey fans, if you let you choose five parts you are most concerned about, I believe that the "chest" must be on the list. How much do you know about this part that has attracted sexual attention of men and women?

True and false auxiliary milk?Intersection

Many women have a common troubles- "Vice milk". After putting on underwear, they always find that there are two meats under the armpits. Although these two meats have no obvious effect on their physical health, they have no significant effect on their health, but from the aestheticsFrom the perspective, there are indeed observations. Some women will choose to give up the clothes that will show off the armpit because of the existence of paramilses.

But in fact, these two things are not real auxiliary breasts. They are "pseudo -auxiliary breasts" and are essentially extra fat.

Studies have shown that there are not rare people with naturally growing vice breasts. So how to distinguish "paramilses" and "pseudo -auxiliary milk"?

In addition to the excess breasts except normal breasts, the auxiliary breasts are longer than the axillary or under the armpit.

When the embryo is developing, on the breast line (armpit to the groin connection), there are 6 ~ 8 pairs of mammary glands formed, and only one pair on the chest will be retained before birth, and the rest will be degraded., Auxiliary milk will be formed.

Milk milk is caused by congenital development and has nothing to do with other external factors.

The fake auxiliary milk is the opposite. It is caused by the acquired environment, such as overweight, inappropriate underwear, and bad posture.

The biggest difference between the two is that the pseudo -pair of milk is not painful, and in addition to the pain, the pair of milk may also have nipples, and it will also secrete milk during pregnancy.

√ The solution of pseudo -pairing milk is the right medicine, solve the problem of overweight, underwear, and bad posture;

√ The solution of the parallel milk needs to help the doctor.


Milk milk is not exclusive to women, and men may also occur.

Areola long hair?Intersection

Most women always have some unknown emotions for hair. Hands should be removed from hair, hair removal of legs, and hair removal of hair under the armpits.Mao, do others grow?

In fact, there is fluff on the areola, which is generally normal, affected by genetic factors, and the dense hair of the body is different. Some people are "no hair", and some people are "hairy and feet."Some people have a large number of fluff on the areola, and some people have fewer people. These are normal, don’t worry too much.

However, if there is a large area on the areola, it is necessary to consider whether the polycystic ovary syndrome occurs.

Furdy kittens, furry puppies, furry rabbits and furry you are the same cute.

Nipple trap?Intersection

"Only when it is stimulated, Xiao Doudou will emerge. After the stimulus disappears, the little Doudou shrinks back again." What was the situation?

Under normal circumstances, the nipples are inherent, and they will only be exposed when they are stimulated. This is a very common injecting nipple.

About 10%-20%of women have a variety of nipples. In a strict sense, the nipples cannot be considered a disease, which is caused by incomplete development.

The inside of the nipples has no effect on daily. The biggest impact is postpartum breastfeeding, nipples in inhumin, twisted tubes, milk can not be discharged smoothly, which can easily cause bacterial infections and redness and inflammation around the nipples.

At one time, the nipples can be corrected by themselves. Before bathing or sleeping, you can touch the nipples gently to stimulate the nipples and pull it with your index finger and thumb.Powder with a partner can develop this matter into a sexual pleasure, and the noodles of the wooden partner …

Two or three -degree nipples need to go to the hospital to solve it through surgery. At the time of registration, the matching department is [breast surgery].


There are 15-20 small holes on the female nipples, so when milk is like a small fountain, Biubiubiu shoots four.

Can the chest size decide to breastfeed?Intersection

One of the more worried issues that some novice mothers planned for breast milk are that they are not big enough and do not know if the milk is enough for children to eat.

The chest is mainly composed of fat and glands.

Fat = chest size.

Glandular = milk output.

Therefore, the size of the chest and the amount of milk producing are not in a strict relationship. The large breasts and small breasts are not particularly different in the number of breasts.

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