Women who are pregnant are all like this. Do you have it?

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Pregnancy is a woman, a family event.Because of the arrival of new life, the whole family will change.Among them, the pregnant woman herself has changed the greatest physical and mental change after 10 months of pregnancy, production, and physical and mental changes.See if the following 20 are you who are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy and production (your wife).

1. When I was not pregnant, I was pregnant every day.

Especially women with a pregnancy plan either either through various APPs, baby trees, beautiful pomelo, crazy creation … Enter their own physiological cycle carefully and arrange homework according to the ovulation period;Play with urine.After 14 days in the same room, I started playing with urine with early pregnancy test.

When he found the captain, he sighed: "No one!"

When I saw the captain of the middle, I exclaimed: "I am pregnant!"

Her husband was shocked by him: "Don’t you be pregnant, what are you doing!"

2. The moment I knew I was pregnant, my heart was "great!"

I’m so powerful, my husband is so powerful, the doctor is so powerful …

Surprise, nervousness, helpless hands and other emotions swarmed.I went to the hospital official, either proud of because of the excellent numerical value, or because of the doctor’s "career intimidation".

Either worry about miscarriage, or afraid of fetal stop.If you have a stomach pain, you must imagine whether it will be ectopic pregnancy.On the one hand, tell yourself to do more B -ultrasound. If you draw blood, you can’t wait to live in the B -ultrasound every day, and check the small changes in new life at any time.

I ate crabs yesterday. I want to eat tadpoles today. Even a radish and green vegetables are wondering if I will make my baby grow well, and the development is not well developed.

1. I want to sleep every day, and I just want Ge You to lie down.

Complaining that it was not tasteless in his mouth, he was disgusting when he smelled the oil fume, hugged the toilet and vomited, and cried and shouted: "I’m uncomfortable, I’m so annoying!"Food for the family to cook for themselves. If you don’t have an appetite, you think: "It doesn’t matter if I treat me at a loss, why treat my child!"

2. Going to the toilet every day is like a challenge -I want to go to the toilet anytime, anywhere.Thinking that the month is big, I won’t go to the toilet so frequently, but I didn’t expect more to suffer.

3. When I am not pregnant, I think I can be an elegant pregnant woman.

After I was pregnant, I found that I was like an aunt -nail polish, and the lipstick did not dare to wipe it. It was not afraid of a pair of flat shoes all over the world. Even the skin care products still flipped through Xiaohongshu.

4. Bleeding from brushing your teeth every morning. While mocking himself like a vampire, what does this impact on the baby?

1. I thought it was the most comfortable moment in the early pregnancy.Who knows that the weight has soared and the mood still fluctuates.Beauty seems to be getting farther and farther away from yourself, elegant and insulated with yourself.

2. Baby rolls in the stomach, jump, and turn around.He shouted: "Oh, TA is moving!" While pulling her husband’s hand on the belly, he asked, "Do you feel it?"

In exchange for the envy but embarrassed husband, instantly felt that he really had a different friendship with the child: the blood was connected, and the life and death were dependent on each other.

3. Play with good sisters and visit the mall.Either a few pregnant women communicate together, Tucao did not sleep well last night, and wanted to eat sour, spicy, predicting men and women; or watching them wearing beautiful clothes, thinking that I could be as beautiful as them after giving birth to them.clatter!

4. When I was pregnant, it seemed to be holding her fingers and spent an hour.After the second trimester, you can only remember the number of weeks, but you can’t remember the number of days -sometimes relying on the APP and the doctor of the birth check to help: "When is your last menstruation?"

5. Others asked whether they were men or women, and wanted boys or girls.I handle two sentences casually: "Men and women are the same." But either do men’s treasures, or to think about the beauty of the girl -either find an acquaintance in the hospital to see men and women, or in the small red book, and the pregnant women group will successfully produce men.Bao (female treasure).

1. I found that I was different from the original.

I have survived the morning and middle pregnancy of pregnancy, lethargy, and emotional fluctuations, but they did not escape the third trimester of pregnancy.Sleeping, getting up has become a big problem.

The belly is too big, either can’t sit in the co -pilot, or let the driver say, "Slowly, you slowly.It seems that even the flexible pregnant women have been taken care of because of their arms.

2. When sneezing, I always accidentally urinate; hemorrhoids also begin to come out, and the toilet becomes my home again, either in the toilet or the way to the toilet.

3. Sometimes people feel that someone is kicking my waist vigorously, and the baby desperately tops the ribs.Sometimes that foot hurts me almost screaming: "Don’t move blindly! Mom hurts!"

4. Whether he was panicked for a while, he had varicose veins, calves, and the blood vessels on his arms.I ask why and drinking the legendary "winter melon soup" everywhere, not long after my feet are swollen …

1. I watched the bags to be bought and bought again and again, and took the Taobao, JD.com, and fighting around.Began to know that the urine of various brands, milk powder, breast pumps, warm milk, constant temperature kettle … While preparing milk powder, bottle, and imagine that you can realize pure breastfeeding.

2. Tastest with the moon, the confinement center dock, afraid that no one cares about his child’s premature birth; please mother -in -law and mother to go home in advance, he is afraid that he will come to the head.(Who knows that there is more preparation, then there is still a panic)

2. Time to wait for the little baby.While waiting for naturally, imagine the pain of giving birth to children; while afraid of premature birth, thinking about whether it would be on the stomach?

3. The stretch marks are covered with the entire belly, and the pregnancy paste with diluted stains is painted. I think about how to recover after delivery and how to exercise.

4. Repeatedly with her husband, mother -in -law, mother said that everything is important -doctors say that they are smooth, and they are severing.But in the bottom of their hearts, they are still eager to focus on themselves, and hope that even if they are on the operating table, they can still make themselves decide to die.

I don’t know “Wh two things, have you ever experienced these things?People often say, "Wow, congratulations on you are pregnant!" But you won’t tell you all kinds of possibilities and unknown during pregnancy.There is a life depending on your life and death, and a life is dependent on you.You are really great, you are TA’s mother.

If you have an unforgettable experience, story or feelings, you may wish to leave a message to communicate with me.Qi Yi’s mother looks forward to your voice.

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