Women who are pregnant for five months, dogs always come to their belly, go to the hospital for examination during pregnancy, women are paralyzed on the ground

Pregnancy and having children are a big thing for every family. Now many young people are already married, and they will face the problem of having children. For many young people, because they have no experience in this regard, they have no experience in this regard.Therefore, when they are pregnant, they will pay special attention, and the expectant mothers do not go to the hospital during pregnancy.

Another thing about a pregnant woman abroad was scared. It is reported that Alhanna Butler is already in her thirties this year. Because she and her husband particularly like dogs, they raised a dog at home after marriage.After more than a year, Alhanna Butler felt that his body was a little uncomfortable, and he found that he was pregnant after he went to the hospital for examination.

The two were also very happy after learning about it. Since the Alhanna Butler is also very careful since the pregnancy. At that time, when she was pregnant, the doctor asked the Alhanna Butler to send the dogs at home because the doctor was worried that the dog would have bacteria on the dog’s bacteria., But Alhanna Butler was unwilling. Later, when he was five months pregnant, every time Alhanna Butler was lying on the sofa watching TV, the dog always used his nose to pinch her belly.

At first, Alhanna Butler felt quite fun, but after a while, the woman went to the hospital to check her body. This examination was not tight. After hearing the doctor’s words, Alhanna Butler was paralyzed to the ground. Her kidney had a virus because of the virus.Fortunately, she found that she was in time, otherwise she and her children were dangerous.

After several months of treatment, the physical condition of Alhanna Butler also improved, and she gave birth to a child smoothly. Afterwards, the doctor said that because the dog’s sense of smell is more sensitive, it can smell the smell that humans cannot smell.Her belly was to remind the owner in this way, but at the time Alhanna Butler didn’t care too much. When he remembered the incident afterwards, Alhanna Butler was afraid of it for a while.

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