Women who are pregnant have privileges, and female leaders face back

If the company has a female colleague who is pregnant, colleagues and leaders will definitely take care of her a little, because there is something unexpected, no one can bear this responsibility, but there is always a special case.

This happened in a bank. A pregnant woman had an unpleasant experience with her in charge of the female leader because of her work.This time the bank had an event in the community. The female employee wanted to ask for leave, and she had no head and no brain in the work group to say leave.This is also too incorrect, and it seems to be particularly disrespectful. As a staff member in the workplace, this kind of leave can only be low emotional quotient and looks very low.

Female leaders pointed out in the group that the method of asking for leave for female employees was inappropriate, and made suggestions that there was any idea to communicate, but they did not accept moral abduction on the grounds of pregnancy. After all, this is a bank, not a place for idlers.

This female employee should have good family conditions and do not expect her to make money to support her family, so she is a bit willful.As soon as I was pregnant, I felt that I worked too much. I asked the leader to discuss less work. The leaders were resentful without agreeing.Until I wanted to resign and leave, I opened it directly, and the basic procedures and etiquette were gone.

Judging from the chat history, I think there is no problem with female leaders. Female employees are not coming to leave, they are completely fighting.As long as you communicate well, the leader will also consider your situation as appropriate, not to mention the female leader, she understands the difficulty of pregnancy.

You are pregnant. Whether it is a colleague or a leader, their care and care of you can only explain their kindness, but this is not to treat you like this.When you come to work, you also receive salary. Why do you want to reduce your workload and help you reduce your job? Is this fair?

In the company, such a self -righteous employee hates it. Such people have neither team spirit, no progress, nor will they consider others. This kind of employee ability is strong.Will reuse.A mouse shit will break a pot of porridge.

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