Women who are transported by poisoning want to escape the punishment for consecutive pregnancy.

The pregnant woman Wang was arrested for transporting drugs and took non -detention measures. After giving birth, she became pregnant again during the trial of the case.After the court was sentenced, it was temporarily implemented due to his pregnancy.However, she did not actually breastfeed her baby after childbirth.In order to prevent his malicious use of laws to avoid punishment, the court canceled temporarily to implement it.

On the occasion of the International Anti -Drug Day, on June 25, the Jiangsu Higher People’s Court issued five typical cases of drug crimes. "Poison women’s continuous pregnancy attempts to escape punishment, and unrealistic breastfeeding babies were collected."

According to disclosure, on October 12, 2017, the defendant Wang purchased 3 packs of drugs (methamphetamine) at Hengyang, Hunan, hidden methamphetamine in the underwear on the 14th.Seized at the Security Office, and 3 packs of drug suspects were seized from him, and methamphetamine components were detected, with a net weight of 145.69 grams.

In December 2017, Wang had a child.Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, the case handling agency takes non -detention measures.In August 2021, the Court of Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone made a criminal judgment to determine that Wang transported 145.69 grams of drugs, constituting the crime of transporting drugs, sentenced to 15 years in prison and 30,000 yuan in property.After the verdict came into effect, because Wang was pregnant again, the court made a decision to implement temporarily to the supervision in October 2021.In December of the same year, Wang gave birth to a daughter, and then sent the baby girl to others to raise it.Because Wang did not have actual breastfeeding babies, he disappeared for the temporary implementation of the supervision. After the community correction agency proposed the proposal of receiving supervision, the Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone Court made a decision to accept the prison in March 2022, and the prison was accepted in accordance with the law.

The Jiangsu High Court said that after a small number of patients with disabled and residues imposed a drug crime, they could not be admitted to the prison and evaded criminal punishment. Such criminals maliciously used the humanized regulations of the law, and the crime was unscrupulous, and the social harm was serious.In this case, Wang, who was pregnant with continuous pregnancy and unrealistic breastfeeding babies, revoked the temporary implementation of the supervisor, which was to prevent malicious use of laws to evade punishment sanctions.

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