Women’s "below" itching is not a trivial matter!4 abnormalities in time, can save a lot of things

I received a question from the fans in the background: Recently, I always feel itching in the genitals, uncomfortable sitting and standing, which seriously affects my life and work, and leucorrhea is like tofu residue.I was cleaned every day, how could this be like this?what do I do?

There are many different types of microorganisms in the vagina, including lactobacillus and false silk yeast, which we call mold.

Under normal circumstances, lactobacillus is responsible for maintaining a weak acidic environment in the vagina; fake silk yeast is a conditional pathogenic bacteria, with 10%-20%of non-pregnant women and 30%of pregnant women vagina, there willPseudoma yeast parasites, but due to the small number, inflammatory reactions are generally not caused in a healthy state. Once the immunity of the whole body or vagina decreases, the fake silk yeast will reproduce a lot, invading the tissue, and cause the inflammatory response.Causes the occurrence of mold vaginitis.

So, in addition to the decline in body resistance, what are the causes of the large number of fake silk yeast breeding?1. Wet heat

The warm and humid environment is suitable for the growth of fake silk yeast. The rainy days are also a good time for it. Wearing tight jeans, obesity, sedentary, etc., it may also make the shade in a humid and dull environment for a long time, which is conducive to the fake silk yeast bacteria.Growth.2. Personal hygiene issues

If you can’t ventilate the sun, unclean and unattractive cleaning, or not pay attention to the washing of the vulva, it is easy to provide a hotbed for a large number of filament yeast breeding, causing vaginitis;Women may be infected without a foreskin ring cut.

3. Unreasonable blood glucose control

Unreasonable diets, especially women with poor blood sugar control, and patients who have not been well controlled by diabetes are vulnerable people with mold vaginitis, and recurred. Usually after blood glucose control, anti -mold drugs can play in responseSome effects.4. Swimming infection

Due to the physiological structure of women, swimming in unclean water, dirty water may enter the vagina, changing the original acidic environment, making the germs organic.If the people in the swimming pool include body moss, trachoma, mold vaginitis, etc., the pathogens will be brought into the water to increase the risk of infection.Especially when women’s resistance is weak before and after menstruation, germs are likely to enter the body from the vagina, causing infection.

In addition, people with antibiotics, HIV infections, and women who are pregnant and pregnant are also high -incidence of mold vaginitis. Pay attention to more observation and protection in daily life.

1. Octopus itching

The vulvar itching of mold vaginitis is obvious, and the duration is long. Patients with severe itching will be restless and unbearable. It will be more obvious at night and affect the degree of work and sleep.

2. Vascular strangeness

The vaginal secretions of patients with mold vaginitis will abnormal, leucorrhea will increase significantly, and it is white and thick, which is like tofu residue, or a thin water -like leucorrhea.Essence

3. Redness and swelling

Patients will be swollen in vulva. Because some patients with itching will be excessively scratched, scratching or even ulceration will occur. Severe patients may cause vulvar skin cracking and peeling.

4. There is a sense of burning

Some patients may experience vulvar burning sensation, sexual intercourse and urinary pain. Once symptoms are found, they should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Zhang Shi, chief physician of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, said that if mold vaginitis was found before planning for pregnancy, it is recommended to treat and then plan for pregnancy.Because vaginitis may cause amnioticitis, cause abortion, premature birth, etc.

If it is found during pregnancy, it can be treated with partial medication, such as clutimazole vaginal suppository, which can be used safely during pregnancy.In addition, mold vaginitis does not affect the delivery.

Generally speaking, sexual partners do not need to be treated.However, about 15%of men suffer from balanitis after sexual contact with female patients. For symptomatic men, fake silk yeast examination and treatment should be performed to prevent repeated infections in women.

Moomal vaginitis is generally difficult to cure quickly. Therefore, it is important to prevent recurrence after treatment.Change the underwear

As the most intimate clothing, the underwear is best to replace it every day. The replaceable underwear should be cleaned in time. It is best to put it in the sun. If you do n’t dry it in humid weather, you can use a dryer if you have any conditions. If you do n’t have it, you can use a hair dryer.Refusing to a bad life

Some patients with vaginitis are transmitted through sexual intercourse, so they should pay more attention to sexual life, and the estrogen in contraceptives will stimulate the increase in vaginal glycogen and help mold growth. Therefore, it is best to choose condom contraception.Develop good living habits

Do not abuse antibiotics and exercise more, which helps to prevent vaginitis from breeding a large amount of mold due to low immunity; diabetic patients should actively treat diabetes, eat less greasy stimulating, high sugar content, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, increase increaseVitamin intake.

Psychological care

Some patients are prone to negative emotions such as irritability and anxiety after being affected by the repeated itching of the vulva. Family members should give patients more care and respect, alleviate their anxiety, and encourage them to actively treat them.

If you suffer from moldy vaginitis, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner, especially for the first time of illness, if there is no thorough treatment for the first infection, recurrent diseases are prone to occur.””” “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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