Women’s abdominal pain is pregnant for full moon, and she gave birth to 7 pounds of more than 7 pounds

In Jiangsu, when a lady Zhao was at work, she suddenly had a pain in her lower abdomen. She just thought that she had a stomach and wanted to bear it. However, after a few hours, the pain became stronger and dense.

Ms. Zhao was unbearable with abdominal pain and lasting for a long time. She was rushed to the hospital for examination. The B -ultrasound showed that she was pregnant and the fetus was already full.

Because Ms. Zhao was not very good, there were hypertension, as well as pregnancy epilepsy.After surgery, Ms. Zhao successfully gave birth to 7 pounds of boys, and her mother and child were safe.

Ms. Zhao feels incredible.

"I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. The doctor diagnosed the adhesion of the uterine cavity and it was not easy to get pregnant."

"And my menstruation has been irregular."

"The body is fat, but I didn’t find a baby in my stomach."

The doctor said: "The mild uterine adhesion can also be pregnant naturally and give birth to the moon."

Ms. Zhao thought that she would never have her own children in her life, and she never dared to think about pregnancy.

Ms. Zhao really neglected and ignored the changes in her body. It is estimated that this is an angel baby. There is no guilty of her mother. Fortunately, the mother and son are safe.

I still feel so amazing.

I had a colleague before I discovered it after 6 months of pregnancy that menstruation has always been irregular and my stomach is not obvious.Someone who came to see her condition changed a little, and said interest: "Are you pregnant?" She also laughed, and it was really improper. The result was really pregnant.Sure enough, there should be a son.

I also heard a friend say that her neighbors have long -term irregular menstruation, polycystic ovary, and the couple have been married for many years. They have always wanted a child.The mentality has long collapsed.Then at the age of 39, one day, the stomach was severe, and the inspection was naturally conceived.

Is there no fetal movement?Is it so amazing?

Some netizens said that when my mother was pregnant with me, there was only a little small fetal movement, grunt, and thought that she had eaten bad stomachs and had always been quiet. She didn’t kick her belly. She thought it was a dead fetus.Essence

There are really people who are obviously pregnant. They thought they were getting fat, and they didn’t pay attention to menstruation. I didn’t know the fetal movement.

The world’s great wonders.

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