Women’s before marriage found that she was pregnant for two months, her boyfriend was dismissed, but he regretted it.

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Not long ago, in Guangdong, a woman found that she was pregnant during the marriage inspection, but according to the time of pregnancy, the child was not his own.

The boyfriend felt that it was already "a green light above her head". It was depressed, and angrily lifted the marriage contract between the two sides and broke the contact.But later the hospital informed "wrong". For this situation, do the hospital need to bear the corresponding responsibility?

Li Mou and Ms. Wang met with friends. After the two met, they went out for a few meals together. They felt that the other person was not bad, so it was not long before forming a couple relationship.

Because the two are not young, everything has made rapid progress.After the two met for a year, they decided to call their parents together to discuss marriage.After the meeting, the parents were also satisfied with the marriage, and confirmed that the wedding was held at the end of the year.

Although the two met each other for more than a year, and the two lived together during this period.However, Li did not take the opportunity to have some relationship with Ms. Wang, and even Ms. Wang sometimes took the initiative to "dedicate" by Li. He said that he was a very principled person.the behavior of.

It is precisely because of Li’s line that greatly added points in Ms. Wang’s heart that this man is even more person who can stay with herself in the future.

In the blink of an eye, during the wedding period, both of the two were operating the wedding.The two of Li and Ms. Wang also chose a good day and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for a marriage certificate.

Of course, a marriage inspection must be performed in accordance with regulations and requirements before that.Both thought they just passed the field. After all, they had been together for more than a year, and they knew that the other party could not have any major diseases.

But I do n’t know if this is scared. The hospital should notify the two as a parent as a good news.On the spot, Li’s face sank, and her head didn’t return, and Ms. Wang heard the news and was stunned in place.

Everyone is convinced of the hospital’s diagnosis, and Li also knows that he has not done anything about this fiancee, so the result may only have a relationship with other men while preparing a wedding with herself.But always in the drum.

Thinking of this, he could not discard the last dignity of a man, decisively came to Ms. Wang’s house, asking for a gift to all the past gifts in his home, and clearly expressed his remarriage.

Ms. Wang has been chasing the explanation, but in the face of the hospital diagnosis, this explanation seems to be too pale.The relationship between the two broke down, and it was seamless.

After Li’s departure, Ms. Wang thought for a long time. She was very clear that she had not done something wrong and sorry for Li, but Li’s distrust of her was sad. At the same timeclean.

So I found the hospital issued by the report at the time. Under the inquiry, the hospital informed that it was the same name as one of them. The hospital sent a report wrongly and made an oolong.

Later, I did n’t know how Li learned about the truth, in turn trying to recover Wang, but there would be no good results without any trust foundation. Ms. Wang did not choose to look back. The relationship between the two completely painted.

Later, Ms. Wang asked the hospital to make compensation for herself, but the hospital felt that Ms. Wang had no legal basis for unreasonable trouble.The two sides were deadlocked. In the end, Ms. Wang complained to the hospital to the court.

Although this case started with an oolong, in fact, Ms. Wang’s lawsuit was not groundless, and all the legal basis could be supported.

As a authoritative institution, the hospital, especially the hospital with pregnancy, should be responsible for its actions.While the situation of each patient should be understood, it is accurate and clearly conveyed to patients and their relatives.

Ms. Wang and Li came to the marriage inspection. The purpose was to be able to eliminate her potential possible issues, and then reassured the purpose of marriage.

However, due to the negligence of hospital employees, the result of the error was informed of the two sides. The two sides then reported that the emotion was broken. All the preparations for marriage in the early stage became furnishings, and it also caused great mental damage to both parties.

In this case, the infringement liability editor of the Civil Code has provisions.

Article 1,83 stipulates that if the rights and interests of natural people cause serious mental damage, the infringer has the right to request compensation for mental damage.

We can see through the facts that although the hospital’s behavior is small, the consequences can even be said to affect two families.Therefore, the consequences of harm are still great, especially at the spiritual level, and the spiritual damage cannot be measured.

When Ms. Wang filed a lawsuit in this case, she proposed a spiritual compensation of 50,000 yuan and asked the hospital to apologize publicly.In response to her claims, the impact of apology and elimination can be supported, but for the "spiritual compensation", the judge has a great free tailoring of the judge in the specific judgment.

Pre -marriage examination is indeed too common for us now, but don’t forget that the examination is artificial. As a result, as we go to the hospital for diagnosis, it may be correct, but it must be correct.The feelings that have been operating for many years are unfair to either party.

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