Women’s chances of pregnancy are high or do not look at these places just know these places

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Now that the second child is open, many people want to give birth, but the children are not easy to conceive.How can I see a woman’s chance of getting pregnant?In fact, just look at women’s underwear.Are you shocked?Is it looking at the material of the underwear?In fact, this has nothing to do with the material and style of the underwear. What we want to see is the secretions on women’s underwear.

The secretions on women’s underwear are mainly cervical mucus, and cervical mucus is generated by special cells in the cervix. With the changes in ovulation and menstrual cycles, the secretion and properties have also changed.In the 1st month, there are three kinds of cervical mucus: difficulty in pregnancy, prone to pregnancy, and susceptible to conceived.

Underwear secretions that are not easy to conceive

It is not easy to conceive about 3 days in the early days of the end of the menstruation. The cervical mucus during this period is less and sticky, and the vulva is dry without moisture. Generally, there is no mucus on the underwear.

Underwear secretions during pregnancy

After 9-10 days after the menstrual cycle appears in the menstrual cycle, the susceptible cervical mucus appears. With the development of follicles in the ovaries and the level of estrogen levels, the cervical mucus gradually increases, thin, and milky white. At this time, the vulva is moist.

Underwear secretions during ovulation period

A few days before ovulation, the estrogen increased further, the cervical mucus had more water content, and it was clearer, such as egg white, the smallest viscosity, smooth and elastic.For more than 10 cm), the vulva feels obviously moist. At this time, the cervical mucus is very easy to conceive.It is generally believed that the secretion is clear and transparent, and the longest day of brushes is likely to ovulation day. This day and 3 days before and after the female ovulation period.After ovulation, underwear secretions

After ovulation ovulation, the luteal forms and produces progesterone, which inhibits the secretion of mucus in the uterine beard of the uterine beard, so the cervical mucus becomes less and sticky, becoming a difficulty of conceiving cervical mucus until the next menstrual period.The cervical mucus will change again next time.

How to judge the underwear secretions

See if the discharge of the underwear is easy to get pregnant. Generally, you can use the chance of taking the mucus from the vagina in the vaginal mouth after getting up, before taking a bath or before urinating.EssenceIn this way, after 3 observations of menstrual cycle, you can master your own cervical tailor secretion and ovulation period.Once the vulva is found to have a moist and viscous mucus, it is diluted, and the mucus can be brushed to a few centimeters, and it should be considered during pregnancy (female ovulation).

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