Women’s health: Will you get pregnant during menstruation?

During menstruation, will men and women become pregnant?Some people and women do not pay attention to the safety and hygiene in this regard in order to enjoy sexual life during menstruation.As a result, women’s pregnancy and various inflammation such as inflammation that are not needed.So, will men and women get pregnant during menstruation?

First of all, the same room during menstruation is extremely irresponsible for women’s bodies, so it is not recommended to have room during menstruation!IntersectionIntersectionUnder normal circumstances, the chance of pregnancy in the same room during menstruation will be less, but it may also be pregnant. There is indeed a precedent for pregnancy in the same room during menstruation.

It is necessary to figure out what is going on with women’s menstrual period.Women come to menstruation once a month. This is because women lift their eggs once a month. The combination of sperm and eggs will develop into embryos. After ten months of birth, a baby will be given.

If the sperm and eggs cannot be combined, the eggs cannot survive for a long time in the uterus (about three days), and it will be excreted with the endometrium falling off. This is often the menstruation of people.

Women’s ovulation period is generally between two menstrual cycles. It can be roughly inferred. Pushing back from the first day of menstruation this month for 14-15 days, basically her ovulation period.Sexual life within ten days before ovulation can cause pregnancy.In other times, the possibility of pregnancy is very small, which is often said that the safety period is often said.

Most women ovulate around the 14th day after menstruation, but if the ovulation period is advanced and the sperm vitality is strong, it is likely to cause pregnancy.The average number of ejaculation in men is about 300 million sperm. These sperm can survive in women for about 7 days. If women ovulate in advance, it is very possible to get pregnant.

Regarding whether the problem of women’s menstruation during menstruation, the doctor’s suggestion is: During menstruation, women’s physical resistance is weak, offices will cause inflammation, and do not advocate intercourse during menstruation.

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