Wonderful!The newlywed couple became pregnant without the same room.

This is a real story: Customer Zhang and his wife got married shortly after pregnancy. Isn’t this a happy thing? Why can’t Mr. Zhang be happy? What’s wrong?

Mr. Zhang said helplessly: It is a normal thing to be affectionate with his wife on the wedding night, but his wife has strongly resisted, and then the two always quarreled because of this! Then his wife said that he was pregnant soon., But I do n’t let Mr. Zhang touch it. What is too much is that as long as Mr. Zhang touches her, she beats Mr. Zhang.Then come over and touch Mr. Zhang, how can his wife get pregnant? Mr. Zhang’s mother is also very angry.Why does her daughter -in -law like her son so much? Why did she marry her son? What is even more incomprehensible is how to conceive if the two have no sexual life?

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Mr. Zhang and his wife Ms. Liu met in Guangzhou, and Mr. Zhang met in Xiangtan, Hunan.These two people are separated and basically communicate through the Internet.After half a year of dating, Ms. Liu returned to Xiangtan, Hunan and married Mr. Zhang.After the marriage, Ms. Liu’s attitude towards Mr. Zhang was extremely indifferent, and she was very hasty when she got married! Therefore, the Zhang family had a bad idea to deceive the marriage for Ms. Liu because the Zhang family also spent a lot of money during the marriage.

Later, Mr. Zhang took the reporter to find his wife. Ms. Liu saw Mr. Zhang very exclusive, and once drove Mr. Zhang out of the door.Mr. Zhang and his family on the door refused to communicate with her. Mr. Zhang was questioned again. She only said she wanted to divorce.At this time, Ms. Liu emotionally came out to explain: The child in the belly was not her husband, and she did not know that she was pregnant when she got married. After one month of marriage, she found that she was pregnant.Nothing was concealed.Liu also told reporters that she wanted to divorce because she quarreled every day after she married Zhang, and her personality was unsuccessful and could not survive.Mr. Zhang was sad after hearing it because the two got married.Mr. Zhang’s parents took out the savings of the two people’s life, and also paid a lot of feelings.Don’t know if you continue or let go?

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Later, Mr. Zhang returned to the host of the show to help him adjust his relationship with his wife Liu Yuling.Throughout the conversation, Liu Yuling never explained how the child was pregnant, and she did not feel sad for Mr. Zhang, and never felt that marrying Mr. Zhang would cause the greatest harm to him when he was pregnant with other people’s children.EssenceThe host criticized that she did not date Zhang Yuyu and other men at the same time, which was unfaithful to a relationship.Liu Yuling went on to say something even more angry at everyone: She said that if Mr. Zhang wants to continue to live with her, he will not always ask the child’s father.I was thinking that everyone would ask. If it was her, she would ask the same question, and normal people would do this, except fools.No matter how the host persuades, Ms. Liu insists on divorce.

Speaking of which, I believe that many people can’t sit still?I believe everyone knows, many people can’t accept it.The woman just wants to find a Panka. What happened in this era, it is really a lot of people.Isn’t this deception?No shameless.Who can accept this kind of thing?

At the end of the show, Mr. Zhang did not apologize to him.In the end, Mr. Zhang had to return his costumes and other costs through legal means. Although these were chased, the energy and feelings paid could not be returned.

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In this regard, many people explain that people know this: the matter is very clear. In fact, she wants to find a backpack.Loyalty to each other will have a happy life.Love online is not to truly understand each other. The personality, life experience, social relationships … In fact, they all know each other. They have not been in contact with them for half a year. They hurriedly married.No longer comment, but Mr. Zhang is not a mature man. He does not really understand the female party, so he agrees to get married. He is not responsible for Ms. Liu.If you fall in love or get married, Mr. Zhang should learn from!

What I want to say is that in the emotional world, both of us need to be honest with each other, that is, we need to be loyal to each other.On the way to emotion, loyalty is also indispensable for us.Only by maintaining each other’s loyalty, no matter how long, how far apart can we live happily for a long time!

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