Xi’an’s "Maternity Maternal Maternity" incident accountable, "life first" must reiterate again

On January 5, many people were handled by Xi’an’s "Maternity Maternal Tranquility" incident, and relevant responsible persons in High -tech Hospital were removed from office.Video/Beijing News Our video screenshot

The "pregnant women’s miscarriage" incident, which has attracted much attention from public opinion, officially reported.According to the news of "Xi’an Release" on January 6: Recently, a maternal abortion incident occurred in Xi’an High -tech Hospital that caused widespread concern in society and caused a bad social impact.On January 5th, experts from Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City Health and Health Commission conducted investigations to determine that the incident was a responsibility accident.

At the same time, Xi’an High -tech Hospital has dealt with relevant responsible persons: the general manager of the hospital was suspended, and the relevant responsible persons of the outpatient department and the medical department were removed from office.In addition, Li Qiang, deputy secretary and director of Xi’an Emergency Center Party Division, and Liu Shunzhi, director of the Xi’an Health and Health Committee, was given a warning to the party.

Earlier, the pregnant woman was unable to admit the hospital due to nucleic acid problems. After waiting for 2 hours at the door of the hospital, the big bleeding picture stabbed everyone’s heart.During the epidemic, the hospital strictly implemented the prevention and control requirements. However, as a provincial -level designated treatment hospital during the prevention and control of the epidemic period, a pregnant woman had the extreme consequences of the hemorrhagic abortion because they were unable to enter the hospital in time. This is really unacceptableEssence

The investigation team qualifted the incident as a responsibility accident and pursued the person in charge of the responsible. This is a necessary explanation to the parties.Relax.

For epidemic prevention considerations, patients with severe severe patients such as pregnant women will have more procedures for medical treatment during the prevention and control of the epidemic, and this society can be understood.However, any requirement should not be "one -size -fits -all", and implementation agencies should maintain basic "strain" capabilities.In particular, a hospital with a "rescue and wounded" duty should put the safety of the patient’s life first in the face of special circumstances.

The reason why the incident attracted strong concern in society was that the relevant personnel enforced the requirements of the procedure mechanized, lacking the most basic human temperature, and departing from society’s simple expectations for "doctor’s benevolence".

In fact, during the prevention and control of the epidemic, how to receive special patients such as pregnant women, as early as February 2020, the State Council issued relevant notices to request localities in accordance with the conditions of hospitals to create independent entry and exit channels for obstetric outpatient clinics and ward; guidance; guidanceMaternal mothers correctly identify and cope with the signs of labor, and go to the delivery institution for delivery and delivery in a timely manner.Those who are near the due date shall coordinate and implement the production inspection and childbirth institutions, and notify people in time to ensure the connection.

This shows that the national prevention and control system has clear guidance in the national prevention and control system for patients with severe patients such as pregnant women, and it is necessary to reflect the principle of "special treatment".

After the "abortion of pregnant women", Xi’an made new requirements. For patients and maternal mothers and mothers and maternal mothers and maternal mothers of acute and critical illnesses, hemodialysis, tumor chemotherapy and other patients, service telephones and green channels were opened to provide diagnosis and treatment services.There are also media reports that since the "abortion of pregnant women" incidents, there are communities in Xi’an to start statistics from pregnant women.This is a positive improvement, but it still makes people sigh: if these measures that should have been thought to be done, they can be implemented as soon as possible. Perhaps the tragedy of "pregnant women’s abortion" can be completely avoided.

Xi’an is still under huge pressure prevention pressure. The work of all parties needs to be carried out at the same time, which can be described as ever.The hard work of grass -roots staff, including medical staff, is obvious to the whole society.However, no matter how difficult the epidemic prevention and the pressure, the concept of "people first" and "life first" should be truly carried on the shoulders, implanted in the formulation and implementation of relevant policies, and the treatment of various tasks priority.Essence

In this regard, the lessons brought by the tragedy of "pregnant women" this time are far more than the medical field, but in other aspects of the way.Responsibility is not the purpose, let alone a period.The principle of "people first" and "life first" must be reiterated again. Epidemic prevention measures that violate this principle may wish to take advantage of this accountability to recover and resolve it.

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