Xie Na was pregnant again?The small abdomen on the set is obvious, and the response of the deity is too funny

On February 24th, some netizens released a group of photos of Xie Na taking advertisements before the Spring Festival.In the picture, Xie Na was wearing an orange camisole dress, and she put on various POSE with a smile, which was very dedicated.It can be seen that Xie Na was in the photo that day, but the state was still so good that the face value did not fall.

Due to the shot of her left hand during the shooting, some netizens found that Xie Na’s belly was slightly dragon and suspected to be pregnant again.Although Xie Na’s waist lines are perfect, her small abdomen is obviously not like eating fat, and she is more like a baby.If so, congratulations to Xie Na. It is estimated that this child wants Zhang Jie to want a son.

Judging from Xie Na’s performance at the time, she also joked with the camera teacher during the shooting.This is in line with Xie Na’s one -time style, but she did not show too much about the appearance of the abdomen.Perhaps Xie Na wanted to share this good news later, but this time it was exposed in advance.

In February 2018, Xie Na officially upgraded his mother and gave birth to a pair of twin daughters.The arrival of her daughter can be said to have changed Xie Na a lot, and even her recently hosted party can be seen, she is full of innocence when she speaks.And this has also become a criticism of everyone, but Xie Na does not seem to notice it.

After giving birth to twin daughters, Xie Na was also inferior to Internet storms and was considered a IVF.Xie Na herself said in the interview that this view is an attack on women, and she did not mean that she could not give birth because she did not want to give birth before.And Xie Na is also determined about the Internet violence, and bluntly will not change her pace because of anyone’s remarks.

After having a daughter, Xie Na’s life today has become enriched.Every time I record it, Xie Nammu will quickly take a plane home, for fear of missing the growth of her daughter.However, Xie Na’s daughter did not inherit too much her beauty, but was like Zhang Jie, which was also very interesting.

After seeing the suspected pregnancy, Xie Na also posted a blog directly, frankly that she had a vest line, and indirectly denied the rumor of pregnancy.In addition, Xie Na also expressed her miss to the fans. She also exposed her boiled fish she made, and at the same time, Amway had her new show.A Weibo doing four things, I have to say that Xie Na is Xie Na.

However, many actresses will deny the news in the early stages of pregnancy, and they are not generously admitted until three months of pregnancy.I do n’t know if Xie Na is really pregnant or fake. Since she has denied it by herself, she should be used as she is not pregnant.I hope that Sister Na will continue to live happily every day, and wish her to make a "good" word for Jie Ge as soon as possible.

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