Xie Na’s half of the refrigerator is breast milk!The 5 "Back Belt Mother" in the entertainment industry proves that the mother’s love is really great

The famous host Xie Na showed the breast milk of half a refrigerator. The text "Every morning, full of love", it shocked many netizens.

There are both bottles and bags, which is enough to indicate that Xie Na’s breast milk is really abundant, enough to feed the three daughters Xiaoyu.

There are also ignorant friends in the comment area. I do n’t know that this bottle of cans is equipped with breast milk in this bottle, can, and pockets.How painful is it.

In the comment area, there were also novice mothers exposed her squeezed breast milk, feeling that "it is not easy to be a mother, and cherish it."

Xie Na gave birth to the three daughter Xiaoya Bud this year, and did not announce the specific birth time of her child. However, according to fans, Xiao Yiya has been in a few months. Xie Na, 40, is still insisting on breastfeeding. It is not easy.

At the beginning of 2018, Xie Na gave birth to twin daughters. She was breastfeeding.

Two babies were waiting to be fed. Xie Na provided them with sufficient rations. She once launched a high fever in the short time when she had just blocked her milk. Zhang Jie had a bowl of noodles for her, but some netizens reminded her in the noodles. Some netizens reminded her."Don’t eat spicy feeding."

During the variety show, Xie Na also mentioned the difficulty of breastfeeding. "It will have a fever and inflammation when they block the milk." This is a problem that all breastfeeding mothers will encounter. Xie Na’s sharing has also resonated with many.

The reason why Xie Na stored so many breast milk in the refrigerator was also because she had to go out to work recently, and she couldn’t stay with her children.Xie Na and Zhang Jie were photographed together at Shanghai Airport, full of dog food.

Xie Na has come back to work for several months, and has become a hard workplace "back to a nanny" to store rations for the children.

In fact, her life is the epitome of hot moms in the entertainment industry.After giving birth to a child, female artists must not only recover their figure as soon as possible, but also come back as soon as possible, and strive to "recover the loss" of the loss of losses during pregnancy and baby.

For the healthy growth of the children, we must also adhere to breastfeeding, so many female artists are willing to become a "back -to -bean".

Another famous host Zhu Dan also shared her painful experience of her milk.

At the end of 2020, Zhu Dan gave birth to a second child. Although she was almost 40 years old, she decided to breastfeed.

After returning, Zhu Dan went to work in Ningbo. He suffered cold cold and blocked milk for 3 days. He had to invite the dairy master to "help".

Zhu Dan also took his own "back milk" equipment, including disinfection cabinets and ice buckets, which is simply a "small mobile milk station".

In order to cope with the sudden and "painful" milk -blocking milk from time to time, she also prepared various anti -inflammatory ointments.

Zhu Dan took care of her husband’s daughter of the kindergarten on Monday and the kindergarten, while feeding her young sons, and insisting on work, it was really hard!As soon as she was free, she would share with you the experience of bringing the baby, "I would like to encourage the mother -in -law’s mother", and it was full of positive energy.

There is also a top female host in the entertainment industry.

Li Sisi gave birth to his eldest son Yuanbao. He received the mission before he confineed, and he wanted to host the 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

He worked for 12 hours a day at high intensity. He had to take care of his son and feed his son. Li Sisi was 33 pounds in two months. He just stuffed himself into a dress before pregnancy.

Even the night of the Spring Festival Gala live, Li Sisi laughed in front of the stage and hosted like a flower land, and went to the background to pump the child milk. When she returned home with Yuanbao’s rations, she had no strength to eat dumplings.

Today, Li Sisi is already the mother of two sons, but has not delayed her career and is very dedicated.

In the "Back Bowment Mother" in the entertainment industry, the story of two actresses is also worth sharing.

In 2015, the TV series "Beishangguang Don’t Believe in Tears" was broadcast, and the heroine Ma Yizhen was voiced by netizens to "shape" and "no underwear."Ma Yizhen responded that she was breastfeeding when she was filming, and she could only wear loose breastfeeding vests.

Ma Yizhen is the mother of two daughters. She wrote a long article that recorded the hardships of "back to the nanny" to return to the workplace, which made many "back -to -nuns" feel the same.It is very difficult for them to "carry milk" to work, and it is too difficult to be accused of being in shape.

At the beginning of the year, "Shan Haiqing" was hit, and the acting skills of Reiza conquered the audience.

What made everyone unexpected was that when filming this scene, Ki Yiza just got out of confinement.

During the casting, Reiza asked the director Kong Sheng: "Will you use a woman who breastfeed?"

And Kong Sheng also used her because of her good acting skills and fitting her character, and did not mind that she entered the group with her young daughter.

While "carrying milk" while "carrying milk", she filmed in a difficult and difficult environment in Fengsha. She was afraid that the bottle would enter the sand in the bottle, so she wrapped the bottle with several layers of gauze, and then brought back to the residence for her daughter.

What Reiza is most afraid of is to block milk and do not want to "bother the crew".But blocking milk is inevitable. In order not to affect the child’s breastfeeding, Ji Yiza once asked the doctor to draw pus with a long needle, and endured the pain without hemp medicine. He was too ruthless to himself.

Under such difficult circumstances, Reiza’s performance in "Shanhai Love" is impeccable, and her story behind the shooting is even more impressive. It turns out that novice mothers can make such amazing energy.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, there are more "back -to -nuns".

Like tens of thousands of "back -to -nuns", they are "the best for children" with their beliefs and insist on gritting their teeth.

They are facing fever and inflammation caused by milk blocking, pain and anxiety are like shadows.

Most of them do not have decent pumping milk places. Most mothers have to pump milk in the company’s bathrooms, storage rooms, and even private cars, and they have to carry heavy small milk boxes and dry ice every day.

Each "back to a mother" is a superman. Their perseverance and dedication are unimaginable by ordinary people, which is enough to prove the greatness of motherly love.

I hope that our society will have more care and understanding of "back -to -nuns". Whether it is public places or work units, we need to set up more professional mother and infant rooms.At the same time, you can spend your breastfeeding physically and mentally.

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