Xu Ke’s girlfriend is suspected to be pregnant. For decades with his ex -wife Dink, the current girlfriend Xiao San is in the top

On March 16th, Yu Ke, a 73 -year -old director, and 43 -year -old girlfriend holding hands.In the video, the two were leisurely and brisk, his girlfriend’s lower abdomen was slightly bulging, and paparazzi speculated that it was suspected of pregnancy, causing heated discussions.

When netizens saw the news of pregnancy, the first reaction was not congratulations, but that they doubted that Xu Ke was not Dinkism. Why did you come to the 70s and suddenly came to ask for children again?

Xu Ke had two marriages in the past. The first marriage ended in two years. The heroine of the second marriage was Shi Nansheng, who was familiar with the public.Shi Nansheng is responsible for getting investment and issuance. The two have been in love for many years. The concept of pursuing Dink is engraved in the minds of the people who eat melon, so when they see Xu Ke may have children, they have questioned.

In this relationship between Shi Nansheng and Xu Ke, Shi Nansheng dedicated his youth and missed the most important fertility cycle of women.She is two years younger than Xu Ke. She married 18 years after her love, divorced after 18 years of marriage, and for 36 years after she was married. In 2014, it was announced that the divorce was 60 years old. She had missed the fertility cycle.As a result, when Xu Ke’s 30 -year -old girlfriend was suspected to be pregnant, the public responded fiercely.

The difference in physiological structure of men and women has led to different results when men and women follow Dink’s wishes. Women can’t regret the golden cycle, and men still have room for regret at the age of 70.Fortunately, Shi Nansheng’s career developed very successfully.

Speaking of Xu Ke’s little girlfriend, the upper experience is also wonderful.In 2011, the two met online before shooting "Dragon Gate Flying Armor". After that, Xu Ke arranged the woman to be his assistant. Since then, the two frequently came up with scandals, and Xu Ke Shisheng remained silent.In 2014, the picture of the two went out to watch a movie dinner was shot.

In the same year, Shi Nansheng announced his divorce from Xu Ke. When asked if Xu Kexin’s girlfriend was an assistant Lele, Shi Nansheng said that the two had been together for a long time and had a full connotation.

Speaking of the specific divorce time with Xu Ke, Shi Nansheng didn’t talk much, but it was just a rumor that divorced in 2008, saying that divorce is the recent thing.For the long time since Xu Ke’s relationship with his girlfriend and the date of divorce, it is difficult to say that girlfriend Lele may have been involved in the relationship between the two.

In fact, Shi Nansheng and Xu Ke’s feelings are not as perfect as on the Internet. The long -term love running until 18 years before entering the marriage, it is sad enough.Shi Nansheng once suspected that he had no femininity. Why did Xu Ke want to get married and only regarded himself as a partner. His parents once wanted to force Xu Ke to marry Xu Ke. He was stopped by Shi Nansheng.

After the relationship between Xu Ke and his girlfriend was disclosed, he also talked about ten years of love. After a while, there would be news such as "Xu Ke’s marriage to his girlfriend" and "Xu Ke’s girlfriend’s pregnancy".occur.Just last year, Xu Ke’s girlfriend was exposed to pregnancy. Compared with the two -year video dynamics, guessing that the motivation for pregnancy was a raised belly, but from the perspective of walking posture, the woman was very chic and unlike pregnant women, it is likely that it is likelyThe woman is older, after all, she is more than 40 years old.

Of course, if Xu Kezhen is old, he also blessed him. There are many "grandpa -level" male stars who upgraded their dads in the entertainment industry, such as Zhang Jizhong, Liu Shikun, Er Dongsheng and so on.

However, I also want to remind women that any choice must follow their personal will, and must decide to be Dink by themselves, rather than a man who is forced to be like -minded to take responsibility and accept all consequences.

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