Xuan Bin Sun Yizhen was pregnant after the honeymoon, but I did not move in 3 years

Don’t look at Sister Sister’s usually carefree, is it like to appreciate the handsome brother?

At that time, the happiest time in college was lazily lying on the bed and watched a handsome European drama. The girls in the entire bedroom were surrounded by, and their eyes were stars!

Hyun Bin Ouba is even more sister -in -law. She is handsome. She does not say that her acting skills are exquisite. From "My name is Jin Sanshun" to "Secret Garden", there are still these two classics in Sister Sister’s computer. I don’t know how many times!Coupled with Sun Yizhen’s big beauty, when the CP official announced, I felt that I couldn’t say that I couldn’t say!

What is even more enviable is that they are handsome and beautiful, and they are also high -efficiency. The honeymoon is over, and the officials are about to be pregnant!

On June 27, Sun Yizhen posted on the social platform to announce the good news:

She wrote: "I have a good life. Today I want to convey good news to everyone. We have ushered in a new life. This is what is worth than gratitude.

As soon as the news came out, netizens who had already been having a wave of CP for the two had said: So excited, this is the most successful pair of my CP!

I have to say that the efficiency of this people is not high, even if it is not a blow, it is super high!

My husband is so handsome and so happy that he has already envied others. Now we have to usher in the crystallization of the two people’s love. Hey, we really have only the envy and blessing!

After all, some sisters said that I have been working with my family for three years, and I have n’t moved. This speed cannot be caught up with the Rockets!

Regarding the "speed of making people", Sister Sister wants to say:

After pregnancy, it can be "one -blow", after all, there are still a few.However, if you are really diligent and dedicated, you do n’t take any measures to work overtime normally. Until three years have not been moved, then you have to find the reason!

Let’s talk about a term first called "normal fertility."

The fertility ability represents the probability of conception after a monthly cycle, because it is often used to distinguish infertility at different degrees, and this concept often appears in the study of infertility.

For example, a study had surveyed the survey time of 5574 normal women. These women had no protective sexual life and conceived between 1946-1956.

85%of women conceive within 12 months.In the first three months of observation, the fertility ability was 0.25, which fell to 0.15 during the next nine months.

Another study incorporated a healthy couple who was eager for pregnancy, and also observed that the fertility ability dropped from 0.25 from the first three months of the observation period to 0.11.82%of the subsequent 9 months of the next 9 months.

A study reported in China reported that about 50%of the 20-34-year-old newlywed textile workers planned for pregnancy, about 50%were conceived within a 2-month cycle and 88%were conceived within 6 months.The range of monthly fertility is 0.30-0.35.

A forward -looking study in Europe surveyed the user of the natural fertility planning plan of 346 cases.The cumulative probability of surrogacy estimated in the first group in the first, 3rd, 6th, and December was 38%, 68%, 81%, and 92%, respectively.Researchers assume that 50%of the remaining couples may be low fertility or infertility after 6 months.

Look at these data, you will find that although these studies have confirmed that most of the (80%-90%) husband and wife on the surface will conceive within one year of trial pregnancy, it also shows that the fertility ability of the same group has progressed with time and the increase in women’s age.reduce.

Moreover, patients who have not been pregnant after 12 months are generally lower.

However, 5%-15%of normal couples will pregnancy within the second year of pregnancy, so after 24 months of trial pregnancy, 95%of the couple will conceive.

Generally speaking, women under 30 years old, women who have less than 2 years of infertility, women with a history of pregnancy, and have no ovulation disease, no ovulation, no uterine endometriosis or partner without male infertility factorsWomen, the best prognosis is the best.

Even if we say that "infertility" is a relatively common problem, but what needs to be remembered is:

Infertility involves both husband and wife, not a single individual.

The infertility we call is often defined as a husband and wife under the age of 35. In the case of infertility, a regular sex life fails to conceive after 12 months, and women who are 35 years old and over.There is a regular sex life, and the conception fails after 6 months.

Therefore, Sister Sister often persuades those who have just been tried for two months, and they are nervous and anxious.right?Try more!

Among the causes of infertility, in addition to the woman, there are also men’s factors.

It is reported that in developed countries, 37%of infertility couples are infertility for female factors, 8%are male factor, and 35%are commonly caused by men and women.The reason for 5%of the couple is unknown, 15%pregnancy during the study.

Therefore, research shows that when it comes to "infertility", it should be immediately caused by "the woman has a problem".

It’s like the case that Sister Sister told you before. She did not conceive for three years. The man complained that his wife was "unwilling to be angry" all day.Intersection

At this time, everyone knows, oh, it turned out to be a male sperm vein.

Sometimes, some reasons for infertility are easy to identify, such as men’s azoospermia, that is, although they can shoot, there is no small tadpole.

There are also long -term amenorrhea of women, or bilateral fallopian tube obstruction, can also be detected by menstrual history judgment and fallopian tubal angiography.

However, the cause of infertility of most husbands and wives is often not so clear.

For example, checking the man, the number of small tadpoles may decrease, but not completely without; although the woman’s menstruation is scarce, some menstrual cycles have ovulation; women may have part of the fallopian tubes; or menstrual history may indicate intermittent ovulation.

Therefore, in terms of specific assessment of these factors, we still need to accept the opinions of professionals to weigh the priority order of these discovers or distinguish between these discoveries, and then consider specific solutions.

In fact, once the cause of infertility can be determined, the next step can be implemented to correct the reversible cause and overcome irreversible factors.For example, drug treatment, surgery and/or artificial insemination in the uterine cavity or in vitro fertilization.

Of course, the two who intend to make people must also protect their fertility, such as adjusting lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, reducing excessive caffeine and alcohol intake and arrangement of appropriate time and frequency.

It is said to be envious of people, and I ca n’t do anything. If I really wait for three years, I waste a lot of physical strength, and I ca n’t catch up with my luck.Birds can fly first!


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