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Summer is a beautiful season, but many female friends are beginning to worry about the spots on their faces.The most questioned question in clinical consultation is: "Doctor, am I melasma or freckles?" What is the difference between melasma and freckles?

01 What is the difference between melasma and freckles?

First of all, we look at the form, there are obvious differences between the two.Lloabichalite is also called liver spots. Generally, it grows on both sides of the woman’s cheeks. It is a bit like a butterfly. Some people may grow on their noses, which appears one by one.Freckles are small dots one by one. Without much rules in shape, they can grow up with their faces, but they are mostly cheeks.Secondly, it is actually the easiest time to distinguish between the two.Most melasma appears after the menstruation of women, that is, after pregnancy and adulthood, it slowly appears.But freckles appear in childhood, which is congenital.Generally speaking, when you see freckles in the clinic, you feel that the treatment is not significant, and it is not recommended to treat it.However, the appearance of melasma is related to endocrine, and Chinese medicine can still be treated.

02 Tongue manifestations of chloasma patients

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, melasma is also called liver spots, which has a lot to do with liver qi discomfort.Some female friends are pregnant or after giving birth to a child, the whole mood and endocrine have been affected, and chloasma may be possible.The tongue of melasma is many of the tongue image of liver stagnation and spleen deficiency, that is, the middle concave and the drums on both sides, which are typical liver stagnation and spleen deficiency tongue.In addition, melasma is more related to congestion. The entire tongue color is dark, and there are some ecching stasis points and thorn. The veins under the tongue are more purple and black, and they are characterized by silt.

03 How to treat chloasma, how to regulate Chinese medicine?

According to these points, it is recommended that Chong Yaoxiao Pills or Danzhong Xiaoyao Pills are recommended. Both of them can relieve liver and spleen and relieve depression. It is very effective in the treatment of melasma and can be eaten for a long time.Then by regulating your emotions, properly do some whitening and hydrating masks, chloasma can still be relieved.It is worth mentioning that chloasma generally has several opportunities for treatment. If it is just when it is caused, for example, the female has just begun to grow chloasm after giving birth, or she has chloasma during her whole pregnancy.Treatment of ground, this is a good period of treatment.The postpartum situation is to remind her of the changes in endocrine. At this time, she can seize this period for overall conditioning.If the skin is particularly good, a lot of spots grow up suddenly, which may be very closely related to qi and blood. At this time, you must adjust the qi and blood.At this time, it is also a good timing of treatment.

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