Yellow and astringent pain in urine?Why do you prefer women in urinary tract infection? Doctors teach you a trick to clear heat and damp

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Li.

Recently, I met many female friends in clinical clinic to see a doctor. I asked, saying that it was urgency, frequent urination, and pain, and it was very uncomfortable!As soon as I have urine, I have to find the toilet quickly. I feel unable to hold it at all. During the bowel movement, I still feel hotly burned.This is our clinically common female urinary tract infection!

When it comes to urinary tract infections, many friends may think of more common men, but it is not.There are also many problems with women!We see more clinically!Is there any reason?There are really!

First of all, it is determined by women’s special physiological structure.Women’s urethra port is close to the anus, and the anal location is the most likely to hidden pathogenic bacteria. These pathogenic bacteria go to the urethral opening into the urethra and infect the entire pipeline along the urethra, which forms a urinary tract infection!

Secondly, some women’s gynecological diseases, such as gynecological inflammation, vaginitis, can cause urinary tract infection.

In addition, during the pregnancy of women, the level of hormone in the body will change, especially in the late pregnancy, the uterus is getting larger and larger, which will cause a large squeeze on the bladder and urinary tract, and it will also increase the risk of urinary tract infection!

In the end, menopause women will also have a period of high urinary tract infection.Why is this?After the menopause, the level of hormone changes, resulting in changes in the urethral opening structure and the bacterial flora in the vulva!These can induce urinary tract infections!

It is for these reasons that women’s urinary tract infection is so easy to appear!Therefore, female friends should understand more knowledge and preventive measures related to urinary tract infection!

The urinary tract infection belongs to the category of syndrome in terms of traditional Chinese medicine. It is mostly because the spleen and kidney are deficient, and the body is too prosperous in the body.The accumulation of damp heat is in the lower focus, affecting the function of the bladder, the function of the bladder storage and urination is abnormal, and the symptoms of urgency and frequent urination will occur.The hot and humid accumulation is accumulated in the bladder and urethra, which has stimulated the tissue, so it is not smooth when urinating, and it feels like burning pain.Knowing the cause, it is easy to do. The right medicine, choosing medicines that can clear heat and dampness, diuretic and diuretic medicine, the effect is definitely not bad!

Here, Dr. Li provides you with an ancient prescription, which is Ba Zhengsan!It comes from the Song Dynasty’s "Taiping Huimin and Dabbords", and now has the corresponding Chinese patent medicine eight -formal agent.It is an important prescription for traditional Chinese medicine to treat urinary tract infection!

This medicine is reused talc and woody.Talcum is good at slippery, clearing heat and dampness, and the water is clear.

Mu Tong can clear the heart and fire, and the bottom can be damp and humid, so that the evil of damp heat will be discharged from childhood.Flat, Qu Mai, and the front of the car are commonly used Chinese medicine for clearing heat and water.Coupled with the mountain gardenia, the three cokes were leaked, and the water channel was leaked;Licorice blending medicine can also play a role in clearing heat and relieving pain.The entire prescription can not only benefit the water, but also clear the heat and diarrhea. It is particularly suitable for a series of symptoms caused by lower urinary infections!

In addition to referring to this medicine, everyone should also pay attention to these three points: First, you can’t eat spicy stimuli, like peppers, you must not eat it.Second, the taste is slightly lighter to control the intake of salt.Third, drink more water!Be sure to drink more water!

In the end, this disease infection is relatively simple. We must find early treatment early.If the delay is over for a long time, the disease is likely to infect the kidneys upwards, causing other diseases, it is serious!

Okay, this is some suggestions about women’s urinary tract infections. Have you learned?Follow me and continue to output health knowledge for you!

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