You are happy!Cats are pregnant, and the shoveling officer is rushing to help the cat to produce smoothly?

"Big Meow! Yes … Yes !!! What should I do !!!" Friends and brothers hurried to find Dowowi and said pantingly.

"Congratulations ~ Congratulations ~ But aren’t you a boy? How did you do it?"

"It’s not that I have it, it’s my cat, what should I do! I have no experience at all!"

In fact, this period of spring to the Mid -Autumn Festival is a concentration period for cat estrus, so the female cats are generally concentrated at this time.But for many novice shovel officials, the cats at home suddenly made them caught off guard, and I don’t know how to take care of a pregnant cat.

Lord Mia’s Mia family is now sterilized, but in order to help friends and the majority of shovel officials solve this "century problem", they still ask for help.Just talk about it, how to take care of a pregnant mother meow?

The physical condition of the cat is still different from humans. After the male and female cats are "applauded for love", the pregnancy rate of female cats can be said to be 100 % (Daome is not driving, don’t be "river crabs" ~)!For some stray maternal cats, they may be pregnant with different male cats at the same time. The female cat is usually 5-6 months old.It has to be harder!

So what are the characteristics of pregnant female cats?How long does it take to give birth to baby cat?

The time from pregnancy to production is generally about two months, each cat’s pregnancy is different!Generally pregnant cats have some subtle characteristics: the cat’s belly will gradually protrude horizontally.So don’t think that the big orange who eats fat is considered a pregnant cat!IntersectionIntersectionThe fat cat’s belly is obviously drooping vertical!IntersectionIntersection

Most female cats will have a certain change in their temperament after pregnancy. Unless they are very familiar talents, they will be more aggressive for those who are unfamiliar or not too familiar.A behavior, so the shoveling officials remember, don’t scare them!

After pregnancy, the female cat will have a certain change in diet!During pregnancy, the amount of female cats will increase to a certain extent, so during this time, the shoveling officers must remember to supplement nutrition to the cat appropriately!

For example, in addition to the normal diet, give the cat a little canned meals, but be sure to control the amount of intake. Do not eat too much for the cats, especially the young cat with a small age, a smaller body, too large the fetus is too largeBut it will cause cats to be difficult to give birth!

In this special time period for cats to get pregnant, the shovel officers must also be fully prepared. If possible, find a spacious carton for the cat, unless it is hot summer, it is best to give cats at other times for cats.The soft cushion in the carton.

If you want to help stray cats, the conditions may not be very good, so we can find a relatively hidden place for the stray mother cat. It is best to have a cover. Put a carton or some cardboard under the cover.

During the cat’s pregnancy, a shovel officer must also pay special attention to see if the cat will secrete light red liquid. If there are more secretions, take the cat to the hospital to check it.Condition.

There is also a problem about the medication of female cats during pregnancy. Here, the big meow solemnly told each shit officer that the cat should not repel deworm during pregnancy, and it is not good outside the body!Don’t get vaccines!And try to stop all the medicines of the maternity cat, including some drugs for skin diseases or ear mites. If you have to use the medicine, it is recommended to consult a pet doctor and make a decision!

If the female cat is improper during pregnancy, it is easy to cause some irreversible consequences, such as a series of problems such as causing some congenital diseases, central nervous system defects, and immune system defects.Pay attention!

When the female cat is approaching the production, there will be some anxiety. If the cat is not satisfied with the "delivery room" you prepared at this time, you will find a new production location by yourself.Previously, the female cat of the big meow friend’s house gave birth to a nest of Xiaowowi in the wardrobe because of being "dissatisfied".

Many shovel officers think that her baby is going to be a mother, and she must help her pass through the production mark. In fact, she thinks too much ~ During the production of cats, the owner can help her really very few. We canWhat she did was to put clean water and cans around her, so as not to be hungry or thirsty during the production process.The time for cats may continue for a long time. During the period, Mr. may have a few milk cats. After adding some energy, you will choose to continue to give birth.

The production time of cats will last for several hours, and the time interval of each milk cat will be relatively long, so the shoveling officers must be patient waiting for the cat to give birth to all the babies.If there are some unexpected conditions during cat production, for example, the female cat is becoming weaker and weaker, and it cannot even eat alone to increase energy. You need to quickly seek medical treatment to see if it is difficult to produce and use surgery to help cats produce.

Welcome every life is a sacred thing. Whether this little life is a cat or humans. In the face of pregnant female cats as their most trusted shit officer, we must not panic, help cats rationally, take care of the cats, take care of itThe cat has given birth to a little baby, and you will find that you have done a great thing yourself ~

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I am Zhang Daimei, a super -loved "hard core" shoveling officer ~

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