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Many friends feel that their legs are natural, and leg problems are difficult to correct.

In fact, this is not the case!To know:

More than 90 % of the leg problems are caused by the bad body and walking habits of the day after tomorrow.

Mainly because the actions of "walking, sitting, and standing" every day will shape your legs in virtual.

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Many times the legs are not really curved, but because the leg muscles are uneven, the calf valgus, the protruding of the front side of the thighs, etc. It looks "bent".

Therefore, if you just lose weight and skinny legs, you do n’t pay attention to adjusting your body and gait in your life, and improving the power mode of hips and legs. It is difficult to really have good -looking and healthy legs.

Everyone must be puzzled: Can you have a healthy leg line to correct the walking posture?

It’s not enough!

Walking correction + force training

High -efficiency improvement of leg type

How can we efficiently create a healthy curve legs?

The key is to correctly work.

First of all, you need to find the point of force on the soles and legs, and then effectively strengthen the calves and thighs, comprehensively shake, and then apply the correct force to life to change the bad posture and walking habits, thereby improving leg problems.

Every time we walk from the feet, the bottom of the foot is touched on the ground. If the landing posture of the feet is wrong, it is easy to cause the fascia of the feet to be tight and the power is misplaced.

As a result, the bottom of the foot is wrong, the ankle is connected, the ankle links the calf … the muscle force of the whole leg will be affected.

In order to help more people to create healthy lines of legs more scientific and effectively, Lilac Mom and Professional Profile Plastic Master Yang Zi has created the "Leg Line Shaping" course.

The curriculum is designed for the "stubborn leg shape". The leg shape is evaluated first, and then followed by Mr. Yang Zi from the bottom of the foot to improve the imbalance of the underground force, and help everyone find the correct sense of power of the leg muscles., Improve the power mode of the lower limbs, and combine Pilate training to comprehensively reduce fat and shaping.

From life to training, double -pronged approach, correcting gait and leg type problems in the roots.

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Know your leg shape and break one by one

With different training, create long legs

Knowing what kind of leg type you are, you can improve more targeted.

The key to leg shaping includes two parts: improving leg shape and legs.For different leg types, Mr. Yang Zi also arranged different courses to improve the legs.

For example, the shape of the leg presentation is relatively tending to "XO" (when the legs and feet are closer, the knees and legs can be closer together, but the calf cannot be closer). This series of movements can help adjust the imbalance of muscle tension, so asImprove the arrangement of hips, knees, and ankles to achieve the effect of improving leg shape.

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Of course, any training is not done overnight, and it is necessary to practice step by step.

First find the point of force for each part to relax the tension parts of the legs, comprehensively improve the power mode of the lower limbs, and make the muscles of the force, and the relaxation muscles relax.

Then combined with Pilate training, plus a certain aerobic training, activation should be the correct position, accompanied by fat reduction and shaping to shape healthy leg lines.

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About 15 minutes each time, every Wednesday or four times, as long as you insist on training, find the right hip, legs and feet, and the gait and posture will be improved in training.

Sloping down, check the course outline

Anniversary Celebration, the lowest price for the whole year

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It is better to practice more than practice

Make a pair of movements and clearly feel your own leg shape changes

The action is in place. It is far more important than doing it.

If you find that you can’t do it in the process of training, or you can’t find the point of power, it is recommended to correct the effort point and posture first, and then conduct systemic training.

In the course, in addition to training videos, the "action explanation" video is also made, and it can quickly find the corresponding action explanation.Teacher Yang Zi will introduce the main points of the force of each action in detail. What is the feeling of practicing the right, and what is the common wrong movement.

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You don’t have to worry that you can’t keep up with the foundation of exercise, nor do you have to worry about whether you will practice or not, just do it.

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Normal training follows "Following Training". In addition to detailed video demonstrations and discussions, there will also be text version of action explanation, and "training easy points" and "do the right feelings" description, which is convenient for everyone to control their own actions., Carry out and correct errors.

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In addition, considering that everyone’s physical condition is different, in the video of the training version, we have set up 2 difficulty in action:

If you have a certain foundation of exercise, you can follow Teacher Yang Zi to practice standards or higher -level actions;

If you feel that you can’t keep up during the training process, you can immediately choose to retreat with the fitness teacher behind.

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Anniversary Celebration, the lowest price for the whole year

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35 -day scientific plan, 15 times with practice

Follow -in, easier, more efficient

However, when it comes to exercise, the state of many friends is followed by fate. Which video is brushed and to practice, when you see the title of "3 days of skinny legs", you will be excited.

In fact, if you want to be truly effective, you can’t do without scientific sports arrangements and gradual practice.

Therefore, we have specially designed a full set of training solutions. You do n’t need to consider exercise intensity and duration, just follow it.

If you are a novice of sports, you can train it from beginning to end, and you can train it everywhere. After you are familiar with or fit your physical fitness, you can practice the training 3 times a week.

Of course, there are also many friends’ attitude towards exercise. It is equivalent to practicing, "3 minutes of heat."

Therefore, we created a "35 -day training plan" on the basis of a full set of training programs.

If you are worried that you have no perseverance, you can start the training plan and follow the plan to complete 3 to 4 times a week.

After the subscription course, the plan and the training plan are permanent and effective, and you can repeatedly train according to your own situation.

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Don’t take "busy work", "getting off work", "trouble to go to the gym" as an excuse for not exercising, improve the way of muscle force, efficient fat reduction and shaping, and the shapely and powerful legs are worth having!

Anniversary Celebration, the lowest price for the whole year

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