You should know the "early pregnancy" two or three things

What do you know about being pregnant?

The first is to stop menstruation. Generally, women who come to menstruation and have sexual life generally have no menstruation when they should have menstruation. They should think that they may be pregnant.At this time, we may buy a test paper for early pregnancy test strips. After the "two bars" appear, it is pregnancy.Stop discontinue, we count from the first day of the recent menstruation.Stopped 31 days.

Two bars, pregnant

In the future, early pregnancy reactions will occur at about 6 weeks of menopause, including chills, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, lack of appetite, those who like to eat sour, disgusting greasy, nausea, morning vomiting, etc., generally disappear around 12 weeks.Vomiting during pregnancy is normal, but if you eat and vomit, you are seriously unable to eat, dehydrate, and even acidosis. We need to be hospitalized.The possibility of the possibility is slightly larger.Early pregnancy reactions will also cause frequent urination, because the increased uterus will press forward, and it will disappear after 12 weeks.Another is that I feel breast tenderness, the breast volume gradually increases, and the second development is developed.

Generally, for those who are preparing for pregnancy, they always want to know if they are pregnant early. So, when can they detect that they are pregnant?The answer is about 10 days after the same room, because the eggs can only survive for 24 hours after ovulation, sperm can live in women for about 3 days, sperm eggs will become fertilized eggs, and then slowly walk from the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity.According to the truth, as long as you have fertilized, there will be HCG secretion. Because it is very small, you can’t measure it. You can only enter the uterus after 6-7 days of the same room. Find a good place in the uterus.Slowly began to have a slightly large amount of HCG secretion.Our early pregnancy test strip is to measure the HCG indicator. As long as there are two bars, we mean pregnancy.Even if there is a bars very shallow, it means that I am pregnant, but it is just because you measure the early, the HCG value is not high, so the color is light. If you stop it for more than 30 or 40 days to test, it is estimated that it is a very dark color.

We know that we are pregnant, and the next step is to take the B -ultrasound whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.Yes, pregnancy must be pregnant in the right place. As long as it is not in the uterine cavity, we call ectopic pregnancy.If it is a normal intrauterine pregnancy, it is generally 35 days during menopause. You can see a circular or oval gestational sac in the palace cavity according to the B -ultrasound.It is determined that the baby in the palace should see if the baby is alive, so you usually go to the B -ultrasound when you go menstruation for 6 weeks.

A few words, many unknown little girls do not know that they are pregnant because of the lack of sexual education in my country.I have been pregnant for seven or eight months of pregnancy and then hold a big belly, thinking that I am gaining weight, go to the bar and jump, and then give up my stomach pain in the emergency department.As a result, I came to the hospital to induce labor due to unmarried.Therefore, if a girl has a girl at home, she must do sex education so that she can learn to protect herself. If there are boys in the family, they must do sex education and let him protect the girls.

I am Dr. Liu, a cute obstetrics and gynecology department, here today, thank you for reading.

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