Yuting wants to eat with Victoria C? Eat together can reduce the side effects of Yuting

There is a saying that it will be better to take Yuting and Victoria C together, so is this statement correct? Do you want to take Yuting with Victoria C? How to take contraceptives?Come in detail.

Do you want to eat with Victoria C?

You can eat together to reduce Yuting’s side effects.

What is the difference between Jin Yuting and Yuting

1. Yuting (Zuojino Peridone tablets) is the product name of Zuo Nuo Nuo Popular ketone tablets of Zizhu Pharmaceutical, and Jin Yuting is not a registered product name, but different doses of different packages.The difference in side effects.(The registered pharmaceutical product name can be found on the SFDA website, Jin Yuting is not inside).

2. Jin Yuting and Yuting (Zuo Nuo Nuo Peridone tablets) are different in dosage, which are 1.5 mg per tablet and 0.75 mg per piece, respectively.

3. Jin Yuting each time, Yuting (Zuo Nuo Peridone tablets) each time.

4. Jin Yuting is expensive, and the price of Yuting (Zuo Nuo Nuo Welon) is relatively cheap.

Yuting (Zuo Nuo Peridone Tablets) is used for women’s emergency contraception, which is used when there is no protective measures or other contraceptive methods.Yuting (Zuo Nuo Pogetone Tablets) is fast -acting and short -acting contraceptives. The contraceptive mechanism is significantly inhibiting ovulation and preventing the pregnancy of pregnancy, and increased the consistency of cervical mucus.Women with emergency contraception can be used.”P”副”E”

How to take contraceptives is the best effect

Emergency contraceptives refer to the most commonly used method of drug contraceptives to prevent pregnancy during a period of time after a period of no protective life or contraceptive failure.Women can consider taking emergency contraceptives such as accidental injuries or other reasons, or contraception failure such as condoms, slipping, and error calculation safety period.The time of sex life must be re -calculated.After the pregnancy-aged healthy women exclude the pregnancy, they should be applied within 72-120 hours after sex. The earlier, the better, the better the failure rate of more than 72 hours.

A type of medicine commonly used in emergency contraceptives is unilateral progesterone, and the ingredients are left germinations, all of which are over -the -counter drugs.This type of medicine is represented by New Sno Di Wan and Yuting.New Sino Di Pills contains 0.75 mg of Zuo Nuo Permone, and within 72 hours of no protective sexual life or contraceptive failure, 2 capsules are taken in a single oral; or 1 capsule for the first time, and the second capsule is taken at 12 hours.The earlier, the better the pregnancy effect.There is no need to fast before and after taking.Another type of emergency contraceptive pill is anti -pregnancy hormone. The most commonly used is Hounin. In addition, there are Smaman tablets, Biyun capsules, Huadian tablets, etc. The effective ingredients are Mikfidone, which are prescription drugs.There are also 25 mg specifications.This medicine only needs to be taken, and fasting 2 hours before and after taking the medicine. The chance of pregnancy can be reduced to 1.4%after taking the medicine. The side effects are small and the side effects are large.Individual people have changed menstruation.If vomiting occurs within two hours after taking the medicine, if the drug is spit out, you need to take the same dose of drugs once.

Emergency contraceptives are generally taking the first piece within 72 hours after the intercourse. After 12 hours, one tablet will be taken. The earlier, the better the effect.It should be noted that when taking drugs, it is generally necessary to take it on an empty stomach or two hours after taking it, which will not affect the efficacy.

Recommended method of contraception

Use a women’s condom

This is a new type of contraceptive tool.With the popularity of global transmission of diseases today, it can prevent accidents from accidents, but also protects non -sexually transmitted diseases.What’s more important is that it is designed for women, so that when women protect themselves in sexual life, they are completely free of the control of men. Protecting their initiative is in their own hands. When you want to use it, you can use it.

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