Zenen Malik’s high school student was pregnant, only 17 years old, proud of the symmetry "I won"

The name of Zayn Malik, for people who like European and American pop music, should not be unfamiliar. The singer with Pakistani bloodline is a member of the British idol group. After exitingThe single is also released, and the response is also very good.

However, since the news of the move to the home service to the home service, the situation of the "beauty scum" is a bit bad, and it rarely shows up. The last time he posted a picture in the social media a month ago, the thick hair was completely shaved again.Lost.

The most well-known ex-girlfriend of Meizhi, a supermodel, still maintained a very high exposure. On the night of Halloween, she also made up a "disguised monster" to participate in a party hosted by her friend Kendar Jenna.Misimo and Jiji used to be as well as paint, and they were considered the most photogenic couple by the fashion circle. After a breakup, they reunited shortly after breaking up. However, with the scandal of the dregs, Ji Ji chose to leave again.

Compared to the silent beauty, her youngest sister Safaa will also appear on the newspaper from time to time. According to the news of the "Daily Mail" on the evening of the 1st, Shafa’s "official announcement" was pregnant, and she also held a new student.The party, and proudly attached to the text, "I won."It can be seen from the ribbon she wore that the fetus in the belly is a girl.

Shafa is currently only 17 years old. She has a good relationship with her brother, and has a good relationship with Jiji. There are many photos with "brother" in her social media.

In September this year, Shafa got married in the city of Bradford, England. It was the hometown of the Malik family, but the wedding was completely organized according to Pakistan’s tradition. Shafa’s bride’s clothing and accessories were very national style.

The girls can be felt from the wedding photos. Even under the cover of the width robe, the girl still seemed a bit bloated, but at the time outsiders did not expect that she was pregnant.Shafa is also a high school student in school. At the age of 17, he was a bit incredible, not to mention that he was so quickly pregnant.

However, from the actions of Shafa, she is still very satisfied with the matter of pregnancy. In this way, Mei Zha is about to upgrade.Zenen also has a sister Dongnia and a sister Waliha, who are not married at present.

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