Zhang Lan officially responded to Da S’s pregnancy!In just 9 words, let everyone see her face


On June 22, some netizens disclosed Zhang Lan in their social media that Zhang Lan responded to the pregnancy in the live broadcast. In the past few days, there are too many things about several of them.

From the beginning of Huang Zijiao to the size S, to Ge Jun, Zhang Lan has also been involved, and everyone has seen the chaos in the Bay Bay Entertainment Circle.

At that time, when Huang Zijiao broke the news, Zhang Lan seemed to be the happiest, and at the time Zhang Lan still sang a good day in the live broadcast room, and even put on big red clothes during the live broadcast.

This incident is fermented to the present. The biggest victim is Huang Zijiao. On the other hand, the biggest winner is Zhang Lan and her son. Once they were tortured by big S, they were not easy to catch Big S’s black material., Will definitely take the opportunity to ridicule a wave.

Zhang Lan officially responded to Big S pregnancy

At the beginning, Da S had almost no empty window after divorcing his ex -husband, but when the divorce of the two was still pulling, Da S even contacted his first love.

Once the three of them had a lot of trouble. After Da S divorced his ex -husband, Da S had always used his ex -husband’s credit card, and he also used his ex -husband’s mattress.

The family’s food, drinking, and Lazar are all ex -husband, and the daily spending of the children pays the ex -husband’s money. This life does not last too long.

Immediately after the problem of custody right, the two people made trouble again. Later, Da S directly did not let his ex -husband go home to see the child, and the relationship between the two people became more and more rigid, and even Da S directly sued his ex -husband.

Later, Ge Junzheng bought a house, and Xiao S also broke the news every day. His sister and brother -in -law showed affection at home. The house was full of pink bubbles.

Gu Junye once broke the news on the show, saying that the two of them are now like couples in love. When their wives do not want to move, they will feed her by herself, and they will hold her to the toilet.

At that time, when I heard these breaking news, everyone’s first reaction was shocked, but Ge Jun’s face was full of happiness, but the two were not mad too long.

Their happy life was destroyed in the mantra of Huang Zijiao’s wine. Why do they say that?Huang Zijiao is also a very famous host of Wanwan, and the relationship with S size S is still very good.

At that time, Huang Zijiao was accused of sexual assault. In fact, this matter has been fermented for a long time. Later, Huang Zijiao directly recorded the video and admitted his behavior after drinking wine.

Also exposed the bad behavior of sizes S, Aya, Wu Zongxian and others. On the first three Weibo Search, all three were about them. Then Zhang Lan responded in the live broadcast room that day.We won’t eat stinky melon. "

This incident has not yet ended. On June 21, the Korean media broke the news that Big S was 9 months pregnant, and it was immediately facing the pelvis. Gu Junyu took care of it.

When Zhang Lan lived on this day, some people in the live broadcast room also commented that Big S was pregnant, but Zhang Lan denied that "Is it possible? That is impossible."

Let everyone see her face

Zhang Lan’s original words are "Is it possible? That is impossible. Don’t stick to your face anymore, impossible, professional goal." In fact, it is not difficult to understand. Can you get pregnant?Don’t life?

In fact, this trick has been used very early. It is indeed to get rid of themselves and use their own popularity to transfer everyone’s attention. In fact, what is pregnant is fake.

Some netizens commented in the comment area that Big S had a pregnancy in 2013. At that time, it was to divert the popularity of Xiao S. In retrospect, there was indeed such a thing.

At that time, the quality of the bread of Xiao S’s family was unqualified, so in order to transfer the popularity of his sister, Da S used this trick. Someone would ask, how did it come back later?Of course it is abortion.

At that time, all the mistakes were attributed to the media and netizens. What was said to work all day, which caused abortion. This time, the re -application of Da S may also be to divert Huang Zijiao.

Some people said that they would wait for the child a month later, and then someone responded that they could not wait, and they would definitely have a miscarriage. Some people saw this clearly. This is the usual routine of Wanwan alone.

Zhang Lan’s response also made us see the real face of Da S. I don’t know how Da S will cope with this pregnancy incident next.


The three views of celebrities are very important. Their influence is very wide, but artists like Simal Simal S will only divert their attention, do not respond to mistakes, and do not respond. It is a very wrong approach.

If the Big S is really clear and innocent, it can be evidenced to prove that the empty mouth is not acceptable, let alone a paper statement can be solved. I hope that the size S can know the mistakes and mistaken, and to respond to everything positively.

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