Zhang Xichun Medical Case: Use a toxic attracted son to attack the cold, but the patient is pregnant

A young woman feels scorched, that is, the position in the chest is full of irritability, and she can’t eat it. The surrounding plates of the navel are hard discomfort, and the menstruation has not come for two months.

Zhang Xichun is requested to come to the diagnosis and treatment.This string, generally the main water drinking, pain, liver and gallbladder disease, or healthy elderly people.The string veins are the pulse of "straight and long, straight under fingers, like piano strings".

Zhang Zhongjing said that "the double -string is cold, and the person who tips is drinking." Zhang Xichun believes that the patient’s pulse is left and right strings, which are caused by cold drinks and cold accumulation.The patient’s irritability is because the cold in the abdomen is full, and the yang of the body floats upwards.Qi stagnant in the chest and caused irritability.

So Zhang Xichun used Li drink soup (Zhang Xichun Medical Case: Do not listen to the advice of the medicine of Jiufu bitter cold, so that the ginger is warm to save the rebellion), remove the Guizhi in the square, and add the three money of the aconite.Five money.Guizhi this medicine is an energy medicine in Zhang Zhongjing’s "Treatise on Febrile Diseases", which can transport the yang of the body outward, and the patient itself is the irritability caused by the floating yang, so Guizhi is removed and gave it to it.The aconite, aconite, is a drug supplemented by Yuanyang, which can warm the heart and kidney yang; the amount of white peony is increased, and the white peony has the effect of converging fluid (positive qi), which can converge the excess yang in the chest.

The patient took only one dose of medicine, and the feeling of irritability in his chest improved.Then take another dose of drugs to start eating, and you will feel a little cold in the abdomen.So Zhang Xichun removed the white peony ahead and increased the aconite to five dollars. LaterSolution 4-5 times a day, most of the stools that are unlocked are white and cold things. This is to excrete all the cold accumulation.The stool was pulled for five days, and the cold accumulation was all diarrhea, and the stool stopped itself.

Now that western medicine often sees patients with diarrhea, it will use antidiarrheal drugs. It is unknown that this is a kind of disease reaction of the human body.After millions of years of evolution, the human body has already had a set of procedures for its own against the disease. These dirty things will not be cleaned, but they will have greater harm to the body.The role of traditional Chinese medicine is to master the law of the human body’s illness and conform to this disease reaction. When the power of the disease is insufficient, a little uses a little traditional Chinese medicine to help the human body discharge, instead of using the medication to fight the disease.

Later, Zhang Xichun diagnosed the pulse again, felt that there was a slippery pulse, and the ruler was kept on. He suspected that this was the pulse of pregnancy, so he ordered the patient to stop taking the drug because the aconite was toxic, and Zhang Xichun was also worried about using too much to use too much.The aconite will damage the fetus.

But after October, the patient gave birth to a child, and he was very healthy, and did not have any impact because of the adoption.

Zhang Xichun said that there was a doctor who said that the aconite had the role of damaging the fetus. From this medical case, there were so many aconite, but the fetus was still safe and sound.

This sentence roughly means that many drugs say that they will hurt the fetus, but if the body is ill and really needs this drug to relieve the disease, then this drug can still be used.Or toxicity will damage the fetus, only to adjust the body to normal, this is the most important thing to protect the fetus.

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