Zhang Ziyi shared the experience of alleviating physiological raising milk after the second child, and the comments of Dr. Hangzhou made people suddenly realize

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Physiological rising milk is the pain that every Baoma must pass.Recently, Zhang Ziyi, who has just become a second mother, shared her physiological increased milk "torture" on Weibo, and also provided her response strategy.Stir up the sad memories of countless Baoma.So, is there any way to make physiological raises less painful?Is Zhang Ziyi said that the method is reliable and effective?Come and listen to what the professionals say.

Physiological rising milk is like traffic in the morning and evening peak hours

The role of baby’s "traffic commander" should be used

Any mother who has been born must memorize new memories, and physiological increased milk will appear 2-3 days after giving birth. This is because a large number of postpartum blood and lymph liquids are gathered in the breasts, just like the morning and evening peaks in the transportation.Entering, if it is not guided in time, it is easy to cause traffic jams, and physiological raising milk also has a way to relieve relief, and the baby is the best "traffic commander".

"After the baby is born, contact the mother’s skin more, and at the same time let the baby’s frequent and effectively suck, thereby helping the milk overflow." Ying Yin, an international lactation consultant at Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.After Zhang Ziyi’s first tire woke up, it was obviously accumulated rich experience. After giving birth, he did not delay the baby sucking, but in the end, he could not escape the pain of "stone milk".From the perspective of Yingyin, the problem may be that the baby’s sucking is not effective enough.

How can we improve the effectiveness of the baby’s sucking?Mastering a certain skill can help.Yingyin said that first of all, the mother and baby in the same room had to be fed at any time. When the mother needs to feed it at any time, the mother will allow the baby to suck at any time. The second is to pay attention to the baby’s pose of the nipple. Imagine the appearance of drinking mineral water.The fish mouth is as big as, and his head is slightly tilted.

At the same time, you need to pay attention to do not put things above your baby’s shoulder when breastfeeding, to ensure that the head can move. In case the nostril is blocked by the breast, the baby will throw away the head by himself; if the mother feels pain when breastfeeding, it must be taken out to make the baby re -includePutting, breastfeeding is a process of enjoyment rather than being sinned.

Correct hot compresses and massage can effectively relieve milk increase

Breastfeeding violent lactation

Zhang Ziyi mentioned in the blog post that "hot compresses before feeding for 10 minutes, cold compresses after feeding for 20-30 minutes. Usually after 24 hours, it will be relieved, and the amount of milk will be more and more."

In this regard, Yingyin said: "There is a certain reason, but it should not be a hot compress before feeding, but a warm application to soften the expansion, and it is more convenient for baby to suck milk. As for the cold compress after breastfeedingThe principle, alleviate milk swelling, can be used with hot stickers, or can be used to press the severity or cut the potato thin slices. This method has been repeatedly used in the clinic to be valid. "

In addition, Zhang Ziyi also mentioned "massage".From the perspective of Yingyin, proper massage is feasible, but you have to master the strength.

It is necessary to talk to the mothers about the problem of blocking milk.The mother’s nipples and the baby’s mouth have bacterial parasites. After the milk blockage occurs, the bacteria may retrograde and reproduce in a large amount in the milk pipe, and the mother will suddenly have a fever.At this time, most Baoma will take two ways: one is to find the so -called prolactinist. If she encounters unprofessional violent lactation, she will cause great damage to the breast; the other is that running the hospital as mastitis treatment.

"Most people can’t distinguish the milk and mastitis. When they look at the fever, they are anxious to use anti -inflammatory drugs. As everyone knows, for the beginning of the milk blocking milk, you only need to make an antipyretic treatment by themselves, and let the baby suck frequently. Generally, it is generally reached.The next day Bao Ma can come down. At this time, if there is a random massage, the bacteria cannot be blocked inside, but it will increase the high fever. If the body temperature does not retreat for 48 hours, it will really become mastitis. "HangzhouZhang Feng, director of the breast surgery of the women’s hospital, repeatedly emphasized.

It must be remembered that the baby is naturally the best lactist. At any time, the impact of feeding, fever, anti -inflammatory drugs, etc. On the baby’s health, the effect of the baby is little negligible.At the same time, Baoma should eat normally. Many people think that mastitis is a light diet is a misunderstanding, because for Baoma, the intake of proteins such as eggs, meat, milk, etc. is very important.

Very few people will not have enough milk

Breast milk feeding does not need to be added with milk powder

"Insufficient milk needs to be mixed with formula milk powder, so that the baby will not miss nutrition, and it can be suspended when the milk is sufficient." Both experts questioned Zhang Ziyi’s claim.

Director Zhang Feng said that feeding is a very natural thing. Under normal circumstances, no milk powder is not needed. As long as the feeding method is proper, very few people will have insufficient milk.

Yingyin also said that many Baoma came to consult because the milk was enough to have differences with the family, because the baby often cried, and the family felt that it was because the milk was not enough to eat, so he added milk powder to the baby.I do n’t like sucking my mother’s nipples, increasing the probability of having milk blocking, and the method of sucking the baby’s sucking with the nipples is different. As a result, sucking the nipples in the wrong method, which causes the nipple pain and damage to death.breast-feeding.

Therefore, the less external intervention, the more helpful it is to complete breastfeeding.Yingyin said that she is now a second -born mother who is feeding. She plans to feed over 2 years old. Many colleagues around her are the same. The longest is even more than 3 years old. Natural milk, baby and motherThere is no pain.

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