Zhen Huanming knew that An Lingrong wanted to marry herself, why would she give her a flower with fascinating fragrance?

"Zhen Huan Biography" is not a romance drama, but a black palace fighting drama.Although there are some flaws, some details that cannot be scrutinized, and some plots that do not conform to history, overall, this is a relatively high -level TV series.

There is a plot. In order to solidify the pet, An Lingrong regardless of his body, regardless of his physical injury, and unsuitable for pregnancy. He was forcibly conceived and prepared to inspect Zhen Huan.

How to marry?In fact, it is the same means to marry the queen with Zhen Huan: Anyway, the fetus cannot be kept, so manually controls the abortion time at the moment of getting along with the enemy alone, and then framed the enemy to hurt the fetus.Essence

This method is really not fresh, all of which are left by our Datang Emperor Wu Zetian.But Wu Zetian’s wisdom is unparalleled. She played the rest of the thing, and she still tried it in such a hundred -as long as you control the timing of miscarriage.

Why control the timing of miscarriage?If the enemy is not by your side at all, you have not been in contact with you for a long time. Can you still say that the miscarriage has something to do with her?After leaving the child in vain, even in vain, in addition to being injured again, it is not damaged to the enemy. What do you come?

After clarifying this, I knew why Zhen Huan had to send flowers to An Lingrong.

Through the analysis of Taiyi Wei Lin, Zhen Ye already knew that An Lingrong’s fetus must not be kept, so Zhen Huan also knew that An Lingrong would definitely use the fetus to trap the enemy.At that time, it can even be said that in their world, who is An Lingrong’s biggest enemy?Zhen Huan can’t know it anymore.

Well, what is the strategy, what is the way, and everyone is very clear.The only thing that is not clear is the time, that is, the time.

It is impossible for Zhen Huan to know what time An Lingrong arranged himself to frame herself, because An Lingrong’s defense was also strict.I do n’t know the time for the other party, so I ca n’t prepare, and I ca n’t escape the fragmentation.So, what should Zhen Huan do?

Big salary at the bottom of the kettle is the best way.

Specifically, it is to arrange An Lingrong’s abortion in his own opportunity to give you enough evidence.

Since there is evidence that is not present, the culprit of miscarriage will not be yourself.Isn’t it yourself, who is it?Emperor, this is a good scapegoat, because no one dares to hold the emperor’s responsibility.

A better scapegoat is An Lingrong himself.Zhen Huan has found that An Lingrong is good at using spices to harm people and seduce the emperor, and then to ensure that he is "not present", pull the abortion and spices on a little bit, let An Lingrong herself, and become a miscarriage.The culprit.In this way, not only did he keep himself, but also broke An Lingrong by the way, cutting off the queen’s largest wings.

As a result, the fox tail lily with fascinating fragrance was arranged by Zhen Huan to the flower room and sent it to An Lingrong’s room.

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