Zheng Shuang became a mother?Zhang Heng’s child birth certificate is exposed, and the mother’s name is the same as Zheng Shuang

The annual melon in 2021!

On the afternoon of January 18, Zhang Heng had two children and Zheng Shuang!

Zhang Hengfa, clarifying that he had been framed and borrowed from usury, and said that he was in the United States because he wanted to protect two innocent small lives.

On Weibo pictures, Zhang Heng was holding one by one, and the people who ate melon were surprised. Didn’t see Zheng Shuang pregnant?

It didn’t take long for Zhang Heng’s friends to reveal the news of the two of them, and attached the birth certificate of the two babies.

White paper and black, the mother column clearly reads "shuang zheng", with age 28, the father column is "heng zhang", age 29.

And the two children are not the birthday of the same day. The boy was born on December 19, 2019. It happened to be Zheng Shuang Zhang Heng’s first day, and the girl was born on January 4, 2020.

It was so shocking that two people had two children at different times!

The news also said that Zheng Shuang was delayed in cooperation with legal procedures, which caused the two babies to be unable to return to China.

What is even more shocked is that some netizens have picked up the call records of suspected Zheng Shuang’s family and Zhang Heng’s father. The audio was clearly heard. Zheng Shuang’s father said, "What is it … just to discuss the two children…. Don’t, two people break up, no one can afford it, just tell the hospital and abandon it! "

Zhang Heng’s father said, "This is illegal in the United States!"

But Zheng Shuang’s father still insisted: "If these two children really can’t make reunion, the child can’t!"

And Zheng Shuang also said: "The child can’t really hit it for seven months, I am annoyed!"

The more you really listen, the more speechless …

I always thought that Zheng Shuang was at most a person who would not control his emotions.

In public, you do n’t cooperate with your partner when filming, insult the fans with Weibo trumpet, flip the car live, from time to time because of crying and hot search …

Although it is ridiculed by the entire network, it is not a big deal, but now this shocking giant melon is related to two living life, and it has to be paid attention.

Shuangmei really "committed peach blossoms", ah, her emotional road does not seem to have passed.

However, all this seems to be unable to take off with her native family.

In 1991, Zheng Shuang was born in a well -off family in Shenyang. His father was a businessman and his mother was an ordinary staff.

After Zheng Shuang was born, her mother resigned to take care of her at home to satisfy her mother’s star dream.

Zheng Shuang performed at the age of 4; he studied piano, flute, dancing at the age of 5; he went to Chengdu alone at the age of 12; the 16 -year -old jumper was admitted to Beiying …

Behind each step is the careful layout of parents and meticulous arrangements.

Zheng Shuang’s mother once said in the show: "Cultivating her is to realize my dream."

But she ignored that all this was not what Zheng Shuang wanted.

Children who are in adolescents need the care of their parents most, but Zheng Shuang was sent to Chengdu to dance at the age of 12.

In a foreign country, she encountered campus bullying, and the classmates always laughed at her as "Northeast Township Ban".

But her mother only cares about her performance. As for whether she is not bullied, she can’t ask.

Zheng Shuang wrote in his diary when he was going to school that his test score was too poor. Mathematics was 94 points and 91 points. Mom scolded her: "You won’t make me worry about it. I was proud of you before.Very disappointed. "

Many times, she collapsed to cry, but was disciplined by her mother: "Crying loudly is very annoying, you can cry, but don’t interfere with others!"

Zheng Shuang, who is young, is unable to resist, can only bear it silently, but inevitably leave scars in the bottom of his heart.

It wasn’t until she grew up that she told her parents that she had suffered the grievances, and even complained about their original decisions.

She once revealed in the interview: "She is not in a bad mood, she is crying, and she is envious of those who can cry loudly."

She lacked love, inferiority, and lacking sense of security since she was a child. She believed that she could get the love of her parents only by catering to the needs of her parents in a sensible way.

After adulthood, she obediently reported to her parents everything, and the money she made was given to her parents to keep it.

Establishing his own studio, the manager is still parents and relatives at home.

At the same time, she was to satisfy her father and daughter on TV together.

On the surface, Zheng Shuang’s parents paid a lot for her, but in fact, their emotional giving was very embarrassed.

At the age of 18, because of a "Go to Watch Meteor Shower" with Zhang Han, she started the first love from the play to the outside of the play.

Zhang Han said frankly on the show that when he was with Zheng Shuang at the beginning, he didn’t know much about it, just because of a trivial matter, he identified her.

The key is serious than himself.

At that moment, he was very moved and wanted to be with her for a lifetime.

Every year to Zheng Shuang’s birthday, Zhang Han will give her a birthday gift to her. One of them is his custom crystal album, which records the four dramas they cooperate together.

He said: "I think Crystal is best worthy of Xiao Shuang, I appreciate her cleanliness and simplicity."

On the high -rise building in Spain, Zhang Han took a photo to leave Zheng Shuang a place to say that it was his wedding holy place.

Next to the rotating Trojan, he said he would sit with his princess.

Zheng Shuang, who tasted the sweet fruit, also devoted himself to his entire body and mind, like a child, desperately giving, desperately to the other party.

When the two were together, Zheng Shuang was repeatedly asked if she had any preparations for marriage, and she readily answered: There is a chance.

The happiest thing she is the happiest every day is to cook for Zhang Han.

In order to avoid suspicion, Zheng Shuang refused to shoot a kissing scene, and he couldn’t even hug. He also said that he only took over the intimate drama with Zhang Han.

At the event, she must be with Zhang Han. If Zhang Han changes temporarily, she also destroyed her contract with her.

Once, Zhang Han was punished and called Zheng Shuang late at night.

He asked: "I have a relative and need a bone marrow transplant. Would you like to help me?"

She did not hesitate to answer: "Yes."

Zhang Han was moved with tears.

But how beautiful this love began, how unexpectedly ended.

The love for Zhang Han made Zheng Shuang suffer, and even wanted to please each other by changing his appearance.

Later, when Zheng Shuang was interviewed, he admitted herself to cosmetic surgery because she felt that she was not good enough to match Zhang Han.

But what she didn’t expect was that Zhang Han was completely pushed farther.

In the end, Zhang Han accompanied Zheng Shuang to the hospital to take out the prosthesis, but his feelings could not return to the past.

Sometimes, too hard love will not only move the other party, but scare the other party away.

In 2014, Zheng Shuang unilaterally announced the breakup.

Four months after the breakup, Zhang Han and Gulina announced their relationship, but they were scolded by Zheng Shuang’s fans.

He was even put on a hat with a split.

Zheng Shuang’s thinness made Zhang Han’s "scum man" completely stand up.

This period of love that has been maintained for 5 years has carried a lot of youth memories of many people. Until now, some people still want to be difficult to calm down.

Fans even hope that they can reunite, and whenever they show a signs of suspected complexity, they will be picked up.

As a result, Zhang Han’s studio had to rumors: no contact, no reunion.

Zheng Shuang also gave a response: We have not contacted for a long time.

Recently, the variety show "Chasing Light, Brother" initially invited Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang at the same time. At that time, neither the two sides knew that the other party was talking. Zhang Han immediately didn’t talk about it.journey.

Today, the two parties have been relieved of their feelings, and they are probably only fans who can’t let go.

In fact, many sensitive girls, like Zheng Shuang, often doubt themselves and doubt each other in their feelings, worry that they are not beautiful and not good enough, so they will do some extreme things to "lock" the other party.

However, excessive love will put pressure on the other party.

You are good to the other half, but the other half may not be able to bear it.

Shortly after breaking up with Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang was photographed with a photo with Hu Yanbin, and then he was taken to eat with Hu Yanbin and Zheng Shuang’s parents, and the relationship between the two was sitting.

This time, Zheng Shuang still used the mode of getting along with Zhang Han, surrounding Hu Yanbin every day.

It is said that she asked Hu Yanbin to not shut down for 24 hours. As long as he couldn’t contact it, he would be a serial call.

And this relationship was also strongly resisted by Zheng Shuang fans. Someone always ran to Hu Yanbin’s Weibo and scolded him, saying that others were ugly to match Zheng Shuang.

After a long time, Hu Yanbin’s pressure was getting stronger and more silent.

The relationship between the two only maintained for less than one year, and it ended.

In 2016, Zheng Shuang’s father confirmed that the two had broken up, and also said that Hu Yanbin’s flower heart big radish.

After that, Zheng Shuang was photographed and cried on the street.

At that moment, she abandoned the aura of the star, and the hustle and bustle of her surroundings had nothing to do with her.

In other stars, most of them will hide and cry when they fall in love. How can they see so many people.

Only Zheng Shuang did not show his most vulnerable side without any defense, and released sadness on the street.

Just like she said in the show, she lost herself because she was too sensible when she was a child. When she grew up, she wanted to give herself a wayward opportunity.

Later, Zheng Shuang wrote a book saying that Hu Yanbin was the only predecessor she wanted to write in the book. She recorded 100 trivial things to fall in love with him.

Each one is very moving, but every one is all revealing their humbleness.

For example: "Support you to do anything, even if just playing with feelings, I can accept your indulgence."

For example: "I miss you in June in the United States, I have always sent you a text message, and you ignore me, and we have actually broke up for half a year."

This love with Hu Yanbin is undoubtedly the one who loves more.

Every time she humble herself into the dust, but she couldn’t bloom.

She paid blindly and moved herself, but never considered the true feelings of the other party.

Just like the sentence that Hu Yanbin said to her: "Being with you, it is already tired before it starts."

When filming "Wonderful Little Forest", Zheng Shuang accidentally mentioned "Shanghai men". Speaking: "Shanghai men are very good, but I am not sure …"

Netizens realized that it was Hu Yanbin, causing Hu Yanbin to send three backs on Weibo, and his words were fierce.

It is said that breaking up should be decent.But how do these two people break up, but how do you think you feel twisted.

As everyone knows, it is a disaster too hard.

It is the greatest respect for each other after breaking up.

In 2018, Zheng Shuang’s third man appeared.

His name is Zhang Heng, who is an outsider. He is neither handsome nor gold, and there is no connection resources.

At first, Zhang Heng was very considerate about Zheng Shuang, and cooperated with her to show affection generously on the Internet and be Zheng Shuang’s assistant.

Zheng Shuang also contributed to Zhang Heng to start the company and give him all his brokerage affairs.The two even developed an app for Zheng Shuang’s fans together.

Netizens once thought that Zheng Shuang really met the right person this time.

After the relationship was exposed, the two participated in the love variety show "Daughter’s Love". However, the way of getting along in private, there were many problems on the screen.

In the show, Zhang Heng bought clothes for Zheng Shuang, and Zheng Shuang tried it by piece, but criticized it one by one. Finally, when he saw his boyfriend’s complexion ugly, he played a circle and said that it was his own problem.

Some netizens said that Zheng Shuang’s love is low, and the clothes bought by her boyfriend, even if they don’t like it, don’t say it in person.However, Zheng Shuang said in an interview that he and Zhang Heng made it clear that the type of clothes that I didn’t like.

However, Zhang Heng’s answer is that you should change the beauty.

In fact, in this relationship, Zhang Heng was the one who was relocated.

When they went to travel, Zheng Shuang was uncomfortable, but Zhang Heng did not see her discomfort, only to sleep.

When the two were conflicted, Zhang Heng was either spoken, or that it was ugly: "You reflect on yourself!" "You find your predecessor!"

During the work, when the two had disagreement, Zheng Shuang was obviously Zhang Heng’s boss, but he asked Zheng Shuang to change his mind, and even mocked yin and yang strangely, and did not consider each other’s feelings at all.

I thought this relationship would develop in a good direction. I did not expect that in December 2019, the two broke up.

It is said that the reason why the two broke up were because Zhang Heng was tired of Zheng Shuang’s low posture in his feelings. After all, Zheng Shuang was a fragile person, and he would be tired of coaxing.

After breaking up, Zhang Heng’s life was not good. On the one hand, netizens speculated about his various speculation, and on the other hand, the company suffered a major crisis.

Later, the company had a economic dispute in economics. It is said that Zhang Heng borrowed loans in the name of Zheng Shuang and owed huge debts. Zheng Shuang announced Zhang Heng to court.

In the past, the young couple who was still showing affection was really sighing.

Looking back at Zheng Shuang’s three -stage feelings, each time he faces his partner with a very low attitude. Once he falls in love, he always wants to show you the heart.

But she never realized that the best relationship in love must be equal.People must first learn to love themselves in order to better love others.

The influence of native families is important, but people must come out by themselves after all.

Psychologists have mentioned a question that is thought -provoking:

"People will spend their lives in their lives, but in this life, do you keep holding accountability and organizing your childhood, or you know how to regret it, make up for yourself, and then play your fingers, and continue to move towards the sea of stars?"

Only by practicing can you cure all your life.

Today, Zhang Heng has exploded the shocking melon. There will definitely be a follow -up. I do n’t know what the state will be solved?”Zheng Shuang”

. END.

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