Zhong Liti, who is 52 -year -old who is not pregnant, can’t go out of her mother -in -law’s live broadcast room

Some time ago, I found that Mother -in -law Zhong Liti started live online.

Many netizens took the opportunity to ask the current situation of Zhong Liti couples. Some people praised her son Zhang Lunshuo’s excellence, and some asked whether Zhong Liti was successful.

Zhong Liti’s mother -in -law did not intend to talk about their husbands and wives, but she couldn’t bear the questions from netizens.

She puts on the enlightened attitude of respecting the child, and it is inevitable that there is no grandson in the words.

"Why don’t you want to, but forget it, you can’t say more, and don’t want to mix with them."

Facing the expectations of her mother -in -law, Zhong Liti also expressed her wish in the show countless times:

"I really want to give you a grandson."

Today, the marriage between them has gone through seven years.

Children seem to be the unsolved problem in this family.

We can understand that the mother -in -law wants the grandson’s mood.

But for the 52 -year -old Zhong Liti, the elderly fertility is indeed difficult.

Even if she already has three children, even if she is facing the risk of pregnancy, she can’t escape the comments of netizens: "When can she give birth to a child for her in -laws?"

In fact, more than Zhong Liti, fertility is a major issue that every woman can’t get around her life.

"Breeding is a hurdle that women can’t get around" "

A while ago, my friends of two children had complained with me:

When I returned to my mother’s house in the New Year, my relatives and friends were asking the same sentence: "When do I have three babies?"

Even their parents are no exception, often implying that they are pregnant.

She asked her parents calmly, "I already have two children, why do I have to give birth?"

Mom was surprised why her daughter asked this question, she said:

"One more life is not a bad thing, and children also need siblings to help.

"You are still young now, if I have giving birth, I can help you take a few years."

Children and girls have their own children. This is the perfectness of parents.

The descendants are full of children, and they are more blessed. This is their definition of happiness.

In the face of such "happiness", they didn’t have much patience to wait.

Someone was married for less than half a year and was proposed to be a test tube by his family.

I saw a netizen’s post on the Internet before, and she said, "It is painful to be given birth."

Every time I call with her family, she feels pain, because her mother’s concern for her will never be separated from when to have children.

Both she and her husband have not figured out to want their children, but parents are more anxious than them.

After finally having a chance to go home, the topic of her mother was still born.

At first she could deal with the past, but then she begged Sun Xinshi’s mother to be furious. She blame her always agreed, but never took action.

She is helpless.

She was not ready to be a mother, but she couldn’t help her parents’ obsession.

Do moms do not love her daughter?no.Just at this time, she hoped to see her daughter a child.

I once saw a mother urging her daughter to hurry to have children, and she was worried that there would be too many risks without a child’s marriage.

In her eyes, the child is the daughter’s confidence in the marriage.

Giveting a child is obviously the choice of two people, but it is always mixed with too many people’s voices.

I am afraid that you are too late, I am afraid that you don’t want to give birth, and even worry that you can’t give birth.

The noisy voice of the outside world is like an invisible net, trapped in the woman in marriage.

Can’t rush out, and have nowhere to justify.

Most mothers can only choose to compromise, running all the way on the way to ask for children and multiple babies.

"Is it my fault without a child?"

"Shengmen" director Chen Weijun once said:

"It is said that fertility is a matter of two people, it is a matter of husband and wife. In fact, it is not. It is a woman who really faces everything."

It is a woman, and this problem will inevitably encounter.

Some people can get what they want to get pregnant and have children at a suitable time.

Some people never want to give birth, but have to face those constantly appearing.

A mother couldn’t help but revealing her heart when she was pregnant with her second child. "I seem to messed everything."

When she said this, she was close to the due date.

I have not been ready for the birth bag, and I have not prepared for my mother.

When she had given birth to Dabao, she was pregnant with a second child unexpectedly. In the persuasion of her family, she left the child.

But she is still confused about her child’s arrival, and her conception did not make her expect to be a mother.

During the period of the second child, the excitement, nervousness and expectation of the original Babao was not sad, except for being sad.

"I don’t know how to face the child in the belly, and I don’t know if the child will hate me."

Some people say that no matter how anxious before, after the child is born, the mother becomes a mother who loves her child.

In fact, the process of becoming a mother is a "selfish" experience.

There is no way to make people participate, there is no way to make people feel the same.

Among them, the bitterness is the only woman.

Some people resist all kinds of people, and some people look forward to it.

Zhong Liti had suffered a lot while preparing for pregnancy.

Find a doctor to check the body and confirm that he is 49 years old, and he still has a 32 -year -old physical condition.

She actively cooperates with her mother -in -law and strives to eat various supplements.

In order to have a good physical condition, she injects hormones, even if her body is deformed.

After so many efforts, "happiness" still didn’t come to knock on the door.

The opportunity to be able to get her fingertips is her happiness for a long time.

Some people say: "The money does not spend less, the medicine does not eat less, and finally drags the time."

There are still people who have been infertility for a long time for three years: "The second year of marriage started to prepare for pregnancy, eating various vitamins and folic acid, calculated the date, both look forward to each month, but it has fallen again and again."

Under the lovely babies, countless people left a message to "get pregnant."

The emergence of life is accompanied by surprise.People always want to hold a new child, but often ignore the child’s mother.

Our first dream is far more than just being a good mother.

Women’s value is defined by herself

B station up, the main @Nya sauce was injured and paralyzed in the bed for a few months, and made a decision: she didn’t want to have children anymore.

A few months ago, her lumbar disc herniation compressed her nerves, and her lower limbs lost their ability to move because of pain.

The doctor said that if you choose to get pregnant, assuming that the disease recurs during pregnancy, she cannot take painkillers or surgery, but she can only nail in her spine.

She did not expect her children. At the age of 30, she began to realize that a child was a happy and fun thing.

But now if she is pregnant, she will not be able to avoid the risk of paralysis.

She was tangled and eventually made a difficult decision.

Many people think this is a selfish decision.UP owner @Nya sauce gives his own answer: "In the case of pregnancy, is a woman who is wrong?"

After making such a choice, she did not regret it, but she couldn’t help crying.

She found:

"Life needs to reach some special things to be happy, for example, marriage, such as children.

"But I found that it was happiness that it could not be chased.

Children need a healthy and happy mother, and we also need a positive self.

Someone chose to give up after many years of infertility.

Because of her pregnancy, her life and work lived and lived to make a concession for pregnancy.

But in the end, she found that life was a wilderness, not orbit.

"Just tonight, just now, I realize that I am only 30 years old. I am waiting for me with a good life. Why should I abuse myself for this way?

"Happy, real life is to love yourself, not to live for something."

Yes, the real life starts with love.

Children are not a must -have for life, and it is naturally a kind of happiness.

The time is here, and the best arrangement in life.

In this life, we only need to be a brave and firm person to do what we want to do.

Or face the life of children and children, or bravely meet the unknown freedom.

In fact, happiness is always in our own hands.

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