Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation (lost version)


After seeing it, the person who saw it later was deleted after the public interpretation (lost version) this week was announced on the Internet for several hours.

Body article:

1 mouth: dreaming of your mouth, you will get love.Dreaming that his mouth becomes bigger and the economy is to be lost.Dreaming of eating hot things burned his mouth, he was seriously ill.Dreaming of stuffing things in your mouth, you want to get rich.

2 Nose: Dreaming of your nose is pretty good, it is auspicious.Dreaming of his nose is very ugly and is ominous.Dreaming of bleeding from the nose, disasters are coming.Dreaming of pus on the tip of the nose will be promoted.Those who dream of the big nose will be aspirational and quarrel with friends.A woman dreamed that her nose was injured, and her husband’s home would be infamous.Dreaming of someone caught his nose, he would be humiliated, or was slavered.Dreaming that his nostrils are big, and the crime of crime is in danger.Dreaming of being afraid of nostril pain, the difficulty will fall.Dreaming of pustules in the nostrils, loved ones were deceived.Dreaming of horses or beef noses will be dangerous.

3 hands: Dreaming of being cut off with both hands can get God’s help.Dreaming of his hands is long and strong, which means that his career will be successful.Dreaming of his own hand is more popular than before, he will be lucky.Dreaming of your own hand is weak and yellow is a sign of illness.A woman dreamed that her hands became hard, indicating that her life was hard.Dreaming of shaking hands with strangers, making friends.Dreaming of holding money in both hands, he can take advantage of it.

4 Lips: Dreaming of red lips is a sign of health and wealthy life.Dreaming of white or yellowing lips will be weak and sick.A woman dreaming of red lips will be deceived by women.Men dream of a woman with white lips, and their wives or friends will be loyal to themselves.A woman who dreamed of black lips foreshadowed her hard work, or exhausted her body, or she was sick.Dreaming that you are thick lips, you will be unable to resist you.Dreaming of a woman with a very thin lips will get love.

5 Ears: Dreaming of your ears are cut off and the command can be executed.Dreaming of other people’s ears is cut, and suffering will be suffered.Dreaming of making your ears or letting others get your ears, there is good news.Dreaming of someone twisting his ears, the crime he committed will be punished by law.Those who dream of growing hair in their ears can get rich.

6 Body: Dreaming of being burned by the body is a omen, indicating that he is hate with others and can’t afford to bed.Dreaming of someone stripped his clothes, the economy would be crisis.Dreaming of being healthy and strong is auspicious.

7 heads: Dreaming of your head is big, it is a precursor to improve.Dreaming of someone waving a sword to try to cut his head, reminding himself and his family to be careful and careful.Dreaming of eating animal meat that is cut off, you want to get rich.Dreaming of shampooing, sorrow will pass.Dreaming of using a mirror to look at his head, it is auspicious, and he is promoted.Dreaming of holding his head in both hands, Jiebao spreads frequently.

8 Eyes: Dreaming of red eyes indicates that the body is sick.Dreaming of a woman’s eyes shining, everything will be east.Dreaming that your eyes are swollen and not painful, life will be happy and there is no pain.Dreaming of a woman with black eye shadow or eye oil smoke, the economy will be lost.Dreaming of other people’s eyes facing themselves means that they must be seriously ill and even incurable.

9 face: dreaming of beautiful faces will be happy.Dreaming of ugly face is coming.Dreaming of my face is swollen, or it is more red than the original, to become a wealthy person.Dreaming of distorted faces came.Dreaming of your face becomes pale or waxy, it is a precursor to breaking the wealth.

10 throat: Dreaming of your throat is a omen, and relatives or friends want to leave the world.A married woman dreams of her throat, and her family will have unfortunate news.Dreaming of your sore throat, or swelling of throat sores, you will get something.The patient dreamed that his throat was swollen and painful, and he couldn’t afford to bed for a long time.The prisoner who was sentenced to death dreamed of swollen throat and was about to go to the broken tape.Tourists dream of swollen throats, they will be robbed on the way, and all money will be robbed.

11 Teeth: Dreaming of how many teeth you have, you will be humiliated.Dreaming of several other people’s teeth is a sign, which means to defeat the enemy.Dreaming of your teeth falling off will quarrel with people.Dreaming of tooth extraction, I will buy a house soon.Women dream of getting tooth extraction, life will be abundant.The businessman dreams of tooth extraction and can do a business that can get great fortune.Farmers dreamed of tooth extraction and harvesting.Dreaming of toothache can get rich.

12 fingers: Dreaming of cutting your own fingers will become the winner on the love field.Dreaming of being burned by steaming fingers will be jealous of others.Dreaming of many fingers, there are noble guests.Dreaming that his fingers have become longer and the business is booming.Dreaming of short fingers, life is tight.Dreaming of distorted fingers will use the means of corruption to make money.Dreaming of bleeding fingers, money will be deceived.

13 pulse: Dreaming of the pulse jumps quickly, you have to make good luck.Dreaming that the pulse jumped slowly and was in doom.Doctors dream of giving themselves a pulse, and their income will decrease.Dreaming of his wife’s pulse, the couple had to quarrel.Dreaming of the enemy’s pulse, when the crisis is in crisis, you will get the help of friends.Dreaming of being a doctor, giving someone else’s pulse, heralding the work he is currently engaged.Dreaming of the wife’s pulse will get the infinite love of his wife.Women dreamed that others gave themselves a pulse. Because they were driven, they were trapped in trouble.Dreaming of the enemy to himself will be defeated by the enemy.Dreaming of the doctor gives himself a pulse, you want to get sick.Patients dreamed that the doctor could restore his health soon.Patients dream of giving themselves a pulse, it will be difficult.

14 belly: Dreaming of the bloating of the stomach is a good sign of getting rich.A married woman dreamed of bloating her belly and soon had to have children.The unmarried woman dreamed of swelling her belly means to marry a wealthy family.The widow dreamed of swelling her stomach, and the difficulties would come.

15 hair: Dreaming of your hair grow, it means that he is sick.Dreaming that the hair of others is long, you will be annoying the world of vulgarity and hard work.Dreaming of white hair, you will be sad and sad.Dreaming of combing with a comb, life will be happy and comfortable.Dreaming of short hair, doom is short -term.A woman dreams of her hair, the couple is loving, and her happiness is long.A woman dreams of her hair and cut her hair, which is a sign of widow.Women dream of being dragged by her hair, which means death or leave her husband because of unfortunately.

16 Nails: Dreaming of cutting nails, hard work can make money.Dreaming of staying nails will endure hunger.Dreaming of black nails will be lost.Men dreamed that there was a short nail, and the business could make a profit.The married woman dreamed of staying with long nails, and she was widowed to widow.Men dream of turning red nails is a sign of strong body.Patients dream of red nails, and the disease will soon heal. Dreaming of yellow nails and white nails, they will not be bed in bed.Dreaming of dirt in the nails, corruption public funds, and heavy losses.

17th: Dreaming that your feet are cut, you can be an official.The businessman dreamed that he had a lot of feet, and he would make money and dream of washing his feet, indicating that he was greedy.Dreaming of playing other people’s feet will be humiliated by others.Dreaming of scald feet will be confused for a while and suffer major losses.Dreaming of swollen feet, you will be left and right, and your debt will be exhausted.

18 Arms: Dreaming of your own arm muscles developed and robust, which means that you will be pulled up because of your own efforts.Dreaming of the illness or not using the arm will be reduced, trapped in trouble, and suffering from economic losses.Women dreamed that her arms were sick or not used, and her husband or son had to leave the world.Dreaming of one hand that breaks myself is a sign of pain and damage.Dreaming of swollen hands, relatives and friends will get benefits from strangers.Dreaming of bleeding on the arm will be poverty.Dreaming of the hair on the arm is very long, it will get rich, and the situation will soon improve.

19 Hearts: Dreaming of his heart beating abnormalities, the days of the ups and downs are coming, and they will be fired or will be damaged due to bed in bed.Dreaming that you are in the number of heartbeats, life is sloppy.Dreaming of putting his hand on his chest, the enemy is approaching, and life is dangerous.Women dream of their own heart beating abnormal, rogue and thieves will disturb their home.Dreaming that the heart stopped beating and the disaster came.Dreaming of himself or his loved ones died of a heart disease, and the person who had a sick man lived.

Divine chapter

20 God: Dreaming of God is a sign of success and profit.Dreaming of God’s hand holding a sword, the enemy will be destroyed.Dreaming of God’s hand holding three forks, anger was furious, and the residential area was going to come.The married woman dreamed that she was full of smiles, and she would have a son who was famous in the world in his youth.Dreaming of God holds himself in his arms, he will live happily, Shoubi Nanshan.

21 Fairy: Men dream of fairy, they will be lucky.The girl dreamed of a fairy and was about to marry.The unemployed dreamed of a fairy and would find a job.The patient dreams of a fairy, and his body will recover.

22 Goddess: Dreaming of the goddess, indicating that his career will be successful.When a woman dreams of talking to the goddess, she will feel happy and happy.Dreaming of the goddess is angry? It is a omen, indicating that he or the child’s body will be injured.Dreaming of being held in his arms by the goddess, or the goddess wearing a crown on his head.Patients dreamed of sinking dreamed of burning incense to the goddess of the temple.Dreaming of the goddess dropped his weapon, which meant a fierce battle with the enemy.

23 Angel: Dreaming about talking to angels is a sign of ominous.Dreaming of silent angels will make good luck.Dreaming of talking to angels means death, serious illness or trapped.The girl’s dream saw an angel, and she would be a concubine with an ideal man.Seeing the angel in the dream, the dreamer should immediately abandon all their inferiority, otherwise the difficulties will come.The pregnant woman dreamed of an angel and would have a superb son. This child will become a sage or religious mentor or a millionaire in the future.

24 Prayer: Men dreaming of praying to God alone will lose people’s help.Women dream of praying to God, the body of the husband and the child will be healthy.Praying to God with many people will be respected by society.Men dream of participating in the men’s and women’s religious conference, or praying conference, and will soon be involved in the illness.Men dreamed that they prayed to God with women and swept the floor prestigious.Women dream of praying with men, disasters and unfortunate coming.Dreaming of not praying to God, family members will die.Dreaming of others doing prayers is auspicious.Those who dream of praying will be harassed by the enemy.

25 pilgrimage: A married man dreams of leaving home to pilgrimage, and he will encounter concerns and difficulties in all aspects.Unmarried men and women dream of going to the ceremony, and they will put their parents’ advice behind their heads.Patients dreamed of going to pilgrimage, and existing nurse medical care would be canceled.Religious mentors or missionaries dream of visiting the ceremony, and atheists will seriously threaten themselves.The businessmen dreamed of going to pilgrimage, and the maritime trading would increase.The elderly dreamed of pilgrimage, and soon to rise.The staff dreamed of going to pilgrimage, which means retirement or was fired.Dreaming of taking his wife and children to pilgrimage, heralding a move or transferring to work.Dreaming of the return of pilgrimage will move forward with difficulties.The reporter dreamed that he would go to tour. He was sentenced to long -term imprisonment for violating the country’s journalism law and was accused.The widow dreams of going to pilgrimage and will dedicate himself to religious cause.

26 Repentance: Dreaming about the atonement, because there are different differences, there will be different consequences.The confession of people in different strata will also have different results.The unmarried man dreams of his ascetic, and he will marry a handsome and wise woman as his wife. The tender wife will comfort himself during the difficult period and never let himself worry.Capitalists or rich people dream of their own ascetic, their income will suddenly decrease, and they may leave their hometown.But the poor dreamed of remorse, and life would be rich.Those who are abstinence dream of asceticism will become the leaders of the nation, and can rely on their own wisdom to seek interests for the country or the nation.Entrepreneurs dream of confession, and they will be forced to reduce the price to sell goods, and they will make a small profit.But married women dreamed of atonement, because her husband and children were healthy and had no illness, so they were very happy and happy.Patients dream of remorse, and their condition will deteriorate.The staff dreamed that they were atonement, and they would be praised by the boss, and they could be unlimited.Students dream of regret, and the exam will achieve excellent results. Because of its extraordinary intelligence, they can get scholarships.Dreaming that others are regretting, it is an ominous sign, and you will feel bored and frowning.Dreaming that someone is killed during asceticism is a sign of the auspiciousness. A good turn in life may get hidden treasures.Dreaming of the enemy as a confession will always be the enemy.But dreaming that friends are ascetic, and they will be helped by strangers at the critical moment.Dreaming of his wife is ascetic, the disaster will come.Dreaming of quarrels with asceticism will be enemies with strong people.

27 Dedication: Dreaming of being a victim of God’s respect, he will be prestigious.Women dream of dedicating themselves as sacrifice to God, and they can fully deal with everything at home.Dreaming of others carrying animals to sacrifice to God is an ominous sign, and it will be bad.Dreaming of saving animals from the presence of sacrifice means that he is strong and rich in life.Dreaming that he carried animals for offering sacrifices, he would break the family.The married woman dreamed that she would give the sacrifice to God with animals, and her family would live in a difficult life.Patients dreamed that they were regarded as a sacrifice of God and would soon recover.The prisoner dreamed that he was sacrificed for dedication to the gods, and he would be exempted from the death penalty.

28 Dead: Dreaming about talking to the dead will be famous.Dreaming of eating with people who have already died, and live a life.Dreaming of holding the dead in his arms or shouting the name of the dead will soon leave.The husband dreamed of the late wife and would marry a educated woman, and she would become an assistant to her career.The widow dreams of the late husband, and will abide by the chastity, and the historical book will be named.

29 Supply: Dreaming of offering, there will be unpleasant things.Dreaming of sacrifice to God, happy things continued.Dreaming of presenting offerings with his wife, happy life, all wishful life.A woman at the age of childbearing dreams of donating offering to God and will have a beautiful son.Women with children dream of offering offering to God. The child is healthy and happy.Unmarried men and women dreamed of offering offering to God, indicating that they would be married.This is the most auspicious dream for male and female lover.The prisoners dreamed of offering sacrifice to God, and the president was trapped.It is a good sign to have such a dream and will soon return to health.The businessman and the owner of the store dreamed that he would make a donation to God and want to make a fortune.

Vulgar chapter

30 Abandoned: Dreaming of being abandoned by himself will get it. For example, the husband abandoned his wife, indicating that their love will be deeper.Young men and women who were engaged in the marriage dreamed that they had abandoned their beloved people. This was a sign of their good relationship.Dreaming of being abandoned by a friend, life will encounter some trouble.

31 Powder: Dreaming that it is not his wife, but to elope with other women, it will cause trouble.Dreaming of elopeing with a lover, traveling out of the country will fall into the palm of the bad guy.Dreaming of a voter who killed a candidate voter in the campaign, the candidate selected by the voters would win.

32 Love: Men dreamed that they were caught in a woman’s love network, and the disaster would come.Dreaming of like children, there will be worrying things at home.Girls dream of being loved by a man he loves, and their parents will obstruct their marriage, and they will have endless worries in their hearts.Dreaming of the person you love does not love yourself, life will be successful.

33 Wife: Dreaming of hugging his wife is an ominous sign and will separate from his wife.Dreaming of mixing with his wife, the couple is loving, life is happy and full of beauty.The prisoner dreamed of quarreling with his wife and could soon see his wife.Dreaming of being separated from his wife will love his wife even more.Dreaming of finding a noisy wife, life will be happy and comfortable.

34 vowed: Dreaming of myself swearing, unfortunately from inside and outside.Dreaming of vowing in a temple or religious sacred place is a good sign, and your wishes will be realized.A woman dreamed of vowing to her husband that the husband and wife would have a gap.Those who criminals dreamed of swearing and would go to the crime again.Men and women lovers dreamed of vowing in front of God that the two would separate ways and go their own.

35 Proposal: Men dream of making a request to a woman who has no relationship with their relationship with their relationship with themselves, and will get love.Women dream of making non -ritual requirements to men who do not have a relationship with their relationship or marriage, and their health will deteriorate.Dreaming of proposal to do business means that you want to do business. This idea has a long history, but he failed to make a decision with the help of others.

36 Girl: Dreaming of gracefulness and Tingting Yu standing is auspicious.The girl dreamed of a girl, she would not be able to marry.The married woman dreaming of a girl is an ominous sign, and her husband will refuse the source of income.

37 Kissing: Dreaming of kissing with unfamiliar people will fall into the enemy’s trap.Dreaming of kissing foreigners can conquer the enemy.Dreaming of kissing wives or children, or kissing them, will not love them.Dreaming of kissing enemies will talk to them.The young man dreamed of kissing his lover, it was auspicious, and soon he was going to be a concubine.

38 World: Men dreamed that they had abandoned the world, and the life of husband and wife would be happy.Women dream of abandoning secular life, which means happiness and wealth.The unmarried man dreamed of getting rid of the vulgar, and would marry a beautiful girl as his wife.Unmarried women dreamed that they were out of the world, and marriage would be happy.The prisoners dreamed that they were out of Hongchen, and their sentence would be extended.The patient dreamed that he was out of the world, he couldn’t afford to bed, and endured the torture of the disease.The businessmen dream of getting rid of the custom, and the business will make a fortune.When the criminal dreamed of getting out of Hongchen, he would be arrested soon.The king dreamed that it was an ominous sign to leave the world, and would be forced to leave the throne, or the country’s riots asked him to step down.Bhikkhu dreamed that he was separated from Hongchen, he would return to the vulgarity and reunite with his family.

39 Lightning: Dreaming of very dazzling lightning, travel to foreign travel.Dreaming of thunder and lightning in the distance will suffer losses and misfortunes.Students dream of thunder lightning, which is a sign, and can achieve excellent test results.Girls dream of thunder and lightning is auspicious, and they will marry a well -known family.Male patients dreamed of lightning lightning, and their bodies recovered.After dreaming of lightning, the surroundings are dark, which means that the disaster is approaching. The disaster may fall on the head of the dreamer or fall to the protected person.Dreaming of lightning from time to time, I can’t see the road clearly, so I have to walk dark and walk, and I will defeat the opponent and spend the difficulties and misfortunes.Dreaming that was almost injured by lightning, disaster can be avoided.When dreaming of going out, thunder is sunny. If you want to improve, it is difficult.Farmers dream of lightning, drought and famine occur.

40 Qingfeng: Dreaming of the breeze, you will make good luck.Dreaming of scraping wind will be painful and misfortune.Breathing to Xunfeng means traveling safely and successful.The businessmen dream of breathing incense, which is a good sign of business profit.On the contrary, dreaming of dirty air will be difficult.Patients dream of breathing fresh air, and the disease will heal, but dreaming of dirty air will endure unfortunate and pain.

41 Chaoyang: The man dreams of Chaoyang, you have to make good luck, and life will be happy.A woman dreams of the sun and wants to have a boy. When the child grows up, she will become an outstanding figure.Men dreamed of the sunset and were in doom.The married woman dreams of the sunset and will have a girl.Unmarried women dream of the sunset and marry a poor family.Dreaming of noon sun will be improved.The patient dreamed of the sun at noon, and his body would recover soon.The prisoner dreamed that the sun at noon could recover freedom quickly.The poor people dream of the sun at noon, and they can get unexpected money.Dreaming of the sun was suddenly covered by the dark clouds, and the days when they came down.Dreaming of the sun on his own bed is not a good sign, which means that you want to get sick.Dreaming that the house is full of sunlight, life will be happy and happy.Dreaming that the sun is like fire, it will suffer from eye disease.The businessman dreams of the scorching sun, and the business will lose money.Tourists dream of the scorching sun, and they will encounter many difficulties and accidents on the way.Dreaming of sleeping in the sun will be trapped in trouble, but in the end you can succeed.

42 Stars: Dreaming that the stars are flashing in the night, you have to make good luck.The married woman dreams of the flickering stars at night, and the husband and wife life will be happy.Unmarried women dream of the shining stars in the sky in the night, no matter where they go, there will be many supporters.Patients dream of flickering stars at night, and they will soon return to health.Dreaming of the flickering stars in the moonlight can surrender the enemy.Dreaming of the shining stars at night was covered by black clouds, and he would get sick.Dreaming of meteors will get sick or be bad.

April March: Dreaming of a moonlight night is a symbol of pleasure.The married woman dreamed of no moon night, and she wanted to love her husband, but she was unhappy.The unmarried man dreamed of the moonlight night, it was auspicious.Dreaming of the night quickly passed, he would be strong and strong.The patient dreamed that the night was over soon, and soon the illness would recover.

44 Rainbow: A married man dreams of the rainbow. It is a sign of Xiangxiang. Life will be happy and full of love.The married woman dreams of the rainbow and will be separated from her husband for a long time.The unmarried man dreamed of the rainbow and was about to get married soon.The unmarried woman dreams of the rainbow and will marry a clever and capable husband.The man in love dreams of the rainbow is a good sign, and he will get along very happy with his lover.Those who left home dreamed of the rainbow and soon had to go home and reunited with their wives and children.The patient dreamed of the rainbow, and his body recovered quickly.The prisoner dreamed of the rainbow, his health would deteriorate, and the weight decreased.The soldiers dreamed of the rainbow, and they would soon enter the front line to participate in a fierce battle.Farmers dream of the rainbow is a good sign and can get a big harvest.The businessman dreams of the rainbow is an ominous sign, and the business will lose money.Tourists dream of rainbow, and their goals will definitely achieve.The exile dreamed of the rainbow, and he would soon return to his motherland.Dreaming of half a rainbow, disasters will come.

45 Thunder: Dreaming of thunderstorms, his career will be successful.The married woman dreams of a thunderstorm and will love her husband more.The unmarried woman dreamed that the rain was pouring and the thunder was roaring, and she would marry a well -known person.The businessman dreamed that the thunder was a masterpiece, and he would make a fortune.The patient dreamed that the rain was pouring and the thunder was roaring, and his body would recover soon.The prisoner dreamed that the rainstorm would soon be released from prison.

46 Cold wind: Dreaming of cold wind, invading muscle bones, there will be good news soon.The married woman dreamed of the cold wind, frozen her body, and soon was invited to return to her mother’s house.Dreaming of wet wind, there will be noble guests.A married woman dreamed of scraping the wet wind and was pregnant soon.Dreaming of scraping the hot wind, getting sick.

47 Storm: Dreaming of storms coming, you will get unexpected gains.The married woman dreamed that the storm was coming, her life was abundant, her children became, and her husband’s income would increase.Unmarried women dream of storms, marriage will be autonomous, and she can be associated with rich people.The unmarried man dreamed that the girl who would marry Yin Ji’s family would be a wife, and her life would be rich.The businessman dreamed that he would try to sell products and make a fortune.The patient dreamed of storm, and his body would recover soon.Tourists dream of storms, and travel will be happy.

48 Tornado: Men dream of tornado and can find the lost friends.Women dream of tornado, and female guests will come to the door.Patients dream of tornado, and their condition will worsen.The prisoner dreamed of the tornado and would soon meet with relatives.The businessman dreamed that the business would suddenly be frustrated.Tourists dream of tornado and return safely.

49 Snow: Men dream of snow, it will be rich.Women dream of snow, and all sorrows will disappear.Patients dreamed of snow and could restore health soon.The businessman dreamed of snow and went to a far away country to do business.People in the mountains dream of snow, and they will leave the residence to move to the distant town to live.

50 rain: Dreaming of heavy rain, career will encounter obstacles, dreaming of storms, and work will have good income.A woman dreams of storms, and her family will encounter difficulties.Dreaming of heavy rain from his wife and lover will separate from them for a long time.Farmers dream of heavy rain, and they are auspicious and will get a bumper harvest.But businessmen dreamed that business would lose money.The patient dreamed that it was raining and would not be able to bed.Tourists dream of raining, and the travel will end successfully.

51 Yuncai: Dreaming of Yuncai is a sign.Dreaming of Yuncai was blown by the wind, the sky was fine, the disaster would be eliminated quickly, and it was gone.Dreaming of clouds near the sun is a good sign, which means that with the help of noble people, it can get rid of the predicament.Dreaming of Bai Yun, the crops of my neighbors will get a bumper harvest.Dreaming of Wuyun, infectious diseases will occur in the residential area.Dreaming of Caiyun, neighbors will have a bleeding incident, or the enemy violates the land.Dreaming of flying in the clouds will become the leader of the residential area.

52 Yuanyue: Dreaming of Yuanyue, get rich, get noble.Men dreamed that the bright moonlight poured on the earth, and the money would be covered, and an accident was going to occur.Pregnant women dream of a full moon, and they will have a beautiful boy.When the crew dreamed of the disabled moon, he would be unfortunate, and there must be an accident when sailing.The unmarried man dreamed of the new moon, and couples would abandon themselves because they were distressed and often insomnia.Girls dream of half a month is an ominous sign.Patients dream of full moon, and their bodies will soon recover.

Food in May: Dreaming of lunar eclipse, indicating that female members of the main relatives, especially families are sick or died.Dreaming of solar eclipse will lose their ability to live, and the economy will still be lost.Women dream of half a food, and the married daughter will return to heaven.A woman dreams of half food, which means that her son is sick or her husband’s economic source is reduced.Dreaming of lunar eclipse or solar eclipse, the sky is covered with black clouds, and when you are in trouble, you will get the help of friends.

54 basket: The basket in dreams can also be used as a sexual symbol of women.Baskets filled with fruits or other foods can symbolize health.A empty basket can represent emptiness.

55 Anger: Dreaming of being angry with others will establish friendship with him.Dreaming of friends getting angry with themselves, there will be a gap between them.Young people dream of getting older to their lover and will get married soon.The businessman dreams of hates their customers, which means that the customer is endless, and the profit has doubled.Dreaming of dissatisfaction with elders, carefree life, happiness.The prisoner dreamed that the judge who tried his case was furious to himself, and he was ready to be released.

56 Workers: If there is a construction worker or a channel in the dream to repair your house, the significance of this worker is to point you a problem in you or your life, and you may tell you how to solve it (House = You = YouOwn).In the same way, workers also have the same meaning in working in the sewer.For example, if a worker is dredging into the sewer, it can mean that you have an emotional "sewer" that needs to be solved.

57 Dreaming: Dreaming is very waking up, dreaming that you have woke up, and you will get sick.A married woman dreams of being awake and is separated from her husband.Pregnant women dreamed that they had not fell asleep, and there was a problem with embryos.Unmarried men and women dreamed that they had woke up, and their love with their lover would be deeper.The patient dreamed that he was awake, and the illness he suffered was incurable.The businessman dreamed that he had not slept, his business had to lose money, or his face was frowning because of business closure.Tourists dreamed that they had woke up and would be attacked by robbers on the way.Dreaming that others are not sleeping, it is auspicious, and it will get the help of others if necessary.Dreaming that his wife or lover had woke up and could get her love.

58 Young people: The younger than himself and the same gender as himself symbolizes his simplicity and naive ingredients. This ingredient has not been polluted by hypocrisy, ambition, and inappropriate pursuit.If this is the case, you should love your own ingredients, and take pride, protect, and care for this pure part.Dreaming of young people may still be subconsciously suggested that you restore your vitality (whether you are middle -aged or somewhat depressed) or make your personality or life creative change or change.

59 hair: Dreaming of your hair grow, it means that he is sick.Dreaming that the hair of others is long, you will be annoying the world of vulgarity and hard work.Dreaming of white hair, you will be sad and sad.Dreaming of combing with a comb, life will be happy and comfortable.Dreaming of short hair, doom is short -term.A woman dreams of her hair, the couple is loving, and her happiness is long.A woman dreams of her hair and cut her hair, which is a sign of widow.Women dream of being dragged by her hair, which means death or leave her husband because of unfortunately.

60 Vote: Dreaming of voting for other people is in doom.Women dream of voting for other people’s votes, and the couple will be disagreeable.Dreaming of others vote for their own votes, it will be prestigious.Women dream of others vote for their own votes, they will sweep the floor prestigious, and they are notorious.The businessmen dream of others voting their own votes, and they will drive away competitors and can make a fortune.Dreaming of voters in voting will increase additional expenses.Dreaming of someone who voted for his opposition during the meeting would be insulted.

61 Weapon: Sometimes symbolic.Women dreaming that men hold weapons to attack her often representing men’s sexual desire for her.In a dream, when a woman rushed over by holding a knife and gun, she was often scared to escape, but in fact, these dreamers needed a man to treat her with a more active and aggressive attitude.What the dreamer is really afraid is the desire in her own heart: I hope to be conquered by a man, and hopes that men will have her sexuality.Men dreaming about weapons is sometimes representative, especially when the "opponent" in dreams is a woman.But at other times, it represents attack, hostility, anger, but most of the victims and attackers at the time of attack are you, and are different parts of your heart.Sometimes, weapons are used for self -defense to fight terrible enemies, which often shows that your life is too nervous and anxious.

62 Money: Sometimes money represents itself.For example, some people who are economical are more economical and dream of picking up a lot of money, which is extremely happy.Unfortunately, when he woke up, the money in his dream was disappeared.He sighed: "If I saved the money into the bank at that time, I could at least spend at least when I was in the next dream … Although I was a poor when I woke up, I could be a rich man." Another likeSomeone dreamed that he lost his wallet. He went to see the next morning and found that the wallet was well placed in the handbag.But the handbag was opened.So she quickly repaired the handbag.This dream was the "primitive person in our hearts" found the wallet and reminded her to prevent losing money with a dream.Money can also represent value.A girl dreamed that there was a shiny coin on the ground, and it was a sputum.It means that she thought that someone or something was valuable. Later, it was discovered that the person or the thing was not only worthless, but also disgusting.

63 Yinjian: It may symbolize despair. In this case, you should ask a psychologist to consult to relieve some psychological pressure.Sometimes, you can also have a good side when you see the underworld. It symbolizes that for your personality, you "must die."To exact the meaning of the dream, it depends on your encounter in the underworld.If you see light there, then this is a good symbol, symbolizing your consciousness to find your subconscious.The elderly dream of the yin, sometimes because of worry about death.After waking up, the elderly may also worry about this dream, because they often have superstitious ideas and feel that they really have gone through the yin.If an old man talks about such dreams, he should generally be comforted and explain to them that there is nothing embarrassed.Yin also represents things buried in the deep memory. If you dream of seeing a dead relative and friend in the underworld, this means that he recalled him or a kind of old emotional or habit of resurrection.

64 Field Land: Dreaming into the field and bushes means that you put aside your current mentality or life and enter such a state. In this state, everything is possible, and you must make a choice.If so, your subconscious is summoning you to enter a new stage of development. If the field is desolate, it symbolizes your emotional life and is lonely.Beheading: Indicates punishment.Therefore, it may tell you that some negative mode in your life should be improved.Indicates a need to get freedom from excessive rationality.Therefore, you should give it more space.For those who are nerd and too rational and lack of emotional colors, it is a congratulatory thing to be beheaded in dreams.After cutting your head, you will notice that you not only have one head, not just thought, you have heart, feelings, flesh, instinct, intuition, you will be a more comprehensive person, more complete people, more complete peopleEssenceIn a dream, such people are often relaxed and happy when they are beheaded.For example, a lady dreamed that people were beheading, and her head was chopped, but she was not dead and she was in a good mood.We can infer that this is probably a too rational woman.There is also a meaning of beheading, which is the symbol of castration.If a man dreamed of being chopped, especially the bald head was chopped, it often made this meaning.This dream is very anxious.

65 Police officers: Police officers naturally represent the maintenance of order, law and morality.He is also often a symbol of "Super I" or a symbol of conscience.The pursuit of police officers in the dream shows that you have some ideas and impulses that you are opposed by your super me.You should think about why the police arrested you.See if you have some bad ideas, if so, don’t think about it.Or, convince your own supense, so that you should ask yourself not to be too harsh.People are not sages and cannot ask yourself at the standard of sages, otherwise you will be invincible.

66 Blind: If you are blind, it means that you have a part of your unknown or unknown.You should ask yourself what you don’t see?Is it outside?Ask yourself if you are confusing in some aspects of your own?Although these ingredients are caused by your current situation, they are actually rooted in your heart.Try to face it and go back to the early life.Blind, it may mean that you don’t know what you should do in the next step, or if you have a sense of help.If this is the case, you should challenge yourself, do not find excuses to avoid your responsibility for life.To master your own destiny, so you will not be "blind", and you can clearly see what you are doing in your heart.

Road 67: Dreaming of two roads, most of the dreams that emphasize the two roads are related to choice.If you are facing your choice during your dreams, you can be more convinced that the two roads in your dreams are representing these two choices.When a dreamer was in job hunting, he was choosing between two companies and hesitated.In the evening he dreamed: "I walk into a small alley with another person, there are two roads in front, one to the left, and one to the right. We are advanced on the left. On the left side of this road, there is a hut.Like a cave, the door of the hut is green stone, and there seems to be some troublesome cases on it. "(Remind me on the sculpture on the seal) I opened the door, and the light inside was dark.I feel like this place has been here once.Like a hole.There are two statues of Luxi on the left wall of the cave, like statues in Buddhist caves.There is a window behind the statue, which is shiny.I think it’s a little bit brighter than last time."Go back to this house (outside the cave) and walk along the road. The road in front is divided into two, and the road on the right is towards a small house. I know there is a person in this small house, so long like me when I was a teenager.I don’t know where to go. "" At this time, the person and I turned back and turned to the back, that is, the road on the right side of the first intersection. There was an old man who came out from there.Where did I not go? "" People who are with me in the dream first are like a friend in Company A, and then another friend of the company.The two companies that are uncertain. I am working in Company A now, and a larger Japanese company has another chance to let me enter. "After analyzing the dream, in this dream, he proposed that he had" two roads "from the beginning.Then let him take a look at the current situation and prospects of Company A.Like a hut, a cave, a green Yumen look like a seal, it means that the dreamer in Company A has a certain power.Liang Lixing’s portrait represents the dream and the friend must work very hard, and then there will be some light.Two ways forward are two possible directions for the development of Company A.The place where the turn around is the Japanese company, which is characterized by the people around him who become a friend of Company B after turning.The characteristics of the elderly who take them are very similar to the owner of the company.It can be seen that although the dreamer was regretful to leave Company A, he still "turned" Company B.

68 Babies: There is no symbolic meaning if it appears in the dream of pregnant women.Non -pregnant women’s dreams may show their desire to want a child in the subconscious.The representative of the dream (whether the male, female) is fragile, or longing for love.This injured and indecent part in your heart should at least get your love and self -love. Only in this way can the child part in your heart grow and mature.It can symbolize your purity, innocent, and true self: that is, you really look, different from that you have been in various external environments.It looks like the condition.It symbolizes some new development in your personality or your personal life.

69 Beating: Dreaming of being beaten yourself, life will be rich.Dreaming of strangers will encounter difficulties.Dreaming of his family was killed, the family would add population.Dreaming of fighting animals, get rich.The prisoner dreamed of being beaten and was released soon.Boss: It is related to your true relationship with your boss.On the other hand, especially when the boss is a male, it is a symbol of super me.If you are your own boss in your dream.There are two possibilities: one is to remind you that you should get along with people with a more cooperative and mild attitude, not like a boss everywhere: the second is to guide you to grasp yourself.

70 Travel: Dreaming of traveling alone, I will be very happy in old age.A woman dreamed of traveling alone and swept the floor prestigious.Dreaming of traveling with his wife, the marriage will be happy and happy.Dreaming of traveling with friends will look high.Patients dreamed of traveling alone, and they couldn’t afford to bed for a long time.The soldiers dream of traveling outside, which means that they want to go to the front line and be able to win the prize.The elderly in men dream of traveling, they will resign with the world.Businessmen dream of travelers, and business will go bankrupt.Dreaming of talking to travelers will have good news.Dreaming of making friends with travelers will be deceived at the meeting, but can break the fortune and avoid disaster.

Sun and Moon:

The sun and the moon come out: Ji, there are officials to be officials.

The sun and the moon go down: fierce, worry about the death of parents.

Swallow the sun and the moon: Ji, born noble son.

The sun and the moon are dim: Ji, pregnant women are not sick.

The sun enters the embrace: Ji, give birth to noble son.

The sun and the moon meet: Ji, his wife is pregnant.

The moon enters the embrace: Ji, a noble girl.

Sunshine shot into the house: Ji, suitable positions are obtained.

The sun and the moon fight: fierce, the career is defeated.

Worship the sun and the moon: Ji, the career is prosperous.

Sunlight and moonlight are on the body: Ji, promoted to important positions.

The sun and the moon are running: Ji, mistakes and sins are punished.

Back or holding the sun and the moon: Ji, a big official, and a great status.

Star: Stars enter the embrace: Ji, born noble son.

Stars degenerate: fierce, illness, lawsuit.

The horizontal string of the meteor is not falling: to relocate.

Meteor appearing: fierce, home houses are restless.

Worship to the stars and the moon: Ji, enter the temple to burn incense’s face.

God: Tianmenzi: Ji, expensive referral.

Red Tianmen appeared: Ji, a big official.

Seeking his wife in the sky: Ji, children of children are rich.

Take things in the sky: Ji, live in the throne, and be a leader.

Flying to the sky: Ji, big wealth.

The sky cracks: fierce, worry about the division of the country, and the west -ups.

It’s about to light up: Ji, healthy and longevity.

The heavens and the earth are combined: Ji, all the things pursuing can be obtained.

Hongyun and Baiyun appeared: Ji.

Yun came from all directions: Ji, doing business smoothly.

Qingyun and Black Cloud appeared: fierce.

Clouds and fog fluttering: Ji, doing things very smoothly.

The sound of the wind is like a thunder: a letter from a distance.

Wind blowing people’s clothes: fierce, to have diseases.

Rainbow appears: Ji.

Caixia is full of days: Ji, everything is like.

Creamy Snow: Fierce, do not do things.

Snow falls in the house and the courtyard: fierce, the family will die.

Snowflake fell on his body: Ji, successful career.

Snowflakes fall but do not stick to themselves: fierce, dead in the family, do funeral.

Rainy down: Fierce.

On the way, Yuru: Ji, was invited to eat banquet to eat wine and meat.

Rainy wind: Fierce, death.Lei: Thunder: Ji, as an official.

Thunder is scary and terrible: Ji, residential peace.

Being thunder: Ji, wealth.

After the thunder, there is another earthquake: Ji, ideal implementation.

Electric: Flash Thunder is based on itself: Ji.

Shake the earth: Ji, go elsewhere to be an official.

Cracks on the earth: fierce, sick.

Xiu Pingdian: Fierce.

The earth is sinking: fierce, the house is restless.

Earth emitting: Ji, Dafu.

Fire comes out of the earth: fierce, sick.

The earth is dark: fierce.

There are soil on your body: Ji.

Digging: Ji, you can do it.

Earth in the body: Ji.

Wet mud soil dirty clothes: fierce.

Sweeping the floor: Fierce, lawsuit.

The wall appears: fierce, lawsuit.

Living at a high place: Ji, wealth.

Falling and falling on the ground: fierce, losing officials and lost positions.

Living on the mountains: Ji, there are happy events.

Tour to Takayama: Ji, spring and summer auspicious.

Walking on the soil slopes: Thinking of the disease.

Walking on the mountain to pick up the money: Ji, blessing, wealth.

Holding things up the mountain: Ji, pregnant noble son.

Farmers appear in the mountains: Ji, rich food and clothing.

I was scared to go up the mountain: Ji, the job with a lot of income was obtained.

There are soils on the chest or belly: fierce, children, children and grandchildren die.

Big stones appear: Ji, get rich.

Sleep on the stone: Ji.

Make small stones: Ji, give birth to noble son.

Pick up things from the stone: Ji, high income occupation.

Go to the mountains: Ji, everything goes well.

Climbing rocks, holding stones: Ji, he is an official.

Wood germination: Ji, descendants prosperous.

The forest in the garden is lush: Ji.

Trees are withered: fierce, residential restlessness.

Life and sleep in the woods: fierce, sick treatment.

Trees are withered: fierce, people have disasters.

The new tree in the forest: Ji, the family add noble son.

Planting trees: Ji.

Climb up the branches and branches to break: fierce, there are deaths and injuries.

Climbing Da Tree: Ji, Name, gaining.

Big tree deciduous: Ji, there are nobles protection.

Long tree on your palm: fierce, worry about parents.

The big tree suddenly broke: the disaster of fierce, fierce.

Can’t get home at home: Ji, get rich.

Pine trees on the house: Ji, the official residence is high, and the door is prominent.

Fruit tree in the middle of the door: Ji, his wife is pregnant.

The long -body tree in the family: Ji, the family is better, turning rich.

Ballad tree at home: Ji.

Maple tree on the house: Ji, everything goes smoothly.

Enter the orchard: Ji, make a fortune.

Magnolia tree is born in front of the room: Ji, add descendants.

Mulberry trees on the house: fierce, worry.

Fruit tree mature: Ji, descendants are safe.

Seeing bamboo shoots: Ji, Tians and grandchildren.

Cut bamboo: fierce, quarrel, tongue.

Tree on the base: Ji, rich.

Turning Tree: Ji, what you pursue can be obtained.

There are firewood in the hall: fierce.

There are mulberry trees in the hall: fierce, lawsuit.

The green tree suddenly dried: fierce, mother was sick.

There are many jujube trees, red and red: fierce, quarrel, tongue.

Divide in flower: fierce, scattered, parting.

Flowers and plants are lush: Ji, residential peace.

Hua Bai: Ji, Da Gui.

Flowers: Fierce, his wife is dying and dead.

Cotton: Ji, wealth, wealth.

Others send grass: Ji, get rich.

Cutting grass: Fierce, suffering from poverty.

The grass falls from his hand: fierce, major illnesses, and evil.

Walk in the garden: Ji, wealth.

In the water: Ji.

Pig fell in the water: fierce.

Do not let water flow: fierce, misfortune.

Drinking water: Ji, getting rich.

Flowing: Fierce, lawsuit was accused.

See water: Ji.

Seeing Dashi: Ji, marriage.

Seeing Jiang, Lake, Lake: Ji, a good career.

Walking on the water: Ji.

Standing on the water: fierce.

Fire comes out of the water: Ji.

Dahe clarified: Ji.

Other people have water: fierce, dying.

Send a lot of water: fierce.

Based by water: fierce, charged and prison.

Hands holding a fire handle: Ji, all sides.

Burning fire: Ji.

Burning mountains: Ji, Xiangui, etc.

Burning of his own house: Ji, the career is prosperous.

In the fire: Ji, the support of noble people.

Burning the sky: Ji, the country is important.

Burning well: fierce, sick.

The kitchen fire rises: fierce, urgent matter.

Flame Yan Yan: Ji, get rich.

Black fire cigarette: fierce, sick.

Burning river: Ji, long life.

Look at the candle fire: Ji, get rich.

Lantern candles bright: Ji.

Ascend to the high -rise building: Ji, big wealth.

Drink on high -rise buildings: Ji, wealth.

High -rise buildings: Ji, peace and peace.

Shangcheng’s fierce candidates dragged: Ji.

Murder in the city: Ji, go out.Executive duties on the city: Ji, the official position is prominent.The city is connected to the blue color: Ji.City on the city: Ji.Destruction on the house: fierce, fierce family.There is a coffin in the hall: fierce, happy.The corner of the house is covered: Ji, long life.House update: Ji.Move into his new house: Ji.Live outside the house: Ji, his wife is pregnant.Suitable to break the house: Ji, marry a beautiful wife.The history of the house is over: fierce, there are things that are unsatisfactory.Talk to people’s houses: fierce.Fight with women: Ji.The roof beam suddenly broke: fierce.The courtyard house is built in a low concave pit: fierce, death.Digging on the wall: fierce.Military House: Ji.Tile: Fierce, women fight for houses.There is a horse in the house: Ji, the son is anxious.Grass in the house: Ji, the home is defeated at home.Temple of people: Ji, born noble son.The temple has pleased: Ji, the disease is good.Migration: Ferry, disease.Starting warehouse: Ji, blessing, wealth arrive.Enter the warehouse: Ji.

Warehouse falls to the wall and destroy: fierce.The portal is tall: Ji, wealthy.New portal: Ji, big wealth.The portal is big: Ji.Door update: Ji, born noble son.The portal cracks: Ji.The door is automatically opened: fierce, Tunzi has an affair and private affairs.Broken portal: fierce.The gate of the city is big: fierce, quarrel, tongue.The portal is blocked: fierce, everything is unreasonable.Madam in the gate: Fierce.Repair portal: Ji.Stone portal: Ji, long life. Grass in front of the door: Ji, official.There is a ditch pit in front of the door: fierce, you can’t do things.The house opens the door: fierce, private.Tap someone else’s house: Ji.Some people get started: fierce, lawsuit.Skyfire burning the door: fierce, family death, funeral.Dig out the water: Ji, far faith.Well dry: fierce, fortune.The house is in the well: fierce, sick.Jingzhong Zhao body: Ji, received a generous position.Follow the well: fierce, serious illness.Take the well water Qing: Ji.Take the pond water Qing: Ji.The well water comes out: Ji, get rich.The well was damaged: fierce, the family was defeated.Well is about to do: fierce, home is about to break.There are fish in the well: Ji, expensive.Look at the sound to hear the sound: fierce, raw tongue, quarrel.Fu Zang in the well: fierce, crime, jail.Drunk well: fierce, lawsuit.Family in the well: fierce, the eldest son has fierce things.Taojing, making well: Ji, Da Gui.Oversal Falling the well: Ji, great happy event.Water under the stove: Ji, there is a wealth.Burning fire under the stove: Ji, famous voice.Stove and pot break: fierce, death.In the official kitchen: Ji, obtain a large income position.There are two stoves in the house: fierce, nothing.There is something under the stove called: fierce, there is something arguing.Blowing fire under the stove: fierce, home broken, discrete.Tao toilet: Ji, getting money.Go to the toilet and be in urine shit: Ji.Original address: Zhou Gong interpretation (lost version)

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