Zhou Gong’s Dream Six

Tie the braid

Dreaming of braids means that the problem will be resolved, "Ji Zhao".

Hair is messy

· Dreaming of my hair is messy or entangled, indicating that the relationship will have triangle disputes.

· Dreaming of falling on the hair is chaotic, it implies that the descendants will be unfortunate.

Long corner

· Dreaming that you have two horns like ghosts, you will have legal problems.

· But if there is only one horn, it will be a good dream.

· Kissing each other in a dream, or a lover like a lover, represents the opportunity of you and him to become a lover.

· You can only look at each other from a distance, indicating that you have a problem with him.

· Seeing the other person away from you in a dream, it means that you and him have a chance to develop, but you often miss the opportunity

Have dropped

The fall of the falling nose means that the loss of confidence, disappointment, and unfortunateness will happen.

Nose congestion, no sense of smell

Nasal congestion and no smell, indicating weak judgment and observation.


Dreaming of your nose grow taller. This is a dream that he had met in trouble.


Dreaming that you underwent rhinoplasty indicates that your luck will be better and better.

Lose my nose

Dreaming of his nose is gone, it means that you will go bankrupt or lose everything.

Tip of the nose

Dreaming of your tip of your nose indicates that you will become poor.

Nose hair

· Dreaming of your nose hair grows. This is a dream of talking about business, marriage, or borrowing money, and you will fail.


Dreaming that your nose becomes very dry, it means you will get sick recently.

Long mole

Dreaming of his nose with moles, it is said to be a mole.But dreaming of his nose with moles, but it means that it will cause trouble in love.

If you dream of being attacked by a demon, you will have life -threatening.

· Dreaming of a monster is chasing himself that there will be troubles that will happen

· Dreaming of being pressed by a monster to show that luck will improve.

· If it is killed by a monster, it means that he will be sick or hindered by the destructive person and cannot act smoothly.· Dreaming of monsters running home, indicating that there will be a dispute at home or will be lost due to deception.

· If you catch up with monsters, you will be able to avoid a disaster or everything.

· Dreaming of killing monsters, gambling or all lawsuits will win.

· In the dream, he defeated the devil and said that he would be famous.


Dreaming of deafness means that the image of stability is a good sign.

Many ears

A lot of ears indicate good friends and partners.


The ears of the beast indicated that there was a conspiracy to commit a crime.

Dreaming of lunatic, you have to make good luck.The girl dreamed that she would marry a rich and wishful man.Jiezi dreamed of lunatic, and he would find a loyal servant.Dreaming of her wife crazy, she will arrange her family to organize.


Dreaming of giving a lot of money for reasons that he would have unexpected reasons.

If there is a construction worker or a pipe worker in the dream to repair your house, the significance of this worker is to point you a problem in yourself or your life, and you may tell you how to solve it (house = yourself).In the same way, workers also have the same meaning in working in the sewer.For example, if a worker is dredging into the sewer, it can mean that you have an emotional "sewer" that needs to be solved.

· Dreaming about discussing things with work partners, implies that the plan may be blocked or stagnated.

· Dreaming of discussions or negotiations, it means that you will encounter difficulties in real life.


Dreaming of the police standing is a sign of danger.Dreaming of being arrested will become the character that government officials like.The criminals dreamed that the police arrested people and committed crimes many times.Dreaming about talking to the police will be improved.A woman dreamed of talking to the police, her husband’s bodyguard would be injured.But the prisoner dreamed that talking to the police will soon be released.The businessman dreamed of talking to the police to prevent competitors.Leaders dream of talking to the police, the government and the police will respect themselves very much.Dreaming of arguing with the police is a omen, indicating that the enemies and robbers are threatening themselves.The unmarried man dreamed of quarrel with the police and would run away with his couple.Men dream of asking for assistance, and the dreamers will be happy and safe.Women dreamed of helping the police help, and soon they were released from prison.Dreaming of the police will be corrupted with public funds and suffer heavy losses.Dreaming of being a police officer, he would sweep the floor prestigious.Dreaming of being wearing police uniforms will be implicated by criminal cases.

Dreaming of meeting with the judge, the family will have a lot of money, or spend a lot of lawsuits.Dreaming of being an official, he must be at a high position.Dreaming that he was submitted to the court for crime would be punished by law.Dreaming of the judge is happy and wants to inherit the ancestral heritage.

Dreaming of nurse, you have to make good luck.The married woman dreamed of the nurse and was pregnant soon, and she was a noble son.Girls dream of a group of beautiful nurses who are about to marry soon.Girls dream of quarreling with nurse, the marriage is not smooth, and they cannot get married.Patients dreamed of nurse, and the pain was about to pass.A woman dreamed of being a nurse, and her life was difficult.

When you do not fulfill your obligations, you will have this dream.It means you must face what you escape.


The thickened neck means that the fame and fortune are doubled, and the luck will get better and better.


Indicates independence.There may be misfortunes.


It means that it will receive a good gift.

· But if you feel pain when you are killed, there will be unfortunate things.

· If there is blood from being killed, there will be unfavorable legends, and things that cause yourself pain.There is something stuck in the throat

There is something stuck in the throat.Especially as a dream, you must go to a doctor, often the throat is really sick

It is a good sign to dream of the army’s opening or the army in a standing posture.Dreaming of the army will be unfortunate.Dreaming of the army defeated, the unlucky days are coming.Dreaming of the army’s victory, you have to handle good luck.

1. It is related to your real relationship with your boss.2. On the other hand, especially when the boss is a male, it is a symbol of super me.

3. If you are your own boss in your dream.There are two possibilities: one is to remind you that you should get along with people with a more cooperative and mild attitude, not like a boss everywhere: the second is to guide you to grasp yourself.

Symbol of mental exhaustion.When your life loses his vitality and feels collapse without impulsive, you will have such a dream.

· Dreaming of the death of the elderly means that you will be reborn, indicating that you want to start a new life in a new environment.

· If you have a good relationship with the teacher in the dream, it means that you are now difficult to communicate with people older than you.

· If you become a teacher in your dream, it means that your current interpersonal relationship is just your unilateral effort.

Wash your face

When you do n’t wash your face when you do n’t wash your face, it means that you are hateful.


Dreaming of touching your face means you want to combine with him as soon as possible.


· Dreaming that your face becomes terrible or ugly, that is, there is a precursor to income with money.The more ugly your face becomes, the greater the money you get. It is a lucky dream.· Dreaming of family or friends had a terrible face, saying that the person would be unfortunate.

· If your lover has a cold attitude towards you in your dreams, it means that you are developing smoothly.

· If it is very enthusiastic, you have the possibility of being betrayed.

Dreaming of martyrs will be respected by people and keeps progressing.Dreaming of a female martyr, to make a fortune.Dreaming of being scolded by the martyrs, the situation is extremely unfavorable to himself.Dreaming that he became a martyr, he would get a disaster.

Dreaming of welcoming the team, the family is going to die.A woman dreams of welcoming the family, her husband’s house is arguing.The married man dreams of participating in the welcome team, and he will be at a high position, and people are seeking themselves.A married woman dreams of participating in the welcome team, she will soon become pregnant, and she can have a beautiful boy.Unmarried men and women dream of welcoming relatives, they will get a good relationship.The unmarried man dreams of participating in the welcome team and will run with his lover.The prisoners dream of joining the welcome team and will soon get freedom.Patients dream of participating in the welcome team, and their condition will deteriorate.Dreaming of participating in a political or religious parade will have good news.Political leaders dream of joining the political or religious parade will be respected by national leaders.Tourists dream of participating in a political or religious parade, and a car accident will occur.


It means that your friends will be worrying.


Dreaming that your eyebrows are dropped unknowingly, then your family may have a disaster.

Eyebrow growth

Dreaming of your eyebrow growth indicates your life.

Men dreamed that women were monks, and countless disasters would come.A woman dreamed of talking to the monk, and the husband’s family could live in harmony and live a happy life.Girls dream of arguing with women who are monks.

1. The young people who are younger than themselves and are the same gender as themselves symbolize their simplicity and naive ingredients. This ingredient has not been polluted by hypocrisy, ambition, and inappropriate pursuit.If this is the case, you should love your own ingredients, and take pride, protect, and care for this pure part.

2. Dreaming that young people may be subconsciously suggesting that you will restore your vitality (whether you are in a middle age or a little depressed) or make your personality or life a creative change or change.

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