Zhu Zhu takes a fitness photo, holding dumbbells with stomach, how much exercise during pregnancy is more appropriate

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Zhu Zhu is not only the host and actor, but also has been selected as "100 most beautiful faces in the world" many times, that is, in the stars, it is also a goddess -level person!

Recently, Zhu Zhu, who has been exposed in several hit dramas, has developed quite well in the acting career. There are also good news in life. He walked into the marriage hall with his boyfriend and had "love crystals".

However, the beauty Zhu Zhu did not give up self -discipline, and maintained a good weight, and insisted on the habit of exercise.

On May 10, Zhu Zhu took a fitness photo on her personal social platform. In the photo, she was wearing a comfortable sportswear, half a big pregnant belly, and holding a dumbbell with both hands and smiling at the camera.

It can be seen that although the stomach looks bloated, the goddess is still slender, and the body is well maintained. If it is not surprising, there should be no problem.

Of course, although Zhu Zhu himself smiled happily, the way of raising the dumbbells still caused many netizens to worry. After all, the mother was very fragile during pregnancy.

In fact, many female stars in the entertainment industry will take their own fitness photos during pregnancy, which is common for them.

For example, Tang Yixin chose to swim, Jiang Qinqin was pregnant with a pregnant belly for yoga, and Yao Chen also shared photos of going to the gym during pregnancy. Miss Zhang Zilin, the world, did not exercise during the twice pregnancy.

It can be seen that actresses are still strict with their own figures. On the other hand, they are also for the health of the baby, and they also maintain fitness habits during pregnancy.

If the amount of exercise is large, and the guidance of professionals, fitness during pregnancy is not much risk, but it is much beneficial.

For example, exercise consumption is high, which can help pregnant mothers control weight, stabilize insulin levels, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and reduce the chance of huge children.

The second is to relieve stress and improve the mood of pregnant mothers. At the same time, it also improves the body’s immunity and makes the baby baby more energetic.

Finally, adherence to regular and moderate exercise can improve the physical condition of pregnant mothers, and can also strengthen muscles. In this way, it can be easier during childbirth, shortening the output process, and reducing the risk of complications.

Of course, not all pregnant mothers are suitable for exercise. People who are weak or unstable in their bodies, and have no exercise foundation, do not try it easily.

So, how much exercise during pregnancy is more suitable?There is no fixed answer, depending on the specific physical fitness of all pregnant mothers.

1. Consult the doctor’s suggestion

The most important thing is to judge whether your body is suitable for exercise according to the doctor’s diagnosis.

For example, some pregnant mothers are susceptible to miscarriage, so they must cooperate with the doctor’s suggestion to rest in bed, especially in the early three months of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will have a threatened abortion bleeding, which is still better.

But not to say that all pregnant mothers have to bed. If everything is good after delivery, it is not necessary. As long as there is no discomfort, you can perform appropriate exercise, and it can also promote the health of pregnant mothers and fetal baby!

2, do your best

No matter what you can do beyond your own ability, you are not as powerful as you think.

There was a pregnant mother who dragged the ground to sweep the floor, and cleaned it inside and outside. As a result, the baby in the stomach failed to keep it.

Not everyone can be pregnant and upside down like Chen Yihan, because she had a good habit of maintaining exercise before, and the amount of exercise may be greater before.

However, if you are an ordinary person, you do n’t have exercise habits before pregnancy. If you are pregnant with a lot of exercise, you will cause physical discomfort.

Therefore, if you feel that your body is too tired and your body is sore, it may be that you have excessive exercise.

3. Choose suitable sports

The baby’s baby is getting bigger and bigger, and all exercises must be moderate. The obstetrician suggested that some more gentle exercises, such as walking slowly, or gently pregnancy yoga under the guidance of professionals.

Try not to stimulate the joints too much, or do a lot of pull -up movements, it is easy to get to the stomach.

If you do n’t have any fitness habits before pregnancy, you still do n’t do not do your best exercise during pregnancy, and do not increase your exercise at once, you can start to adapt your body slowly from a short period of time.

4. Follow the heart rate

Everyone’s heart rate is different. The heartbeat during pregnancy will be slightly faster. Generally, the heart rate of pregnancy is 130 times per minute.

The more intuitive feeling is that you can try to talk to others. If you can’t say a complete sentence, it means that some exercise is too much, and you should slow down or stop.

Because everyone’s physical fitness is different, generally this "speaking experiment" method will be relatively stable, allowing you to know what the degree of exercise you can withstand.

5. Pay attention to replenishing water

After exercise, you will lose water because of sweating, and you should pay attention to hydration, but do not drink carbonated drinks or sports drinks, because this kind of drink is super high in sugar, and after exercising for a long time, you drink a large mouthful of sugar water.More sugar and calories are almost worthy!

Pregnant mothers still try to drink boiled water as much as possible, which will be healthier.

In general, as long as you are in the presence during pregnancy and understand your physical condition, you generally do not need excessive mental tension. You can perform your own exercise without aura or other discomfort.

Do a good job of exercise planning, establish healthy living habits, and control the weight of pregnancy during pregnancy. The entire pregnancy experience will be a lot better.

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